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Top 8 Best Shed Locks

  1. MASTER LOCK M40EURDNUM Heavy-Duty (Editor’s Choice)
  2. FJB Security Locking Bar (Luxury Choice)
  3. MASTER LOCK M1EURDLF Medium Shackle (Best Value)
  4. Sterling CLB110BK 110mm Combination
  5. Squire Combi Bolt
  6. MASTER LOCK 3X Padlock
  7. DAYGOS 4 Digit Disc Combination Padlock
  8. LMYTech Hasp

Shed locks are an important aspect of your garden security. While a shed lock will not stop the most determined of criminals, it provides an excellent deterrent. Also, it adds a brilliant layer of security. This guide looks at the best shed locks you can find online to improve your home security.

There have been many robberies where the tools used to break into the house were stolen from the same home’s garden shed, thus, shed locks are one of the best ways to secure your possessions like your bike, lawn mowers, and garden hose.

A small outdoor room with slide latches that can be secured with padlocks.

Aside from a suitable lock, the place you choose for your sheds also plays a game-changing role. A shed that is highly visible from the street is far more likely to be targeted by burglars. As a result, we advise having your shed out of sight from any gate or access point.

When buying a shed lock, also check if it is corrosion-resistant. This will help improve its longevity and resistance to damage and rust. Below, we have found eight of the best shed locks for your peace of mind.

How we Compared Shed Locks

shed locks collage

To find the right shed locks, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Material
  • Ease of use
  • Weather-resistance
  • Security
  • Versatility

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching shed locks and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Shed Lock Reviews – Top 8 Picks

MASTER LOCK M40EURDNUM Heavy-Duty (Editor’s Choice)

When other manufacturers are just limited to a dial combination padlock, Master Lock takes it to a whole new level of 10,000 combinations. It has a stainless steel body covered by boron carbide, which makes it super-resistant to every sort of bolt cutter or multiple breakage attempts accurately. It also makes it one of the best shed locks available.

The Boron-Carbide covering makes it a tough fighter against climate change and every sort of weather that harms steel padlocks. The manufacturers claim it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, for example, for vans, bikes or even for your office’s locker.

The padlock has got an impressive size of about seven by 3cm and comes with one free padlock reset tool. The body is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant, so you can go on all those bumpy rides, and it will be still as shiny as ever. For more handy garden guides, check out our picks for artificial grass.


  • Stainless steel body
  • First Padlock with scratch-resistant covering
  • Offers 10,000 padlock combinations
  • Specifically designed Boron-Carbide structure


  • You may initially find the combination wheels a little stiff
  • The mechanism can be a little fiddly

FJB Security Locking Bar (Luxury Choice)

Security locking bars are an excellent form of security and can work as an excellent deterrent. If a criminal sees a security bar together with a padlock, they know that extra work is required. As a result, the FJB Security Locking Bar is a great option.

The bar itself is made from tough 40x10mm hardened steel. It has also been galvanised, which add extra protection and durability. All of the fixings are made from stainless steel, and you get 1x shed bar, 2x brackets, and 4x stainless steel coach bolts with washers and nuts.

The locking bar essentially fits across your garden shed door and is bolted to the frame on either side of the door.

This security locking bar is a great option for shed security, but there are some considerations to make. Firstly, this locking bar does not come with a padlock. As a result, to make it work, you must buy a separate padlock too. Also, to fix the locking bar, you must drill holes through your shed walls which not everyone may be comfortable doing.


  • Made from tough 40x10mm steel
  • The steel has also been galvanised for additional protection
  • Includes stainless steel fixings and coach bolts
  • Relatively easy to assemble and fix to your shed
  • Provides an excellent visual deterrent


  • Requires a separate padlock to be purchased for full effect
  • It also requires drilling holes through your shed walls

MASTER LOCK M1EURDLF Medium Shackle (Best Value)

If you want a durable, medium-level security lock at an affordable price, the MASTER LOCK M1EURDLF is an excellent option. This padlock has all the usual MASTER LOCK hallmarks, including great security features, a durable build, and high-quality materials.

The lock has dual armour protection in the form of a laminated steel core and a stainless steel/zinc outer casing. This makes it tough and weather-resistant.

For security, the lock benefits from a four-pin cylinder which helps improve the picking resistance. Also, it has a tough-cut boron-carbide shackle that is 50% tougher than hardened steel. The lock is easy to use, and it makes for a great security solution for your garden shed.

This MASTER LOCK shed lock is a great buy, but it could have a few minor issues to consider. For example, the packaging that the lock is delivered in may not be the easiest to open – take care! Also, while the locking mechanism is relatively secure, it does not feature any additional security pins, meaning it does not offer the highest level of lock security available.


  • Has dual armour protection with a steel core
  • It comes with a stainless steel/zinc outer coating for weather resistance
  • The lock has a four-pin cylinder for better pick resistance
  • It also has a tough-cut boron-carbide shackle
  • It has a simple body bumper to help prevent scratches


  • The lock packaging may not be the best designed
  • It does not have any security pins

Sterling CLB110BK 110mm Combination

Locking bolts offer a hassle-free alternative to a traditional lock and key padlock. This is because no key is required to unlock it. The Sterling CLB110BK Combination Locking Bolt, therefore, makes for a great product.

The body is made from corrosion-resistant die-cast zinc, which is incredibly tough. It has two parts – the main body that houses the bolt and combination lock and the bolt hole connected to the door frame.

The four-pin combination lock has 10,000 potential combinations, and it is relatively easy to set your personal pin code. We also like that it is supplied with anti-tamper security screws that make it incredibly difficult to remove from the shed door.

This is a high-quality locking bolt, but it could still have a few minor problems. Firstly, the locking bolt can be incredibly stiff and occasionally can be difficult to pull back. Secondly, you could find that the locking bolt can become unaligned with the bolt hole. This could be caused by the shed wood warping and moving the bolt out of place.


  • It does not require any keys to open
  • Supplied with anti-tamper screws
  • The 4-pin combination lock has 10,000 potential combinations
  • The body is made from a zinc die-cast body
  • It also has corrosion-resistant properties for greater longevity


  • The lock bolt may sometimes be stiff to pull back
  • It may become unaligned if the shed door wood warps

Squire Combi Bolt

The Squire Combi Bolt Door Lock has an improved combination lock that features five wheels. This means that it has 100,000 potential combinations and is much harder to crack than a traditional four-pin lock.

The body is made from tough die-cast alloy steel, and the bolt itself is tough and weather-resistant. Also, the bolt has a two-way locking system, and you can lock it in both open and closed positions.

We also like that it comes with six one-way security screws that ensure that the lock body is complicated to remove from the shed without a large amount of brute force.

Although this is an excellent shed lock, it does have a few potential issues. Firstly, over time, the exterior paint coating may eventually degrade and wear off. Also, care is required as it is possible to change the combination pin without realising it accidentally.


  • It has a 5-wheel combination lock
  • It also features six one-way security screws
  • The combination lock has up to 100,000 combinations
  • Made from solid die-cast alloy steel
  • Two-way solid locking bolt


  • You may find that, eventually, the exterior paint degrades
  • It could be easy to accidentally change the combination lock


The 3X Padlock is made according to the present security requirement and provides a higher level of security. It has a solid body of the keyed brass size of 40mm with plates of metal at 89mm. It also contains zinc-plated steel for its toughness. The shackle of the 3X Padlock is 6mm in size and nickel-plated and also includes hard steel. It also has cut resistance and sawing properties. The solid body of this padlock provides protection against scratches and harsh weather conditions.

The Padlock has a dust-free feature on the shackle that helps in keeping the mechanics working. It also has to pick and peer resistance properties. The Padlock is very easy and convenient to use. The padlock is also best for residential gates, cabinets, cupboards, workshops, and much more. One of the main advantages of this Padlock is that it is hard, unbreakable and has a lifetime warranty. These qualities make this padlock a versatile pick for your garden shed.


  • Steel plating of 6mm on the shackle for cut resistance
  • It is weather-resistant
  • Scratch, temper, and Cut-resistant
  • It Has a cylinder of 4 pins for pick resistance


  • Some may find the attachment screws too small
  • You may find the mechanism is more difficult to close overtime

DAYGOS 4 Digit Disc Combination Padlock

The Daygos 4 Digit Disc Combination Padlock is one of the most versatile shed locks available in the market. The best thing about it is the stainless steel body, which is resistant to every sort of cutting and banging. The sturdy steel fights weather changes like nothing else, thanks to the anti-corrosion covering. The shackle is also composed of hard steel and just does its part in precisely increasing the security of your possessions.

Another feature that excels in safety provision is the 4-Digit dial spherical security disc that lets you set the code to a number of your choosing. The 4-Digit code is easy to memorise and inevitably does its duty in making it as unbreakable as we can imagine.

The code disc is unbreakable and resists every sort of padlock breaker and bolt cutter. DAYGOS has designed it perfect for your gym locker, your cupboard or even for office lockers. You can set the pin for the first time, and that would be all. This easy application makes it ideal throughout the world, even for domestic purposes as well.

Last but not least, it does come with a lifetime warranty and a one-year replacement guarantee, so if you are looking for an ideal shed lock to begin with, this should certainly be on your list.


  • Stainless and Resistant Steel Body
  • 4-Digit Dial security disc
  • Hard steel shackle
  • Versatility of usage


  • The personal code may sometimes be difficult to set
  • It may not be suitable for use with a chain instead of a hasp

LMYTech Hasp

We had to include this one on the list because this is a great starter option if you are a layman to the whole shed lock concept. The reason is that the company LMYTech promises a full refund even if you are a little dubious about its efficiency.

It has a beautiful design ideal for home and office purposes. You can also use this hasp lock to secure your bike too on outings. The lock looks fantastic, and it is quite unassuming. It also performs well and has excellent anti-theft properties.

It comes with a promised long usage life; however, if you find any sort of query, their quick customer service is available 24/7 to figure it out. The structure is shiny, sturdy and resistant to highly humid conditions. Even for the rainy season, this does just perfectly fine for a shed lock.

It’s also worth noting that they do come with fixing screws, so you can easily fix the lock in place immediately without any additional supplies.

After all these features, it is crystal clear that they have made it burglar-resistant, while the super-sassy design is just an additional pro. Your shed can get cold in the winter; grab yourself a bathroom heater or electric radiator so you can power through.


  • Stylish design
  • Shiny, stainless steel body
  • Weather-resistant
  • Full money-back guarantee


  • It may be better suited as a second bolt to another shed lock
  • It may also not come with any instructions


A locked shed at the backyard

Having a shed lock is one of the most basic security features you can implement. Without a decent lock or even multiple locks, your garden shed is a prime target for burglars. By fitting a sturdy, durable, and robust shed lock, you have a great layer of security and a visual deterrent to potential criminals.

Any of the eight products above are great security options. However, the best shed locks are the MASTER LOCK M40EURDNUM models. This padlock has an incredibly durable design and a secure 4-digit combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations. The materials this lock is made from are also great for protection, including boron carbide and scratch-resistant stainless steel. This MASTER LOCK product is our top option for peace of mind and for securing your tools and gardening equipment.

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  1. I use Master Lock 40DPF, it is also great. I’ve been using it as a padlock for the outdoor outbuildings because the waterproof aspect makes it ideal for outdoor use. Furthermore, the stainless steel protects the lock from corroding during strong rains and intense heat. This function improves the padlock’s dependability.

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