Best Edging Shears of 2023

Best Edging Shears

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Top 10 Best Edging Shears

  1. Spear & Jackson 4900RSS (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Carl Kammerling G5051 Legend Heavy Duty (Luxury Choice)
  3. Silverline 801290 (Best Value)
  4. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp
  5. Wilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS (Best Long-Handled)
  6. Spear & Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp
  7. ARS ARS-K-900Z 720-1050mm Telescopic (Best Lightweight)
  8. Fiskars LifeStyle 113310 
  9. Bahco P75
  10. Carl Kammerling G5057 Legend (Best Adjustable)

Edging shears have been of great importance to people who are interested in gardening. Maintaining your garden or lawn can be a tough task, especially if you have to reach into the areas where your lawnmower refuses to go!

While there is confusion about lawn shears and lawn edging shears, the difference between the two is quite simple. Lawn shears are used to cut flat surfaces on top of the yard, whereas edging shears help cut along the edges of your lawn. Edging shears are also built in a manner that makes it easy to handle them. If your lawn looks a little tired, why not check out the 10 of the best edging shears in the UK we have listed below?

How We Compared Edging Shears

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To find the right edging shears, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Handle length
  • Blade quality and type
  • Weight

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching edging shears and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Edging Shear Reviews

Spear & Jackson 4900RSS (Editor’s Choice)

Spear and Jackson are a household name in the field of gardening, and their razor-sharp edging shears indeed live up to their name. 

With extra durability and strength, these are the best edging shears that provide precision cutting. The blades are C50 carbon steel that enhances the cutting experience with extra sharpness. These blades are also lacquered to offer additional defence against rust and dust.

The Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Edging Shears are also outfitted with tubular handles that are designed to stand for long-term use. The tubular handles with soft feel grips are also modified to be a comfortable fit in your hands. If you need to trim some thin branches before edging, consider a simple and easy-to-use pruning saw.

There are some disadvantages to this model, however. You may find this pair of edging shears to be quite heavy, and you might notice that the blades dull quickly.


  • C50 carbon steel blades for extra sharpness and precision cutting
  • Lacquered edges for rust resistance
  • Tubular steel handles with ergonomic soft grips


  • You could find that the blades dull quicker than expected
  • Some people may find these edging shears to be too heavy

Carl Kammerling G5051 Legend Heavy Duty (Luxury Choice)

Carl Kammerling International Limited has introduced the Legend for heavy-duty cutting and edging. 

The blades of this lawn tool are incredibly durable, drop forged, and armour chrome plated for precision edged cutting. The blades are hollow grounded and have the ability to self-sharpen with low friction. Self-sharpening blades are ideal for tough cuts since they do not need repeated sharpening.

The blade tension is fully adjustable for a unique cutting experience. Gardening connoisseurs will enjoy the dial setting mechanism for the blade tension. The hardwood handles on the heavyweight Carl Kammerling Legend are also lacquered and permanently secured to the blade. The handles are 3 feet for an added advantage.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the tensioner might be difficult to release. Also, it is quite heavy and may not be suitable for smaller people.


  • Armour chrome coated rust-resistant blades
  • Self-sharpening hollow grounded blades
  • 3 ft Lacquered hardwood handles


  • You could find the tensioner is initially difficult to release
  • It may not be suitable for smaller people due to the heavy-duty size

Silverline 801290 (Best Value)

The angled blades of the Silverline 801290 Border Shears make them easy to use. The blades are angled at 90 degrees to the arms, so you can easily cut your lawn borders without stopping.

This is complemented by the non-slip rubber-coated handles and the lightweight material of the arms. We also like that the blades are rust-resistant and have a durable PTFE coating to prevent damage.

Meanwhile, you may need to adjust the tension bolt more often than you expected. Also, the configuration of the blades may need adjusting.


  • The blades have a special PTFE coating for improved durability
  • They are also rust-resistant
  • The handles are made from durable, solid steel
  • For ergonomic use, the handles have a non-slip rubber grip
  • The handles prevent stooping due to their long length


  • You could find that the tension bolt needs adjusting often
  • The initial configuration of the blades may need adjusting

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp

These Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Lawn Shears are versatile products with some excellent features. 

Firstly, the blades are made from tough C50 carbon steel and have a PTFE coating. This means that they are incredibly resistant and should not wear easily.

Secondly, the arms are made from lightweight aluminium, and there is a built-in shock absorber to minimize the impact on your hands and arms. Lastly, the handles have a soft-grip covering that makes them comfortable to use for long periods.

However, this is quite a big tool, so it may not be ideal for small people.


  • High-quality, durable C50 carbon steel blades
  • Also, have a PTFE coating for rust-resistance
  • The arms are made from lightweight aluminium
  • The handles have a soft-grip grip
  • The connection between the blades and handle has a shock-absorber


  • Some may not like the angle of the cutting blades
  • It may not be suitable for shorter people

Wilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS (Best Long-Handled)

The Wilkinson Sword long-handled edging shears are perfect for tall people. Ideal for reaching into difficult-to-get places in the lawn and towards the edge of the garden, the Wilkinson Sword edging shears are made with high-quality 850 mm carbon steel long tubular handles to reduce the strain on the back muscles due to excessive bending. 

The handles are made with an ergonomic design for easy handling. The material used is also soft and non-abrasive on the skin.

The blade length on the Wilkinson Sword is approximately 17 cm, with the tool head width ranging between 13 mm and 40 mm. This product weighs about 1.78 kg and also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Whilst you’re edging, it might be worth putting down some cat deterrent in your flower bed to stop cats from leaving their mark there.

One important factor to consider when getting this tool is that the blades may easily become dull.


  • Medium weight edging shears at 1.78 kg
  • Long tubular handles allow an upright stance while in use
  • 10-year manufacturers guarantee


  • Some may find the angle of the handle difficult to use
  • You may find that the blades dull quite quickly

Spear & Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp

Another Spear & Jackson model makes it to our list of the best edging shears in the UK!

The 230mm C50 carbon steel blades on the 4870RS have been tempered and hardened for added durability and resistance. The blades are also coated with PTFE for smooth edge cutting and resistance to rust and mould

The borders and edges of your lawn will look exceptionally smooth and neat when cut with the precision Spear and Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp Edging Spears.

The long handles in this model are ideal for people over 5’10”. The overall length of the 4870RS edging spears is 36 inches and is perfect for people with lower back issues or those who have backaches and pains. Due to the length of these shears, it is possible to stand upright in a comfortable position while manicuring your lawn. It also comes with ergonomic anti-slip grips.

One common disadvantage people have with this pair of edging shears is that the maintenance instructions can be hard to follow.


  • 230mm C50 carbon steel blades with PTFE coating for rust resistance
  • Ergonomic non-slip grips
  • Longer handles for ease of use for tall people


  • It may not be the most suitable for shorter people
  • It may not have the best instructions for maintenance

ARS ARS-K-900Z 720-1050mm Telescopic (Best Lightweight)

If you want a high-quality pair of lightweight edging shears, the ARS ARS-K-900Z are a great option. The arms are made from aluminium which means they weigh virtually nothing – anyone should be able to handle these edging shears easily.

Also, they are suitable for people of any height due to their adjustable arms. You can quickly adjust the length from 720mm to 1050mm. We also like that the arms have a double plastic bumper system – this helps absorb shocks when cutting.

However, you may find the blades to be a bit shorter. Also, the tension nut may come loose occasionally.


  • The blades are made from high-quality carbon steel
  • Have a chemical nickel coating for improved resistance
  • The handles extend from 720mm to 1050mm
  • Lightweight arms made from aluminium
  • It has a double plastic bumper system to reduce shock


  • Some may find the actual blades too short
  • The tension nut may occasionally come loose

Fiskars LifeStyle 113310

The Finnish Fiskars come with a 100 cm handle for extreme comfort while cutting grass in hard-to-reach garden places. People with chronic back pain or back issues can also comfortably use the Fiskars Lifestyle Long Handled Edging Shears without bending or stooping. 

The carbon steel blades are specially heated to make the metal durable and sturdy for prolonged use. The soft-grip handle helps in a firm grip, and the bumper cushion helps ease strain from the palms.

These specialized long-handled edging shears do not need constant sharpening, and they cut finely with every subsequent use. The heavyweight Fiskars Lifestyle Long Handled Edging Shears also come in multiple colours. To reduce garden waste, consider using a garden shredder to reduce landfill trips.

Meanwhile, this pair of shears might be a bit heavy. Also, the holding screw may come loose occasionally.


  • Long-handled at 100 cm
  • Bumper cushion and soft-grip handle for ease of use
  • Available in multiple colours


  • You may find that the main holding screw can come loose
  • It may not be the lightest of edging shears

Bahco P75

The Bahco Edging Shears are extremely useful for first-time gardening enthusiasts. While also used by experienced gardeners, the Bahco edging shears are known to reach difficult spots in the garden that refuse to be trimmed. 

Neat lawn edges and cut borders are the specialities of the Bahco P75 edging shears. They come with steel blades hardened and coated with black xylan. Black xylan (a type of PTFE coating) helps in reducing the friction between blades and curtails rusting.

The tubular steel handle comes with comfortable grips for ease of use. Also, the blade length is approximately 20 cm, and the handle length is 90 cm. The Bahco P75 edging shears also come with a self-locking nut and buffers to reduce the jarring effects of cutting. For smaller, finer cuts, consider using some secateurs.

Several users of this garden tool have complained that the arms are not long enough. Also, this pair may lose its tension easily.


  • Blades coated with black xylan for reduced rusting and friction
  • Comfortable grips for ease of use
  • Self-locking nut and buffers to curb jarring effects of snipping


  • Some may find that the arms are not long enough
  • You could also find that they lose their tension setting easily

Carl Kammerling G5057 Legend (Best Adjustable)

The CK Classic Legend edging shears are made from drop forged hardened blades with chrome armour plating that delivers superior precision cutting quality. Easy to use, the telescopic handles allow for immediate height adjustment for individual comfort. 

Using this pair of edging shears may help avoid backache, pain, and walking fatigue. The telescopic handles have seven adjustable positions and can range between 64 cm to 105 cm. The easily adjustable height of the shears makes these an ideal gardening tool for people of all heights.

The grips are ergonomically designed with polymer for a comfortable grip. The anti-slip polymer grips also ensure fewer accidents and mishaps. The hollow ground blades also promote self-sharpening with a minimized friction action.

Meanwhile, this may not be ideal for larger gardens, so if you have a big property, you may want to think if you want to get this tool. 


  • Telescopic adjustable handle levels up to 7 positions
  • Self-sharpening hollow ground blades
  • Polymer handle grips for comfortable use


  • They may not be suitable for larger gardens
  • Some could find these edging shears heavy to use

Selecting Edging Shears

There are lots of variants of edging shears available in the market. Ideally, you need to focus only on a few critical points while browsing your options.

Handle Length

Handle length is important. Edging shears with long handles can be a boon for tall people, while others prefer a short stem. You can also opt for telescopic handles that you can adjust according to your needs. This is ideal if multiple people are using the same edging shears.

Blade Quality and Type

Blades should be sharp and well-balanced. Tempered or hardened blades should be considered for clean and precise cutting of your lawn edge. Also, angled blades are self-sharpening blades since they lightly brush against each other and keep their sides sharp.


Weight is also significant when choosing your shears. Lightweight shears usually weigh up to 1.25 kg, while heavyweight goes up to 2.4 kg.


A high-quality pair of edging shears can make gardening work and lawn maintenance a breeze! These tools are also brilliant if you suffer from back pains. Any of the above ten products could be a great option for home use. However, our top pick for the best edging shears in the UK is the Spear & Jackson 4900RSS Edging Shears.

The tubular steel handle offers maximum strength while having an ergonomic soft-feel grip that makes prolonged use comfortable. Also, the blades are incredibly durable and have a special polished and lacquered coating to help prevent rust and wear.

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