How Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work to Clean Your Home?

How Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work

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In this day and age, there is an invention for everything. From milk frothers to watches that monitor your heart rate, thousands of inventions are designed to make everyday life easier. The invention of the robot vacuum is just one of the many ways to help clean your home. In this case, it means one less thing to worry about when you get home from work.

Many people do not have the time to push a vacuum cleaner back and forth around their living rooms. Therefore, the robot vacuum is a perfect solution. All you need to do is set it up and let it do its thing. But how does the robot vacuum cleaner work, exactly?

The Robot Vacuum Today

The first robot vacuums had technological issues. However, with advancements in science, the robotic vacuum features now make its performance better than ever before. Unfortunately, the first robot vacuums used expensive materials, making these early models so expensive that few people would buy them.

However, with the tech field growing at a substantial rate, cheaper materials are now used for manufacturing robot vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaners can now be distributed to stores at more affordable prices and, therefore, be more readily available for working families.

Although they may still not be as common as your average hoover, the interest in robot vacuums is growing year after year.

Why Use a Robot Vacuum?

Let’s face it. It’s a well-known fact that everybody loves to come home to a clean home. From spotless walls to gleaming stairs and especially to clean floors, no one likes to go home to a dirty mess. However, these days, many people may not have the time to clean their houses thoroughly every day. People, now more than ever, live busy lives.

Vacuuming is one household activity that many people dread. Better than a broom or a mop, vacuums effectively clean the dirt and other messes off of pretty much any floor. However, vacuuming is a time-consuming activity that not a lot of people have the time to do.

Likewise, original vacuums are bulky and heavy. In addition, the original model of the vacuum made it a physical effort to get the dirt off any floor and made it difficult to store.

This is where the robot vacuum comes in – it requires no physical labour, and it doesn’t take up much space in your cupboards. So you only need to spend some initial time setting it up, and then you shouldn’t have to bother much with it after.

The Robotic Vacuum

The robotic vacuum was made to create a solution to the busy person’s problem with the traditional vacuum. The technology inside of robotic vacuums uses a series of sensors to navigate its way around a home.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner moving around the living room

The sensors inside robot vacuum cleaners allow them to navigate around any room effectively. This means that you, the proud owner of a robot vacuum cleaner, never have to put in precious time or back-breaking power to do any cleaning.

Primary models of robot vacuum cleaners, such as the Roomba robot vacuum from the iRobot company, only had sensors for the basic floor plan of a room. As a result, the Roomba robot vacuum was constantly under criticism because it would often run into walls, fall off the edge of a cliff, and get stuck on an encountered object. Sometimes, the early Roomba vacuum cleaner would even bounce into an object with so much power that it would damage it.

The Dyson company quickly solved this issue with the Roomba vacuum cleaner. In 2014, the Dyson company introduced a new and improved robot vacuum cleaner. This new and improved vacuum cleaner now had a camera that would scan a room 360 degrees.

This means that these new models of robot vacuum cleaners had mapping abilities that allowed them to detect any obstacles which may stand in their way. As a result, they are also able to clean the floors more effectively. With this feature, you can also select areas of the room for the vacuum to stay away from.

In addition, the new robot vacuum cleaners are now able to detect other features, too. For example, robot vacuum cleaners have wall sensors that allow robotic vacuums to avoid any wall that they may meet, so they’re not bumping into things like older models. Some also come with cliff sensors so that you can use your robot vacuum upstairs without worrying about it falling down the stairs. Instead, the robot vacuum will sense the so-called ‘cliff’ and turn in the opposite direction. So, as you can see, robot vacuums are quite smart due to their unique sensor system.


Most robot vacuums can be controlled by an app that enables you to add schedules. For example, if you don’t want the cleaner under your feet while cooking dinner, you can schedule it to clean the kitchen after dinner. Set the rooms in your house and the times you would like them cleaned for optimum control so it will never get in your way.

Cleaning Ability

One thing about robot vacuum cleaning that makes many people hesitant to buy one is the robot vacuum cleaner’s cleaning ability. Many people assume that robot cleaners do not do an excellent job of cleaning.

However, this is not the case. With the ever-advancing technology, robotic vacuums can use their powerful brushes to pick up dirt with ease. As a result, many robot vacuums clean up dirt with a series of different brushes for the best results.

You can even choose models with a special brush for pet hair which is very useful if your pet moults a lot.


The battery on robotic vacuums is an interesting concept. To recharge, robot vacuums glide into a special station set up in any available space. Of course, robotic vacuums find this recharging station with their sensors; once their battery begins to deplete, they will automatically go back to their dock to recharge before starting again.

It is recommended that a Roomba be recharged every time that you intend to use it. Even though this may sound like a chore, it should consider the time it takes for a robot vacuum to recharge.

A Roomba takes approximately two hours to charge fully. To ensure that your Roomba is ready, you need to look at its battery indicator light. You will know that your Roomba is ready to go when the light on the Roomba changes from red to green. Alternatively, if you use the app, your Roomba will stick to the schedules and automatically leave the dock when it’s fully charged.

Taking Care of Your Roomba

Like a vacuum, a Roomba needs to be emptied once in a while. After all, one fantastic feature of a Roomba is that it is small in size and compact. However, this means that a Roomba’s dustbin will fill up quickly. At least you will know that your Roomba has done its job!

Although this is a step that may have to be done quite frequently, it is easy and quick to do. First, a symbol printed on the Roomba will let you know that this is where the bin is. Next, you must press on the machine’s symbol to slide out the dust compartment and remove the dirt. After this step, slide the dust compartment back into your robotic vacuum, and it will be good to go.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Other Man’s Best Friend

How does the robot vacuum cleaner work? It gets rid of dust and dirt in your home. With its added features, you can let it clean the upstairs and other parts of your house without worrying about it getting damaged.

Everything is pretty automatic, so all you need to do is set it up, and it’s good to go. A robot vacuum cleaner will surely come in handy to anyone who finds it hard to clean their home. With its convenience and effectiveness, a robot vacuum cleaner can become your new best friend!

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