Best Ice Makers of 2023

Best Ice Makers

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Top 8 Best Ice Makers

  1. Andrew James Portable Silver (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Klarstein Clearcube (Luxury Choice)
  3. Terra Hiker Countertop (Best Value)
  4. NETTA Large 12g Capacity (Best Countertop)
  5. Andrew James Portable Countertop 2.2L Tank Red (Best Compact)
  6. FOOING with Self Clean Function
  7. COSTWAY 8576 Electric Silent and Easy Operation
  8. Avix Portable Large 2.2L Water Tank Black

A party is no party without a bucket of fresh ice! It keeps life at the party by keeping the drinks cold. Even if you have a beverage container, adding ice is the best way to keep the drink as cold as possible. Additionally, if you are grilling your lunch on a hot day, ice is crucial for food safety. The best-insulated lunch boxes and coolers still need ice to keep your food products bacteria-free.

Sometimes you need more ice than your freezer produces and rush to the supermarket to buy extra. It’s time to get an ice maker if you can’t seem to store enough ice in your freezer to meet your household’s needs.

An ice maker can save you loads as it costs less than 5% compared to buying ice-cube bags. Portable ice makers are also a quick and easy way to make ice within 5-10 mins. You can keep an ice maker on your counter and make ice 40% faster than your standard freezer tray, which roughly takes 3 hours.

It is better to boil and cool the water to make your ice maker long-lasting and protect its vital parts from hard water. You can use kettles for hard water for this task, specially made for use with this type of water.

Whether you want to use an ice maker for iced food, beverages, smoothies or more, there is definitely an ice maker to suit your needs. Read on to find the best ice maker in the UK and seven other suitable options!

How We Compared Ice Makers

To find the right ice makers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Water Capacity
  • Control Panel
  • Easy to Clean and Operate
  • Production Time
  • Production Capacity/ Number of Ice Cubes It Can Produce
  • Ice Cube Size
  • Noise

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching ice makers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Ice Maker Reviews

Andrew James Portable Silver (Editor’s Choice)

First up, we have the Andrew James Ice Maker Machine. This is our pick for the best ice maker in the UK and has a great set of features that make it easy to use and efficient. Firstly, this ice maker has a great output and can produce both large and small ice cubes in under 10 minutes.

Secondly, this fast production is complemented by the large water tank size. The water tank has a 2.2L capacity which means that you can make up to 12kg of ice in 24 hours. Despite this, the overall size of the ice maker is still compact, and it can be kept on your kitchen top without taking up too much space.

For a quick setup and installation, this Andrew James ice machine does not require any plumbing. You can simply plug it in, fill it up, and start using it immediately. We also like that it is available in three colours – white, black, or red.


  • Can make ice cubes in less than 10 minutes
  • Also, it can create either large or small ice cubes
  • It has an impressive 2.2L water capacity to make up to 12kg of ice
  • No plumbing or drainage required
  • It has a soft-touch control panel for ease of use


  • There may not be a noticeable size difference between ice cubes
  • Some customers have received damaged goods on delivery
  • The ice cubes may be hollow

Klarstein Clearcube (Luxury Choice)

The Klarstein Clearcube is a portable ice maker that is the ultimate luxury entertainment necessity. It creates beautiful crystal-clear ice, just like you’d find in your favourite bar or restaurant. Ordinary ice is made by water being cooled at once in a sealed environment or by cooled components touching the water. Both of these cause oxidation that results in cloudiness.

Taking this into consideration, the Klarstein Clearcube uses water that continuously falls over a super-cooled honeycomb freezing layer. When the ice has built up, the honeycomb switches from cold to warm, and this causes the ice cubes to drop into the bin completely intact. Other ice makers on the market produce cloudy or oddly shaped ice, whereas Klarstein Clearcube can produce up to 13kg of clear ice per day. Besides, the clear ice actually melts at a rate of 5 times slower than cloudy ice. 

There’s no plumbing required for more convenience, and a simple plug-and-play setup lets you get started immediately. Just pour water in! The Klarstein Clearcube also includes a scoop and a removable ice bin for carrying large amounts. Above the main compartment, the LED push-button controls make it easy for anyone to use. Also, the elegant top-notch design with a sleek stainless steel body makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Undoubtedly, the Klarstein Clearcube is a high-quality, reliable machine that is a perfect choice for in-home ice making.


  • Well-insulated interior
  • Transparent clear ice
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Large production capacity


  • Some may not like that the ice cubes drop into slabs
  • You could find that the ice takes longer to form than expected

Terra Hiker Countertop (Best Value)

The Terra Hiker Countertop Ice Maker is another excellent device and has a bright, vibrant blue exterior. This will stand out in any kitchen or outside when used for parties. Aside from the vibrant design, this ice maker is highly functional and has a powerful 120W compressor.

As a result, it can make 9 ice cubes (either large or small) in 6 minutes. This makes it one of the quickest ice makers available, and it can produce 13kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. Although it is powerful, the motor is energy-saving and also has a low noise output.

We also like the simple functionality of this ice maker. To start it, all you have to do is plug it in, add water to the tank, press the power button, and choose your ice cube size! Simple. There is no plumbing required, and you can drain the water compartment simply by holding the power button for three seconds.

Despite its positives, some may find the draining does take a while; also, the top-side light can be a little bright.


  • It has a powerful 120W compressor for fast ice cube production
  • Can produce 9 ice cubes every 6-minute cycle
  • In total, it can produce 13kg of ice in 24-hours
  • Should use 40% less power compared to traditional ice makers
  • It is also easy to use with simple controls and setup


  • Some may find the draining method a little cumbersome
  • The lights on the top might be a little too bright

NETTA Large 12g Capacity (Best Countertop)

Get rid of pesky ice trays and use the Netta Ice Maker Machine instead. It provides bullet-shaped ice cubes hollow on the inside in just about 6-10 minutes and can crank out 12kg of ice in a day. Plus, the unit can store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time and will notify you when the water is low or the ice container is full.

The deep shiny black colours make it stand out from other appliances, but there are many other appreciable features too. The interior is well-insulated with a high-density foam board to ensure that you get perfect ice cubes every time. With this ice maker, you don’t have to worry about high electric bills. 

The machine has a water recycling feature that reuses water from the melted ice. This allows for a large ice-making capacity and helps save water and time. A portable and compact design also makes the ice maker ideal for an RV kitchen or boat cabins.

While this machine works very quickly, there is no option of selecting the cube size. For more kitchen products, check out our guide on the best juicers.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast ice production
  • Viewing window
  • 26lbs per day


  • No option to select the ice cub size
  • You could find cleaning this ice cube maker a little tricky

Andrew James Portable Countertop 2.2L Tank Red (Best Compact)

This ice maker by Andrew James delivers its promise at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for an ice maker with good performance under your budget, this ice-making machine is a suitable option. Moreover, Andrew James is not a freezer but only a soft ice maker that can churn out enough ice for your family and be suitable for many activities where refreshing cold beverages are needed.

Another thing worth mentioning is the amount of ice stored. This ice maker has a 2.2L tank and can make up to 15kg of ice per day. Also, it makes large and small bullet-shaped ice cubes in as little as 10 minutes and stores 1.5 pounds at a time. This is due to the handy drainage that allows ice to be made fresh. 

Secondly, it is equipped with advanced refrigeration technology that includes a quiet low-noise compressor. This takes care of the cooling so you can enjoy a fresh ice batch without too much noise.

For your ease, the machine comes with indicator lights and an automatic shutoff function. When there’s no water or the ice container is full, the unit will signal and automatically turn off. Besides a straightforward control panel, it also includes a removable tray and scoops with a 2-year limited warranty. Last but not least, in terms of user-friendliness, it doesn’t require permanent installation or plumbing.

Overall, this Andrew James Ice Maker is compact, easy to control and clean. A reliable and attractive ice maker for kitchen countertops, boats, picnics, parties, and more!


  • Large capacity
  • Fast production of ice
  • Water drainage feature
  • Auto-shutoff
  • 2-year warranty


  • You may not notice much size difference between the ice-cub settings
  • Some customers have reported damaged goods on delivery

FOOING with Self Clean Function

This ice cube maker from FOOING is available in either a modern black colour or a bright mint colour. This means that it can easily fit with any type of kitchen decor – modern or retro.

We like that this appliance can make two different sizes of ice cubes. The small ice cubes are 0.95 inches in length, while the larger ice cubes are 1.10 inches in length. It is important to remember that the ice cubes are hollow, but they are brilliant for drinks and cooling.

In terms of capacity, this is a powerful ice maker, and it can produce 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in 6 minutes. Overall, if you want a reliable, high-quality bullet-style ice maker with the excellent build quality, the Costway ice maker is a great choice.


  • The ice maker produces 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in 6 minutes
  • Has a total rate of 15kg of ice cubes in 24-hours
  • It also has a simple and bright LED display for easy operation
  • No plumbing or drainage required
  • Should have a quiet operation with the energy-efficient compressor


  • Some customers have received scratched goods on delivery
  • It may not be the lightest product available

COSTWAY 8576 Electric Silent and Easy Operation

Costway Ice Maker produces up to 12 kg of ice per day, guaranteeing to never leave you short of ice again. Also, it is easy to clean, maintenance-free, and requires no installation. With its simple LED panel and push-button controls, the machine is also easy to operate. 

You can make ice for all kinds of drinks by choosing from small or large bullet-shaped cubes. In addition to this, the machine has a fast cycle time which makes a new ice batch every 7 to 13 minutes. The Costway ice maker doesn’t only work great, but it also looks great, boasting a sleek and polished design built with ABS. 

For added convenience, the machine includes a scoop and removable bin for larger ice quantities. A large viewable window is included to monitor the ice making process and to check the ice level. In addition, a 2.2L water tank produces enough ice for the whole party.

A weight of 8kg makes it portable enough to take anywhere, whether travelling, boating, camping, or at party venues. You can produce your homemade ice even better than you’d find in bars and restaurants. Overall, if you want a reliable, high-quality bullet-style ice maker with excellent build quality, the Costway ice maker is a great choice.


  • Portable and compact
  • Light indicator
  • Large ice productivity
  • Low-noise compressor
  • Simple control panel


  • The large setting may not produce large enough ice cubes
  • Some may find the drain plug difficult to empty and clean

Avix Portable Large 2.2L Water Tank Black

Our last pick is the Avix Portable Ice Maker. This product is great if you have limited space in your kitchen and is small enough to be used on your work surface or stored in a cupboard when not in use. It is also available either in a black finish or a silver finish.

Included with the ice maker, you also get an ice bucket and scoop. These accessories are a great addition and make using this appliance that much easier. We also like the easy-to-use control panel. Simply fill the water tank, select the ice cube size and press the power button.

The high-quality compressor also means that you can produce 9 ice cubes in 7 minutes. This is complemented by the large 700g ice cube container. We also like that this appliance requires no plumbing and can be immediately used when plugged in.

Although this is a great product, you must remember that the ice cubes are hollow. As a result, they may melt quickly. Also, this ice cube maker may not have the quietest operation.


  • Simple and stylish black countertop design
  • It has a simple control panel that is easy to use
  • Can make nine ice cubes in less than 7 minutes
  • It can also make either small or large-sized ice cubes
  • Includes an ice bucket and scoop


  • The ice cubes are hollow, so they may melt quickly
  • This may not be the quietest of ice cube makers


a portable ice maker

Ice makers are brilliant appliances to have. They are incredibly useful for general use, but they are fantastic if you often have family dinners or host parties. Who wouldn’t want fresh, freezing ice cubes on-demand to plop in your drinks

The eight products we have reviewed are all great; however, we have chosen the Andrew James Ice Maker Machine as the best ice maker in the UK. This ice maker has everything you need. Firstly, it has an excellent production capacity and can make ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. Secondly, it doesn’t require any drainage or plumbing and can be installed and set up quickly. Lastly, it is portable and can easily fit on your kitchen countertop.

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