Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers of 2023

Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

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Top 10 Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

  1. Ryobi PRT4545M 450W (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Greenworks 30V G40PSHK2 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Einhell GC-HH 9048 (Best Value)
  4. Yard Force 20V LH C41A
  5. Terraket 2.75m 550W
  6. NETTA 2-in-1 Pole Chainsaw
  7. Terratek 20V Cordless
  8. NETTA Cordless 20V
  9. VonHaus 2.9m / 600W
  10. Greenworks G40PS20K2

Hedges are the first things you see when you look outside your window or if people visit. Neatly trimmed hedges add beauty and elegance to your garden boundaries. They make excellent backdrops and can improve the aesthetic appeal of your well-kept gardens and lawns.

Standard hedge trimmers do not have telescopic lengths to reach higher spaces over the hedge line; therefore, you can only use standard hedge trimmers for short hedges. You will need to use stepladders and stepping stools to reach the tops of the garden hedge. This is not particularly safe! As a result, something like the best long reach hedge trimmer could be a great choice.

How we Compared Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

long reach hedge trimmers collage

To find the right long reach hedge trimmers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Blade length
  • Power source
  • Safety
  • Extra features

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching long reach hedge trimmers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Ryobi PRT4545M 450W (Editor’s Choice)

The long reach pole hedge trimmer from Ryobi is a budget-friendly buy. It helps you trim hedges that are at an unruly height and overgrown in hard-to-reach places. The extension pole is attached to an adjustable and durable cutting head. It also features a long cable for ease of movement around the garden and lawn. The balance of this model from Ryobi is also excellent since it is ergonomically designed.

You can work at varied angles since this variant from Ryobi is a versatile model with a pivoting head. The pivoting head helps you manoeuvre and navigate at the top of the hedge without straining your arms. The safety switches are close to arm’s distance making this a comfortable buy. For more great garden tools, check out our guide on the best garden spades.


  • Easy-to-reach safety switches
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4m reach
  • It can work at different angles due to the pivoting head
  • The extension pole is easy to adjust


  • It may not be the lightest long-reach hedge trimmer
  • It may also only have a 2-pin plug and need an adapter

Greenworks 30V G40PSHK2 (Luxury Choice)

The Greenworks G40PSHK2 is a great product that has a host of useful features for easy cutting and operation. Firstly, it has a simple startup. All you have to do is insert the charged battery and press the power switch.

Secondly, it can be used as either a standard hedge trimmer for smaller shrubs and hedges or with a pole extension for tall hedges. The pole has a 2.8m extension which is fantastic for things like conifers. For different hedge types, it can cut branches up to a thickness of 18mm.

We also like that it has a harness shoulder strap. This will provide extra support when using the pole extension and reduce the strain on your arms.


  • Easy to start by simply inserting the battery
  • 1Ah battery and charger included – no cables required
  • It can be used as a normal hedge trimmer or long-reach
  • The pole can extend up to 2.8m giving excellent reach
  • It also has a harness strap for extra support


  • It may sometimes jam when trimming tougher branches
  • You may need to buy separate chain oil for lubrication

Einhell GC-HH 9048 (Best Value)

If you want an affordable long-reach hedge trimmer with great utility, the Einhell GC-HH 9048 is a good choice. This hedge trimmer has durable blades that are made from laser-cut diamond-ground steel. As a result, it can cut through any type of hedge with ease.

This is also suitable for taller hedges that are difficult to reach due to the extendable pole. The pole extends to 2.5m which is perfect for border hedges that enclose your garden. Also, although some may find this hedge trimmer a little heavy, it does have a shoulder strap that will alleviate some of the strain.

For safety, the Einhell GC-HH 9048 also has a large safety guard that protects your hands from the cutting blade. 


  • The cutting blade is made from laser-cut diamond ground steel
  • It has an adjustable telescopic handle that can extend by 2.5m
  • It also has a large cutting guard to protect your hands
  • The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold
  • It has a quick-release shoulder strap for extra support


  • Some may find this hedge trimmer too heavy
  • You could find some parts missing on delivery

Yard Force 20V LH C41A

If you do not want to be restricted by cables and connection to a power source, the Yard Force 20V LH C41A is a solid cordless option. This long-reach hedge trimmer is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery that has decent battery life.

The hedge trimmer is also ergonomic and can easily be used to cut hedges at different angles. This is due to the adjustable cutting head that can be used in 10 different positions.

The blade also has a suitable tooth gap for medium-sized hedges, and it should be able to cut through branches up to 14mm thick.


  • No cables required – battery-powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery
  • The aluminium tube can extend by 2.56m
  • It also has a pivoting head that can be adjusted in 10 positions
  • 14mm tooth gap is suitable for medium-sized hedges
  • The durable steel blade has a dual-action utility


  • Some may find this long-reach hedge trimmer a little top-heavy
  • The power switch may not be the most ergonomic

Terraket 2.75m 550W

The Terratek 2.75m 550W Trimmer has a great reach and extension. You can easily extend the main pole by 2.75m which should be adequate for even the tallest hedges or trees. The durable blades can also cut through branches 16mm thick.

You can also adjust the pivoting head in four positions for stylised hedge trimming or trimming at tricky angles. This may not be as many as other models, but it still gives decent flexibility. We also like that the handle has a soft, rubber grip that will not hurt your hands after prolonged use.


  • The pole can extend to a maximum length of 2.75m
  • Can cut through branches up to 16mm in thickness
  • It also has a soft-grip rubber handle for comfortable usage
  • The pivoting head can be adjusted in four different positions
  • Has a safety switch to prevent accidental power-up


  • Some may find the cutting blade a little short
  • It does not have as many pivot angles as some other models

NETTA 2-in-1 Pole Chainsaw

The NETTA 2-in-1 Pole Chainsaw/Trimmer is a great option if you want to cut bushes completely or even tackle trees. This is because it has both a standard hedge trimmer and a chainsaw attachment. The chainsaw attachment is not as reliable as a dedicated chainsaw, but it certainly has its uses.

This is a long-reach model for hedge trimming, and the pole can be extended to 2.7m. Also, it has a powerful 710W motor, and it should be able to tackle most thicknesses of branches in your garden.

The blades of both the chainsaw and the hedge trimmer are also well-made and should last for a long time.


  • 2-in-1 design with both a chainsaw and hedge trimmer
  • It has a powerful 710W motor to tackle thicker branches
  • It also has a relatively long-distance 10m power cable
  • The hedge trimmer and chainsaw blades are both durable
  • The pole can be extended to a maximum length of 2.7m


  • You could find that the chainsaw eventually slows down
  • The chains of the saw may need re-attaching occasionally

Terratek 20V Cordless

The Terratek 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is ideal if you have a range of hedges with unusual angles and difficult-to-reach parts. This is due to the excellent pole adjustment of 2.4m and the pivoting head that has five different angles.

This is also a cordless hedge trimmer, so you are not constricted by a power cable. In the standard package, you get 2x lithium-ion batteries, each of which has a decent run time of up to 45 minutes. This should be more than enough to tackle an entire garden.

This long-reach hedge trimmer is also much lighter than many other models and weighs only 3kg. The weight is also evenly distributed due to the included shoulder harness.


  • The pole extends by 1.3m giving a total reach of 2.4m
  • The lithium-ion battery should give up to 45-minutes of run time
  • Adjustable pivoting head that has five different positions and angles
  • One of the lighter models available with a total weight of 3kg
  • Has safe operation features with a safety switch and a one-handed power button


  • You may find that the trimmer is a little top-heavy
  • It may struggle to cut through thicker branches

NETTA Cordless 20V

The NETTA Cordless Hedge Trimmer 20V uses a powerful 20V motor and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The battery has a decent life, and it is much easier to use than a corded model.

We also like that the pivoting head can be locked to different cutting angles from 30 degrees through to 150 degrees. This means that you can easily cut the tops of hedges but also create stylish shapes if you wish.

For safe usage, this long-reach hedge trimmer also has a safety switch to prevent accidental startup. The weight of this trimmer is also distributed by a shoulder harness that has padding.


  • It has a multi-angle head that can easily be locked into different positions
  • The 20V motor is powerful and can cut branches up to 14mm thick
  • It also has a two-way safety switch to prevent accidental startup
  • The soft-grip handle reduces pressure and wears on your hands
  • The pole can extend to 2.4m giving an excellent reach


  • You could find that the cutting head makes it top-heavy
  • Some may not like the lack of a 90-degree cutting angle

VonHaus 2.9m / 600W

The VonHaus Pole Trimmer 2.9m / 600W is a great option for trimming the tops of hedges. This is due to the pivoting head that can be angled at 90 degrees. As a result, you can easily move the blades over the tops of your hedges for an even trim.

For taller hedges, the pole extends to 2.7m, and dual shoulder support provides extra weight distribution and a reduction of strain compared to single-shoulder straps. This trimmer is also safe to use with a two-stage safety trigger.


  • The blades have a dual-cutting action and are made from laser-cut steel
  • It can be used as either a standard hedge trimmer or long-reach
  • The pole can extend to 2.7m
  • It also has a dual-support harness for better back support
  • It has a two-stage safety switch for safe use


  • This long-reach hedge trimmer may be heavy for some at 5kg
  • It may also become unbalanced when fully extended

Greenworks G40PS20K2

Our last pick is the Greenworks G40PS20K2 long-reach hedge trimmer. This model is quick to start – all you need to do is insert the 40V battery and turn on the power button. It is also cordless, and the lithium-ion battery has a great run-life.

This trimmer also has a soft rubber handle that should not cause any blisters on your hands for long periods of usage. We also like that it can be disassembled quickly into three separate parts for simple, efficient storage.


  • The 40V battery is powerful and has a decent battery life
  • It has an automatic oiling feature for better cutting reliability
  • The pole extends to 2.4m which gives excellent reach
  • The chain can be changed without the use of tools
  • You can adjust the cutting head to various angles


  • You may find that the chain sometimes comes off
  • It may sometimes jam on thicker branches

Do you Need a Long Reach Hedge Trimmer?

trimming using a long reach hedge trimmer

Long reach hedge trimmers can help you trim hedges that are 2.5 m tall with ease. These trimmers can also be used to cut the tops of hedges if they are not too deep or thick. Ideally, you can easily reach the head of a 1m thick hedge with the help of a long reach hedge trimmer.

What to Look For in Long Reach Hedge Trimmers?

There are a few crucial points to remember before you invest in a long reach hedge trimmer.

Blade length

The blade length is essential when buying a long reach hedge trimmer. Blade lengths between 40 cm to 50 cm will allow you easy access to both sides as well as the mid-portion of the hedge. If your hedge is taller than 1 m, you might miss a few spots in the middle.

Man using extendable hedgecutter

Power Source 

Power sources in long-range hedge trimmers are petrol, electric, and cordless. The power source also plays an essential role in deciding the weight of the product and should be considered in depth before purchasing.

a man cutting his hedge


We hope you have found this guide on the best long reach hedge trimmer beneficial. If you have some stunning tall hedges in your garden or driveway, a long reach trimmer like this could be an ideal gardening tool. You will be able to easily reach the tops of the hedges and still trim them to perfection.

The ten products we have listed are all sound choices. However, if we had one pick, it would be the Ryobi RPT4545M. This long reach hedge trimmer has a powerful 450W motor, and its laser-cut precision blades mean that you can trim through the toughest of hedges with ease. Also, for reachability, the pole can extend to an impressive length of 2.6m giving you a total reach of up to 4m.

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  1. Great,good info, problem is can I need to know how high I will be able to cut the top of my hedge and for that I need to know the Max length from the trigger to the blade hinge. Neither “reach” nor “max length” tell me that. Flymo Sabrecut looks a good possibility but it is a nightmare trying to contact these product makers and get the info thus negating the whole review for me. Don’t suppose you would have that spec?
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