Best Cordless Strimmers of 2023

Best Cordless Strimmers

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Top 10 Best Cordless Strimmers

  1. WORX 20v WG163E.3 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Dewalt DCM561P1S (Luxury Choice)
  3. Black & Decker GL9035GB (Best Value)
  4. Bosch EasyGrassCut
  5. Black & Decker STC1820PC 28 cm
  6. Terratek 20V (Best Lightweight)
  7. Garden Gear Telescopic (Best Adjustable)
  8. Swift 40V
  9. Terratek Silver (Best Heavy Duty)
  10. Green Works (Best 2 in 1)

Having a cordless grass trimmer in your arsenal of lawn equipment is a good idea. Falling over cables, as well as needing that extension reel, is never ideal.

But while it used to be tough to get a good cordless grass trimmer in the past, that is no longer the case. Instead, you have a number of grass trimmers out there to choose from, and that does bring its own particular difficulty in choosing which one to buy.

From some models with a telescopic handle to those with two handles for added support. Blades for cutting or reels of nylon cord. Different run times, and different battery powers, also translate to different charge times. There are so many things to think about that trying to find the right cordless garden strimmer for your needs is not always going to be that easy.

Now, let’s get on with our reviews and help you work out which one will be the best suited for your needs.

How We Compared Cordless Strimmers

To find the right cordless trimmers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Area to be Strimmed
  • Battery Life
  • Power
  • Run Time
  • Line Feed
  • Type of Line
  • Type of Blade
  • Height Adjustment

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching cordless strimmers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Cordless Strimmer Reviews

WORX 20v WG163E.3 (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this cordless grass trimmer by WORX, and this is an amazing trimmer. It takes seconds for it to turn from a grass trimmer to dealing with the lawn edges, and when you go to work on the edges, then it has rubber wheels to guide you along.

This means you can make a crisper edge rather than doing it freehand, which you need to do with most other grass trimmers.

But that’s not the only trick it has up its sleeve. Instead, the way in which you can adjust the angle of the head of the trimmer is impressive. It means you can trim on any angle and get a clean finish, and that applies even on slopes.

Finally, it has an automatic feed when it comes to the spool, so those days of fiddling around trying to feed the strimmer will be long gone.


  • You can adjust the cutting angle with ease, making it perfect for slopes
  • It works well with cutting lawn edges
  • The automatic feeding of the spool makes life easier
  • The rubber wheels act as a wonderful guide for cleaner edges
  • It doesn’t take too long to recharge the machine


  • As with any grass trimmer, it might be a bit noisy
  • While it works fast, keep an eye on the battery level

Dewalt DCM561P1S (Luxury Choice)

This Dewalt trimmer comes equipped with a brushless 18V battery, which is more than enough to fire up this trimmer and cut your lawn to perfection.

What you will observe with this model is that it comes with two different speed settings, which are different from the norm. Also, these settings can be adjusted via a trigger, and it can change things from 0 to 6000rpm, and that’s impressive.

When it comes to cutting swathe, you are looking at something that is 33 cm, and that means it’s going to slice through thick grass without any problem. However, the battery lasts for around 20 minutes, so keep that in mind when trying to strim large areas.


  • The variable speed is a useful addition to the item
  • The cutting swathe is long enough for it to make a real difference to the cutting ability
  • The trimmer is very powerful
  • It comes with a fast-loading 2mm dual-line bump
  • It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance


  • It is quite heavy at around 7.24 kg in weight
  • The battery could have lasted a bit longer

Black & Decker GL9035GB (Best Value)

Next, we have this model from Black & Decker, and they are known for producing a variety of garden tools, including hedge trimmers. So, is this the best cordless strimmer UK suppliers can offer?

It comes with a wheel guide, which is going to make it easier to get that crisp edge with your cordless grass trimmer. It also has a 35 cm wide cutting range, so it will not take you too long to trim that lawn and get everything tidy.

The trimmer also has an automatic feed line, so there’s less need for you to keep stopping and starting. This is something that does come with all the best cordless strimmers, so it’s nothing unusual on its own.

Overall, this trimmer is easy to adjust, it has a great cutting width, and it is powerful enough with a 900w motor to cut long grass.


  • It has a fantastic cutting width
  • It is very easy to adjust thanks to the two handles
  • It has a wheel guide to leave a crisper edge
  • It works well with long grass thanks to the powerful motor
  • It has an auto-feed mechanism included


  • You need to be careful with the cutting angle, or it can burn the grass if held too long
  • The noise can get a bit annoying, but this is common

Bosch EasyGrassCut

This cordless garden strimmer by Bosch is one of the best cordless strimmers around, and we can say this for several very good reasons. After all, Bosch power tools are known to be reliable and capable of lasting for years.

First, be aware that this cordless strimmer is better suited for small or medium-sized gardens. It is lightweight, but it still comes with an 18V power pack, so don’t expect it to be lacking in power.

It does come with the basic rotating head for doing those edges, but the plant guard is a reasonable size, so you don’t have to really worry about destroying your plants. This model will also feed the spool on a semi-automatic basis. Basically, that means it will feed it with every press of the trigger, so that does make life easier.

The key thing about this Bosch grass strimmer is that it is so simple to use, is lightweight, and will still get the job done on a small garden with ease. This model is an absolute joy to use.


  • It is lightweight enough to carry around your garden without any problems
  • It feels well-balanced, which is ideal for extended use
  • It feeds the line on a semi-automatic basis, so there should be fewer interruptions
  • It is more powerful than you may expect
  • It is easy to adjust when it comes to cutting edges


  • The line could break whenever you hit something hard
  • It could do with a wheel guide to give you better edges

Black & Decker STC1820PC 28 cm

Here we have another example from Black & Decker, but this one comes with a few different options when it comes to what it is capable of doing.

For example, this model does have a power-select option included. This effectively provides you with a turbo mode on your power tool for thicker grass. Of course, this will drain the lithium-ion battery, so it’s best only to use that feature when absolutely required.

This model does come with a 28 cm cutting width, coupled with the power aspect, and it does mean that this cordless grass strimmer is going to make quick work of your lawn.

When it comes to edging, this model is like so many of the modern cordless strimmers out there in that it has a wheel edge to give a better finish. Also, when it comes to lithium-ion batteries, then the one on this model is pretty amazing. In one single charge, it can cut 2500m before you need to think about recharging.

Overall, this Black & Decker cordless strimmer is pretty impressive and is certainly something worth considering.


  • The ability to change power levels is a great idea
  • The wheels do offer a real guide to cutting those edges
  • The lithium-ion battery is more powerful than you think
  • It should be able to cut a large area before it needs to be recharged
  • It has an automatic feed included


  • The cutting width is smaller than a number of other options, but that’s not always a bad thing
  • It does take around 5 hours for the battery to charge

Terratek 20V (Best Lightweight)

This Terratek cordless strimmer is an impressive piece of kit. It comes with an 18V lithium-ion battery, and it will provide more than enough power for you to get to grip on your entire lawn.

It works with blades, and even getting replacement blades should be pretty easy, as they are readily available. Changing them can be done in seconds, so that should not be a problem either.

This cordless grass strimmer is also impressive, as it only weighs 2kg, and that is really nothing at all. It also comes with a 25 cm cutting width, so while it’s not the biggest out there, it should still be enough for most people.

The only real downside is it does not come with an edging wheel. That means you need to hold this cordless strimmer on your own, so if you are looking for absolute precision with those edges, this may not be the best cordless strimmer for you.


  • It is very light compared to most other cordless grass trimmers on the market
  • The blades are very easy to change, which is always a bonus
  • You can use a battery from other Terratek tools to power their grass trimmer
  • You have a 25 cm cutting width, and this should work for most lawns
  • It comes with two batteries included


  • It uses a plastic blade, and plastic blades might easily break
  • It doesn’t have a guide wheel for edging

Garden Gear Telescopic (Best Adjustable)

This cordless strimmer by Garden Gear is impressive because it is adjustable and comes with a telescopic feature, which is pretty unusual when it comes to cordless strimmers. Also, this is a lightweight cordless strimmer, weighing less than 2kg, so you won’t be struggling when it comes to carrying it around.

For the cutting width, you are looking at 26 cm. It also comes with a 20v lithium-ion battery, so there will be enough power even for dealing with thick weeds. Also, the company states that their version has a longer battery life than most, and that’s always good to hear when dealing with larger lawns. You will also receive a second battery and charger.

The telescopic part comes into play when dealing with the height of this rechargeable strimmer. It means you can adjust it from anywhere between 95 cm to 115 cm, so you won’t be hurting your back by being stooped over.

It does also come with a pivoting head to get those edges, but be aware that this model uses blades as the cutting device.


  • The longer battery life will make things easier for you
  • It is extremely light at under 2kg in weight
  • It has a 20v battery which makes light work of weeds and grass
  • It has a large enough cutting width to help you get through grass faster
  • The telescopic handle is a great idea


  • It does use blades for cutting rather than a reel
  • Watch for the handle moving as the screws could come loose

Swift 40V

Next up in our battery strimmer reviews, we have this model by Swift, and if you have never heard of them, then you may change your mind after checking out this model.

This has to be the best battery strimmer around if you are looking for something that will be powered up for an extended period of time. It has a 40V battery, and the manufacturer states that a full charge is going to be suitable for up to 80 minutes of use, and that’s impressive.

Of course, more power means faster cutting, and this model will never let you down in that department. Speaking of cutting, it uses nylon blades, and they are good enough for a reasonable period of time before those nylon blades need to be replaced. However, changing them is easy enough, so it won’t pose a problem.

The entire cordless strimmer is very easy to adjust as well, so you can move to the edging tool by changing the pivot head in seconds. It also comes with a large plastic shaft protector, so it will stop a lot of debris from flying up and hitting you.

Overall, this model is one of the best cordless grass trimmers simply because of its sheer power.


  • The battery on this model is one of the best on the market
  • A single charge will last for 80 minutes
  • The nylon blades are very easy to change when required
  • You can turn it into an edging tool in seconds
  • The protector does a good enough job of cutting down on debris


  • Not everyone likes the idea of nylon for blades
  • If you need to repair it, then it can be quite fiddly with the parts

Terratek Silver (Best Heavy Duty)

This is another model by Terratek, but we have included it in our cordless strimmer reviews as we see it as being the best heavy-duty cordless strimmer on the market.

This model comes with 20V lithium-ion batteries, and that kind of power on a lightweight machine is going to back a punch. Also, the battery will last for up to 40 minutes, so you should be able to get most of your lawns cut with the same battery without thinking about recharging or changing it.

It uses nylon blades, and they just snap into place when it comes to having to change them. This model also has a telescopic shaft, so it can be adjusted according to your height, and there’s no doubt a telescopic handle makes life a whole lot easier when cordless trimmers.

For the cutting width, this model comes in at 25 cm, and that is pretty standard. However, the sheer power of the model makes this one of the best cordless strimmers on the market.


  • The lithium-ion battery on this model is impressive
  • The telescopic handle means using this model will be more comfortable
  • The blades are easy to change when required
  • It is easy to turn the pivoting head to cut those edges
  • It only takes 3 hours to recharge the battery


  • If you don’t like using blades, then this would not be for you
  • It can be pretty noisy when in use

Green Works (Best 2 in 1)

Finally, we have this model by Green Works, and it is a beauty. This model is different in that it is a 2-in-1 model, which means it goes from being a garden strimmer into a scythe, and that just increases the number of ways in which it can be used.

This version has a 40V battery, which means it packs a punch in the power department. It offers real stability through both handles while in use, and you can switch between lawn trimmer and edge trimmer with real ease.

With a 40 cm wide cutting width, that does mean this machine can cover a huge area in next to no time. However, if you are worried about long grass or things being too thick, then simply switch to the scythe option, and that will make short work of the more difficult areas.

The strimmer does have an automatic feed system included, and it uses spools of thread as the cutting mechanism. Replacing the old spool is also easy, and you should have no problem finding a replacement.

Overall, the flexibility of this model distinguishes it from most of the other models out there on the market.


  • The battery is very powerful at 40V
  • It is so easy to adjust for lawn and edge trimming
  • The scythe option is a nice additional feature
  • The cutting width is wider than you would normally expect
  • The automatic feed is always a great idea


  • This model may feel heavy to some people
  • While the battery is good, it could drain quite quickly

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Trimmer

A cordless trimmer can be a wonderful tool to add to your gardening arsenal, but with so many options covered, you need to be aware of what to look out for to get the right one for your needs. After all, you don’t want to go ahead wasting money.

So, let’s make life easier for you. We set out this buying guide to help you choose the best cordless strimmer UK companies can supply that will be perfect for your needs.

The Area to Be Strimmed

The first step is to understand the area that will be strimmed on a regular basis. You see, there are strimmers on the market that are perfect for small to medium lawns, while others have a greater capacity and are more suited for larger lawns.

Also, be aware of things, such as the garden path or how much grass edging you will need to do in order to have your lawn looking pristine.

A gardener trims the edges of a flower bed

The area that will be cut is something you need to think about with all your gardening tools. However, in this instance, it directly impacts a key component: battery life.

Being Aware of the Battery

Battery life is something that will influence your decision, and the difference in battery life is quite astonishing.

That is why you need to be aware of how long it will take you to strim your lawn. You don’t want to recharge the battery to get the job completed, so factor all this into your decision.

The Power

Moving onto the power aspect now, this will determine how well the strimmer is going to deal with either wet grass or thick grass.

However, this becomes less of an issue if you are the type of individual who always has the lawn mower out and keeps things neat and tidy. At that point, almost any cordless trimmer will suffice, as you will only require a heavy-duty cordless trimmer under some pretty tough conditions.

The Run Time

A man using a cordless strimmer

Staying with the power section for a bit longer, we have to mention the run time. The best cordless strimmer will hopefully provide you with enough power for long enough to get everything cut in one go. However, that’s not always the case.

You need to be aware of how long it will take you, on average, to trim your lawn. Remember, this is not a mini mower where you will always be covering every blade of grass, so understand how long it takes and see how that equates to the run time.

The problem here is that while the best cordless strimmer will give around 40 minutes of continual use, that’s not always going to happen. Some will give only 20 minutes to use, while others can be as long as 80 minutes: that does change how you use the trimmer.

Understanding the Line Feed

For the sake of absolute convenience, the best cordless trimmer will come with an automatic line feed. That will stop you from having to take the strimmer to pieces in order to feed everything through. If you have used a strimmer before, you know how that can happen regularly, especially if you blast a garden path.

Being Aware of the Type of Line

Be aware that you do have different options when it comes to the actual strimmer line. Typically, you are looking at a nylon cord being used, but do be aware that nylon cord does break, especially when you hit garden furniture or stones, so take that into consideration.

However, most cordless strimmers that use a spool feed for cutting will now include an automatic feed system, and that makes life a lot easier. Doing this means you don’t have to worry so much about the line feed running out, so there will be less stopping and starting.

Using Blades as an Option

If an automatic single line feed system is not right for you, then there is an option to go with blades. However, even here, you have a number of options to choose from.

While a metal blade is going to be the strongest, it is rarer to find those on the market. The more common version is either nylon or plastic blades. The best thing about plastic blades is that they are not only easy to change, but plastic blades are inexpensive to purchase.

However, plastic and nylon will wear down more quicker.

Height Adjustment

Some cordless grass strimmers will come with a telescopic handle, and that just makes life a lot easier if you are taller than most. The telescopic handle will simply click into place, so that is certainly something you should look out for when going through the different options for cordless strimmers.

What to Avoid, or Be Aware of, When Buying Cordless Strimmers

We have covered a lot of different points, but there are several things that you need to avoid when it comes to choosing your new strimmer. Or points that you need to be aware of to make sure you have the right item for your needs.

First, do you get a battery and charger with the model? It can be the case that you don’t get both, as some models do use interchangeable batteries with other power tools in their range. They sometimes make you purchase a separate battery pack that is then used across their entire range.

Another thing is what the blades are made of. If you have a lot of garden paths, then plastic blades won’t be able to cope with too much, and you need to be prepared to always have some spare available.

Aside from that, think about these points when knowing what to avoid with your new garden strimmer.

  • Is the run time long enough for you?
  • Is the cutting width suitable for what you will be strimming?
  • Is the strimmer long enough for your height?
  • If using a feed function, is it continual?
  • How easy is it to maintain the strimmer?
  • How easy is it to get replacement parts?

Who said that buying a cordless garden strimmer should be stressful? Choosing which cordless strimmer suits best your needs will be so much easier if you keep these few questions in mind.

Overall Conclusion

Cordless grass trimmers have clear advantages over electric corded trimmers, thanks to the simple fact you are no longer tripping over a cable. However, you need to pay close attention to their run time and how powerful the battery is in your desired model.

Generally, they are fast, do a fantastic job of cutting your lawn, and offer more power than people expect. As you will have seen from our cordless strimmer reviews, a wide range of options is readily available on the market. All you need to do is be aware of what you need and how it relates to the strimmer in question.

However, there’s no doubt that you can find the best cordless strimmer UK companies have to offer that will be suitable for your own needs. All it takes is some time to work through the options.

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