Who Invented the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and a Brief History

Who Invented The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a clean house every day? But with most people having busy schedules, it is quite a challenge to dedicate time to cleaning the house. That may be the reason why you are planning to get a robot vacuum cleaner.

But before you decide to buy, you must know what it is. What exactly does it do? Who invented the robot vacuum cleaner? Is it better than the traditional vacuum cleaner?

All of these questions will be answered in this post. So keep reading, and hopefully, you will learn something new today.

What Is a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a machine with a long history. Before the vacuum was invented, the most common way to clean the floors was with a broom and a mop.

Brooms are used to sweep up dirt, dust, and debris while mopping involves using water to clean away marks and stains. Unfortunately, both of these methods of cleaning are more time-consuming, ineffective, and energy-wasting.

Although brooms and mops are still used today in most homes, vacuums are now a much more efficient means of cleaning. As a result, vacuums are now becoming the first choice of cleaning in many households.

Vacuums are essentially machines that suck the dirt off of a floor, thereby cleaning it in the process. You push them back and forth around the room, and they collect pet hair, dirt, and small pieces of rubbish in the process.

As vacuums have a long history, more than one model of vacuum has been made. For example, some models of vacuum have brushes added. These brushes can be a built-in device or a device that can be added on. Vacuuming with brushes allows the vacuum to pick up the stuck-on mess.

Although the vacuum cleaner has advanced since its first model, there is still one problem. The traditional vacuum cleaner still requires you to use it manually. Those people with busy schedules will still find it hard to dedicate time to cleaning their homes. This is why the robot vacuum cleaner was invented. It is an autonomous device that cleans your floors even while you are not at home.

What Is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

The robotic vacuum cleaner is a vacuum, and a robot all merged up into one. This robot vacuum could save you a huge amount of time as it does the cleaning for you. Unlike the traditional vacuum, the robot inside the robotic vacuum clear does the floor cleaning for you without putting in any manual power at all.

How Does the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The science behind robotic vacuum cleaners is cool and quite simple. Robotic vacuum cleaners work by using a series of sensors.

These sensors control the robot by telling it which direction to go, concerning the space around them that needs to be cleaned. Along with this, the sensors in the robot vacuum tell the robot vacuum which direction not to go, such as down the stairs or running into an obstacle.

They can both turn and reverse to ensure that each inch of your floor is covered.

The Development of Cleaning Tools

To understand how the robot vacuum cleaner was invented, let’s look at the development of cleaning tools.

The Broom

Vacuum cleaners have a long history. Having to clean floors in a house is nothing new. First, people used brooms. Brooms were made from a wooden pole with bristles tied to one end. Although brooms did some cleaning, they left long streaks of mess still on any surface that they cleaned.

The Mop

After the broom came the mop. Mops were made from a pole, either metal or wood, along with long strips of fabric tied to one end. Mops differ from brooms as they have to be dampened with water. Mops were more helpful than brooms in that they cleaned up caked-on messes such as mud and spilt food. However, like the broom, a mop left long streaks of mess still on any surface that they cleaned.

The downside to both the broom and the mop were that they took a lot of manual effort to work. Bending down was required to either use a broom to sweep up the collected mess in a dustpan or to wring out the dirty water from a mop in a bucket.

The Vacuum

This is where the traditional vacuum came in. The first vacuum was invented in the year 1901. Two men, Hubert Cecil Booth and his partner David T. Kenney invented vacuum cleaners.

The first vacuum cleaner model had a motor that sucked up the dust into a big sack made of fabric. The first vacuum cleaners were heavy and bulky.

However, with the right tools and services, such as development in robotics, newer and better vacuum cleaners were founded. With an increased interest in robots, robotics in general, and other forms of technology, the search was on for a robot vacuum.

The Robot Vacuum

The robotic vacuum was invented by a man named James Dizon. James Dizon first invented the robotic vacuum in 1996 for the technology company called Electrolux. However, these early models of robot vacuum cleaners were expensive. Due to the high price of these robot cleaners, not a lot of people can buy them and use them.

This changed in 2002. In 2002, the company named IRobot invented the Roomba robot vacuum. The Roomba robot vacuum is still one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners in the world today. According to the robotics used to make the Roomba robot, the Roomba robot is cheap to make and cheap to sell and for customers to buy. The Roomba from the Dyson Company initially used a battery-controlled remote that the person operating the Roomba had to use. However, the company later improved the Roomba by eliminating the remote so that their Roomba robots could be autonomous. Inspired by the Dyson company, other companies across the globe started to make their robotic cleaners.

Robot Vacuums Today

Although they can still be on the expensive side, robot vacuums can still be found in thousands of households worldwide as a less time-consuming alternative to your average vacuum.

Make Your Home Cleaner With a Robot

If you want your home to be clean always, a robot vacuum cleaner can do the job. It may be expensive, but the results you get are priceless. You don’t need to do everything manually, and you don’t have to tire yourself up cleaning your house.

After reading this article, you now know who invented the robot vacuum cleaner. Learning history can help you decide whether or not you need to buy a robot vacuum. Now you understand why robot vacuum cleaners are preferred over brooms, mops, and even traditional vacuums.

So are you going to buy a robot vacuum cleaner? Do you already have one? How was your experience with it? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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