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Top 10 Best Cat Deterrents

  1. Pestbye® Waterproof (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Pest Control Solar Powered (Luxury Choice)
  3. Doff 700 g Super (Best Value)
  4. PestBye Jet Spray (Best Adjustable)
  5. Defenders STV415 Jet Spray (Best Versatile)
  6. Primrose Silent Roar (Best Environmentally Friendly)
  7. Cactus Fence Wall Spike (Best for Fences)
  8. Rentokil FC78 (Best Easy Setup)
  9. Vonivi Ultrasonic with Rechargeable Battery (Best Solar Powered)
  10. Your’s Bath 6 Pcs Scat Mat

Gardens are an extension of our homes, and we take pride and joy in their appearance and being able to use them for our enjoyment. They are an excellent place for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family, playing with children or growing flowers and plants. However, having neighbourhood cats and other creatures come into your garden and use it as a litter tray or dig up your plants or lawn is a surefire way to dampen that enjoyment.

Cats will select an area, most often away from their own garden, to use as their toilet. They will return to the same spot and also mark their territory out from other cats by spraying. Having a stranger’s cat choose your garden as its preferred spot is a frustrating experience and one that can become quite distressing.

But luckily, the best cat repellents will help you firmly but humanely rid yourself of the problem. There are different categories of products to deter cats available. You simply need to read the reviews and buyer’s guide below to help you narrow down what would work best for you in terms of the pests you are struggling with, the layout of your garden, and how you would like to approach the problem.

How We Compared Cat Deterrents

cat deterrents collage

To find the right cat deterrents, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Sensor range
  • Material
  • Ease of set-up
  • Power
  • Harmless to animals
  • Flexibility for use on a range of animals

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching cat deterrents and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Cat Deterrent Reviews

Pestbye® Waterproof (Editor’s Choice)

This Pestbye® cat repellent works by emitting a high-frequency ultrasonic sound; you simply set it up in your garden or area you want to protect from cats by inserting the stake into the ground, setting the frequency to your required setting, and letting it get to work.

This may not be an instant fix, as the noise has to become unbearable to the cat. However, they are territorial and creatures of habit, so they may revisit your garden initially before becoming put off.

The cat repellent is environmentally friendly, won’t put birds off your garden, and is waterproof to work in all weather.

It works in an 80° arch and can project to an area of 23 ft if unobstructed. It is powered by batteries, so you are not reliant on sunlight as with some solar-powered units. This ultrasonic cat repellent will also work on other pests if set to the right frequency; you just adjust the dial to the appropriate number. So any issue with dogs, squirrels or rodents in your garden can also be dealt with using this ultrasonic device.

An added advantage to this best cat repellent is the fact that it has a PIR motion sensor, so it will only emit noise when triggered rather than continuously. This means that the batteries won’t be run down as frequently.


  • It covers a 23 ft / 7 m area
  • Fully waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable frequency setting
  • Environmentally friendly and does not affect birds


  • It may not come with useful instructions for use
  • A very small screwdriver is required for setting up and replacing the batteries
  • May need more than one unit to cover a large space

Pest Control Solar Powered (Luxury Choice)

The Pest Control Solar Powered Cat Repellent is powered by rechargeable solar batteries so it is economical to run and has a very impressive near 180° sensor arch to give fantastic coverage around the whole of your garden. Handily it can also be charged by a USB charger if the sunlight is low in winter.

It has been designed to be extremely robust and hold up against the worst weather conditions, even the sharp teeth of dogs trying to chew it!

It is really straightforward to set up and use; you simply take it from its box, add the batteries and insert the stake in the ground in a position where you can get great coverage around your garden. The motion sensor will detect movement, triggering the ultrasonic frequency and flashing LED lights if you have it set to come on. There are three ultrasonic frequencies, and the strobe light has seven sensitivity settings, giving you complete control over its use.

This cat repellent will also work on other wild animals, such as rabbits, rats and even deer, without fear of any harmful impact on them.


  • Works on cats and other animals
  • Very wide sensor range
  • Weatherproof
  • Solar and USB chargeable
  • Environmentally friendly and does not harm animals


  • It may not work well for pigeons or squirrels
  • Some settings may overlap for different animals

Doff 700 g Super (Best Value)

Just a few pounds will get you a solution for your garden intruders. This effective cat repellent by Doff is simply applied in planted areas in your garden to stop cats and dogs from digging up your prized plants and cats from fouling in your borders.

It is completely non-toxic and chemical-free. This cat repeller uses garlic extract as a way of keeping cats out of your garden and flower beds, making it a great option if you have small children or pets.

The powder comes in a large 700g bottle, and you simply sprinkle it down all over the affected area. It is suitable for use all year round! It has a pleasant smell of orange peel.

On the downside, it may cause a reaction if your skin comes into contact with it, so always be careful when applying it to your garden. Also, if it rains, then you may need to reapply.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Inexpensive
  • Repellent to dogs as well


  • It needs to be applied without making contact with plants
  • May cause a skin reaction if the powder comes into contact with it
  • May need to be reapplied after heavy rain

PestBye Jet Spray (Best Adjustable)

The Jet Spray and Motion Detector from PestBye is a fantastic option for scaring cats away. This cat repellent can quickly detect when unwanted cats and dogs venture into your garden with motion sensor. It works on a set of four AA batteries which are easy to insert and should last for three to four months. It is then simply a case of inserting the stake into the ground and attaching a water hose. No water will be used until the motion sensor is activated.

It has a great range of motion detection that can cover up to 10m in a 120° arch. Once the motion sensor detects an animal, it accurately turns towards it and sprays a five-second spray that sends them scampering away, leaving you with a cat-free garden. The jet spray cat scarer resets itself after shooting water, requiring no effort from you. The height of the spray is adjustable, depending on the size of the pest you are trying to deter, and the range of the spray jet can also be increased or decreased depending on the sized garden or area you have the spray cat repellent set up in.

This is a humane product and doesn’t use chemicals to deter cats; it is also a great cost-effective option.


  • Motion-activated
  • Jet spray
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Humane and non-toxic
  • Large sensor area


  • The water hose attachment pipe may freeze when very cold
  • Plants blowing in the wind may trigger the sensor
  • May leak after a period of time

Defenders STV415 Jet Spray (Best Versatile)

The Defenders STV Jet Spray has a 10-meter coverage and a 120° radius and is height adjustable depending on the type of pest you want to deter. With a motion sensor, it can detect movement if a cat, deer, or fox is in its path and releases a jet spray of water directly at the moving animal. It can also be used near a pond to protect fish from herons. The fact that it is motion activated by the PIR sensor means that it will only spray water when motion is detected, meaning no water will be wasted.

Two AA batteries operate the jet spray, and the unit is weatherproof, so you can leave it out in all conditions apart from freezing weather when it is recommended to bring the unit indoors. In addition, it is harmless to the cat since water dries off very quickly and is a good alternative to using powders or sprays, which may be toxic.

This cat repeller is simple and straightforward to use as you simply need to insert the batteries and a water hose and then insert the stake into the ground, where it will give you the most coverage.


  • 120° radius and adjustable height
  • Harmless to animals
  • Runs on batteries
  • Flexible for use on a range of animals
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Not suitable for freezing conditions
  • It may be triggered by direct sunlight and plants moving
  • It may leak water

Primrose Silent Roar (Best Environmentally Friendly)

The Silent Roar Cat Repellent is an ingenious way of keeping domestic cats away from your garden and lawn. The Silent Roar, a 2 kg packet, is made up of small fertiliser pellets that have been soaked in lion dung and then dried to provide manure and nutrition to plants. Cats are territorial animals and will mark their territory. The smell of lion dung will indicate to them that the area is someone else’s territory and will keep them away from it.

The pellets simply need to be applied around the problem areas in your garden and will be effective for up to three months during most normal weather conditions. It is recommended that you wear gloves while sprinkling them around the garden to prevent cross-contamination with human scent. It is a straightforward way of keeping cats from your garden and is environmentally friendly to use.


  • Acts as fertiliser
  • Naturally deters cats
  • Humans cannot detect the smell
  • Works for up to three months
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free


  • It may be washed away in heavy rain
  • Requires topping up to be effective

Cactus Fence Wall Spike (Best for Fences)

The Cactus Fence Wall Spikes Cat Deterrent is one of the most popular yet safe wall spike chains available in the UK market. A quality product manufactured in the UK, these spikes can be fastened to the top of your fence or wall boundary. They can easily stop cats from entering your property perimeter. In addition, the spikes work well for large birds and other animals that have a habit of venturing onto your land via a wall or fence.

These spikes come in a 4.5m length and can be easily installed for safe usage. The spikes do not harm pets or birds but can make it uncomfortable for them to stand without losing their balance. Cats are creatures of comfort and do not like places that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. The higher you set them, the more challenging it becomes for animals to jump over them.

They must be installed on walls or fences which are over six feet in height to be safe and prevent cats from climbing, as they work as a deterrent when the cat has to jump upon them. They also need to have a clear, waterproof warning sign to make them legal for use.


  • Harmless to animals
  • Easy to install
  • 4.5m length
  • It comes with supplied warning signs
  • Non-toxic to wildlife or plants


  • Gloves may be needed while installing
  • Effective against cats and other animals and birds
  • It may not work against some cats who can still balance on them

Rentokil FC78 (Best Easy Setup)

This Rentokil product is an ultrasonic cat repellent that is inaudible to human hearing. You simply add two AA batteries to it, and it will then detect motion and activate the ultrasonic noise. It is set up in your garden by simply inserting the stake into the ground in the best position to get maximum coverage. It gives a 10m range of cover.

It is completely waterproof, and you are not reliant on direct sunlight to trigger a solar panel for it to work. It will operate during the daytime and at night. There are no settings that you need to adjust, you simply press the on/off switch, and it is ready to start deterring neighbourhood cats!


  • It will work for foxes as well as cats
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 10-metre range
  • Two-year guarantee


  • It may not work as an instant repellent
  • May not have a long life
  • May use a lot of battery power

Vonivi Ultrasonic with Rechargeable Battery (Best Solar Powered)

The Vonivi Ultrasonic Cat Repellent is a flexible and cheap-to-run cat scarer. The solar panel means that you will not be reliant on replacing AA batteries for continued use. There are five different modes, and the ultrasonic cat repellent has a range of up to nine meters, keeping cats out of even the largest of gardens!

A handy feature that this cat deterrent includes is a setting that includes an alarm and LED flashing lights. Additionally, it works on many different animals, with modes targeting foxes, mice, rats, cats, squirrels, deer and dogs.

It is easy to set up and use; you simply insert the stake into the ground with the solar panels in an area of bright sunlight and set it to the frequency appropriate to the type of pest you are looking to keep from your garden and flower beds.

It is waterproof and can be used all year round. You needn’t worry about it being annoying to you, as it is almost inaudible to human hearing.


  • Powered by solar panels and not batteries
  • Emits ultrasonic noises that are not audible to humans hearing
  • Non-toxic and not harmful to animals
  • Nine-metre range
  • LED flashing lights


  • It may stop being effective in bad weather
  • It may not have a great longevity
  • It may be audible to people at a specific frequency

Your’s Bath 6 Pcs Scat Mat

This product is designed to be inserted into the ground in either flowerbeds or lawns, where it will then stop cats from using your garden as a litter tray or from digging up your flowers. It’s easy to use; you simply cut it to shape with sharp scissors and lay it on the ground, securing it with the hooks included.

The prickle mat can be overlapped for a bigger area, and the mat is completely flexible. The cat deterrent can also be used indoors if you need a cat scarer to prevent your own pets from soiling inside or from scratching a piece of furniture.

This cat repellent is not reliant on batteries or solar power, so you are not subject to the whims of the British weather! It simply works by being uncomfortable for creatures to walk on. It is also effective for other nuisance animals, such as rabbits, dogs, or squirrels.

It has received great cat repellent reviews and is an inexpensive solution to your garden becoming a litter tray for local cats.


  • Covers large area
  • Non-toxic
  • It does not require batteries
  • Works in all weather
  • Easy to install


  • It may not be as effective for deterring squirrels
  • It has a small surface area on one mat
  • May need a large surface area to be covered

Buyers Guide for Cat Repellents

Cats are gorgeous animals, and keeping cats can be so rewarding and enjoyable. If you have to clean up your own cat’s poo, then this comes with the territory of owning a cat. But when it is not your own cats that are doing their business in your garden, driveway or flower beds, it can quickly become a nuisance rather than an animal to be enjoyed.

Cats are territorial creatures of habit and will return to the same location, more often than not one that is not their own garden, to do their business. And it is hard to ask other cat owners to control their pets as there is very little to control where the cat can go.

a brown cat on the fence

It is not just cats that can become a problem. Equally, foxes, squirrels, herons, dogs and even deer can sometimes become problem visitors, causing destruction to your garden. Many of the products in this review are suitable for a number of other pests, as well as cats. Or you may want to target one particular problem but be harmless to another garden visitor that you may have.

How to Choose the Best Cat Repellent?

A stray cat in the garden

A good place to start is to ask yourself a few key questions to determine which of the following options might work the best for you. For example, is it just cats that are the problem, or are there other animals and birds that are causing issues in your garden? Do you have small children or your own pets that will influence your choice of a deterrent, ensuring that the one you select is safe for everyone wanting to enjoy their own gardens? Finally, do you want to ensure that the product that you select is harmless and non-toxic to the environment and other animals?

Read through the cat deterrents below and find the type of product that will work best for you.

Ultrasonic Repellent

These types of cat deterrents work on infrared PIR motion sensors, often with multiple frequency settings, and emit ultrasonic waves when they detect motion. They can be powered by batteries or by solar panels, and additionally, some include flashing LED lights. The noise, which is all but undetectable to human hearing, is uncomfortable for cats and other animals, and they will leave your garden alone. The fact that these have motion detectors also means that they are not triggering all the time, as the ones with LED lights would quickly become annoying to those trying to enjoy the environment.

They can also be adjusted in terms of height and range so that they are the right height for the type of animal you wish to deter.

Cat Repellent Water Sprays

These work in very much the same way as the ultrasonic repellents described above. They work by detecting motion in your garden, and instead of emitting ultrasonic sound, it triggers a jet spray of water which scares the cat or other creature away. These can be powered by battery or solar, and you simply need to attach a water hose and wait for the cat’s motion sensor to be triggered. They do, of course, use water as a commodity but only when activated, so they should not be expensive to run.

Solar-powered sprays and ultrasonic repellents are fantastic as long as you have a garden where the unit can be placed and receive full sunlight. These may not be as effective as battery-powered cat repellents in more shady gardens or in the darker months.

Powder or Pellets

These are good for hard-to-reach areas or for places where plants are moving in the wind and may trigger a motion detector, as they can be sprinkled down wherever you choose. Cat repellent powders or pellets are odourless for humans and can be used liberally around your garden or drive to deter cats. Some pellets in our review are even soaked in lion dung, as the scent will frighten your everyday domestic moggy!

A downside with them is that they will tend to reduce potency and, therefore, effectiveness in bad weather and heavy rain, meaning that repeat applications will be necessary.

However, they do tend to be at the lower end of the price range of products and so will not be cost-prohibitive if you do need to put the powder or pellets down repeatedly.

Cat Repellent Mats or Wall Spikes

These mats or spikes can be installed on top of fences and walls, in flower beds or on lawns. They come in different shapes and sizes spikes, but they are essentially uncomfortable for the nuisance cat or pest to walk upon. If they can’t access your garden or flower bed, then they will also be prevented from doing their toilet there.

You can install the mats anywhere where you feel the need to protect your property from cats. Plastic spikes in the cat repellent mat will not harm the cats, and it is an effective way to discourage them from digging or scratching.

These are great for protecting flower beds and can be disguised from the view of people by simply applying a thin layer of soil across the top, so you are not confronted with the sight of spikes amongst your flowers.

A stray animal enjoys walking along the garden fence


Hopefully, this review has helped provide the information and advice you need to find the right product for your needs. Cat deterrents come in several different options, and each has its pros and cons, which we have tried to lay out for you.

Our aim is that you’ll be able to find the most effective cat repellent for your garden. However, if you’re still struggling to choose the right one for your needs, you can try our Editor’s Choice – the Pestbye® Waterproof Cat Repellent. It has great cat repellent reviews, and it is easy to set up and use. It is adjustable and has different frequency settings for other pests as well as cats, so you get a lot for your money.

Additionally, it has a great range of coverage, up to 10 meters, and a 110° arc, which will work well in almost any sized garden. It is also an ethical choice as there are no toxins included or harm caused to the cat or any other animal. The noise frequency will also leave your garden birds unmolested.

Good luck in your mission to prevent cats from using your garden as a litter tray!

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