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Top 8 Best Vacuum Sealers

  1. CASO VC10 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Foodsaver FFS005 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Homeasy Automatic One-Touch (Best Value)
  4. Aobosi 5-in-1 Automatic
  5. Bonsenkitchen Black VS3802
  6. GOSCIEN with Built-in Cutter
  7. GERYON Automatic with Starter Kit
  8. NutriCheft Automatic Food Machine

We are all very cautious about one thing in our lives: the kind of food we eat. Usually, in the open air and in constant contact with oxygen, food tends to rot or attract bacteria. This, in turn, can be harmful to our bodies and will most definitely affect our health as well. This is why vacuum sealers were invented to prevent food from rotting.

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As the name indicates, a vacuum sealer is a device used to remove oxygen from the bag, make it airtight, and then seal it to prevent the air from going out. Thanks to this mechanism, food can last for many weeks or even months, depending on the type. As the air is removed from the bag, it reduces the growth of bacteria or fungi, preventing food from rotting.

These devices have complex mechanisms; however, they are relatively easy to operate and compact. A vacuum sealer is a great kitchen appliance to have, and it can help save on food bills and reduce the risk of cooking spoiled food. 

Are you interested in getting one? Then you are definitely in for a treat! This article is all about choosing the best vacuum sealer in the UK. We have included here our top choices and even provided a comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a vacuum sealer. This is to help you make an informed decision when choosing which brand or model you will go for. 

Are you ready? Then, let’s get started!

How we Compared Vacuum Sealers

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To find the right vacuum sealers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Operation mode
  • Power source
  • Design
  • Key features
  • Performance
  • Energy consumption

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching vacuum sealers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

CASO VC10 (Editor’s Choice)

Our first pick for the best vacuum sealer in the UK is the CASO VC10 Vacuum Sealer. This versatile product has a compact, lightweight design and excellent food preparation features.

In terms of size, it weighs only 1.3kg and has an overall length of 36cm. As a result, it can easily fit on your kitchen top or be stored in a cupboard.

The vacuuming and sealing process allows you to keep food fresh for up to 8x longer and helps preserve important minerals and vitamins. For operation, it has separate vacuuming and sealing functions. Also, it has a maximum roll width of 30cm in terms of width.

This is a great sealer, but it does have a few issues, such as it may not be the quietest during operation. Also, you could find that the welding strip that seals the bags may eventually fail and stop working.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Ideal for use with fish, meat, and vegetables
  • The sealer is lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • It has a maximum roll width of 30cm
  • It also includes ten high-quality tear-resistant film bags


  • This may not be the quietest of machines when in operation
  • You may find that the film weld feature stops working eventually

Foodsaver FFS005 (Luxury Choice)

The Foodsaver FFS005 is available in four different colours – black, brown, white, and silver/black. This means you can buy one that matches your kitchen design. 

Aside from looking great, this vacuum sealer also has a compact design and weighs only 2.49kg. Also, you can store it upright so it can easily fit in your kitchen cupboards.

Using the sealer is also relatively easy. First, flip the top up and insert your bag into the clamps. Next, close the lid, select the desired function, and watch the device work! It takes no time to vacuum and seal your food bags and has a relatively quiet operation.

On the other hand, the user’s manual of this vacuum sealer may have left out some important operation info. Also, when switched on, you may find that it can interfere with DAB digital radio signals.


  • Available in a variety of stylish colours to fit different kitchen designs
  • Compact design that can be stored upright
  • It has an automatic bag and liquid detections
  • Integrated roll storage and cutter
  • Choose between either seal or vacuum and seal modes


  • The instructions may have missed some important info about the device usage
  • When in use, it might interfere with your kitchen radio

Homeasy Automatic One-Touch (Best Value)

The Homeasy Vacuum Sealer is a great budget option but still has good utility. 

We like that it has two modes to choose from. You can choose to either seal and vacuum or seal only. This gives you flexibility for different types of food.

Also, the operation is relatively easy. You have to place the bag into the clips and lower the compartment. After this, it has a one-touch operation, and you press the start button. Once the process has finished, an LED indicator turns green.

The slim body and lightweight design of this vacuum sealer are also perfect. It won’t take up too much worksurface room or be conveniently stored away.

Meanwhile, this Homeasy vacuum sealer may not be perfect as the top compartment may be a little difficult to open. Also, you could find that the clips that hold the bag in place could be difficult to open to release the bag.


  • Has two modes – seal only or vacuum and seal
  • Suitable for both dry foods and foods with a moisture content
  • It has a hands-free operation and an automatic vacuum process
  • Slimline design for easy kitchen storage
  • Includes 10 BPA-free seal bags


  • Some may find the compartment difficult to open and close
  • You could find the clips to release the bag are difficult to open

Aobosi 5-in-1 Automatic

Another great choice for the best vacuum sealer in the UK is the Aobosi Vacuum Sealer. This is because it has one of the best control panel designs available. 

It uses touchscreen controls and looks fantastic. The operation is quite simple too. You can choose from different options on the control panel, including single seal, vacuum seal, and vacuum power selection.

We like the versatility of this appliance. You can use it to vacuum and seal special vacuum bags or standard bags with folded sides; however, you can seal virtually any standard clear plastic food bag with this vacuum sealer.

This vacuum sealer also has a great starter kit that helps get you started immediately. This includes the sealer unit, an air suction hose, and one vacuum sealer roll.

Unfortunately, there is a high chance that this vacuum sealer might eventually stop working overtime. Secondly, some may also find the mechanism that holds the bag in place difficult to close.


  • It helps reduce spoilage and food waste
  • It has an intelligent touchscreen control panel on the top
  • Extended 30cm heating bar for larger sealer bags
  • It has various modes, including gentle, normal, moist, and dry
  • Can seal bags in less than 12 seconds


  • Its shelf life might not be that long compared to other vacuum sealers
  • Some may find the mechanism difficult to close

Bonsenkitchen Black VS3802

The Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer is another great option, as you can use it for different types of food.

This equipment is one of the few great vacuum sealers with a manual cutter. The cutter uses a pulley mechanism. Slide the dial from left to right like a guillotine. This will cut your vacuum roll to the desired length.

You can use this vacuum sealer for dry and wet food in terms of operation. Also, you can use it for red wine storage too. 

The design of this vacuum sealer is also great. It has an easy-to-wipe metal top and a simple set of controls on the top panel. It is also lightweight and compact. You get an extra-long vacuum bag roll, five individual vacuum bags, and five zipper bags in the starter set. It also comes with two vacuum hoses and a wine cork if you want to use it for wine storage.

We like this Bonsenkitchen product, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. For example, there is only a manual bag cutter that does require force to use, and the suction may have some inconsistencies in vacuuming and result in some air bubbles.


  • It has a built-in manual cutter to make different bag sizes
  • Includes an extra-long vacuum roll and five vacuum bags
  • Compact and lightweight design for simple use and storage
  • It has a relatively simple process for vacuuming and sealing
  • Suitable for use with many bags and food types


  • The cutter is manual and might require extra effort to use
  • Some may find that the suction is inconsistent for vacuuming

GOSCIEN with Built-in Cutter

The GOSCIEN Vacuum Sealer Machine is great for both dry and moist foods. You can use it to create storage bags for virtually any food type, including meat and vegetables.

This also has a great suction output at 60kPa. This appliance also has a built-in cutter using vacuum bag rolls. We also like that this product has three different modes to choose from – dry, gentle, and moist. This makes sure that you can get the appropriate level of sealing and vacuuming for your chosen food.

This vacuum sealer can take bags up to 12 inches in width in terms of capacity. Everything is automatic, and it also has a decent LED control panel on the top.

This GOSCIEN vacuum sealer has some excellent features, but it may also have some drawbacks. It may leave some air bubbles during the vacuuming process, and you may find that you need a separate vacuum canister for the vacuuming to work.


  • It has a powerful suction power of up to 60kPa
  • It also has three selectable modes – dry, gentle, and moist
  • Can fit sealer bags up to 12″ in width
  • Has an extensive starter kit, including ten vacuum bags
  • Relatively small design at 38.1×11.2×6.1cm


  • You might find that some air bubbles are left after vacuuming
  • The vacuum function might require a separate vacuum canister

GERYON Automatic with Starter Kit

If you want an appliance with a great starter kit, look no further than the GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine. 

You will get the appliance, an air suction hose, five heat-seal bags, and one vacuum bag roll in the full starter kit for this model. This is essentially everything you need to start preserving and storing your food.

This vacuum sealer also has a stylish and ergonomic design. It has a metal lid that cleans easily, and the top lid comes off for cleaning and maintenance inside. We also like that it has two different sealing modes to suit different types of food.

Also, this product can accommodate bags up to 12 inches in width from both the GEYRON brand and third-party vacuum bags.

On the other hand, this vacuum sealer is quite loud during operation. In addition, you may find that the control panel buttons are quite sensitive, and it is easy to press them accidentally.


  • The upper lid is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance
  • It has a fully automatic vacuum function
  • Simple and stylish LED indicator lights and control panel
  • Has two selectable modes for sealing and vacuuming
  • Lightweight at just 2.6lbs


  • It can be quite loud during operation
  • Some could find that the control buttons are quite sensitive

NutriCheft Automatic Food Machine

Last but not least, we have the NutriCheft Automatic Food Machine as one of the best choices for vacuum sealers.

One of the most prominent features of this vacuum sealer is its ideal money and time-saving solution. With this, you can easily organise your fridge or freezer with absolutely fresh goods for instant use. The device is comparatively easy to operate as it is fully automatic with only a simple plug design. It consists of a digital touch control centre on top of it and LED indicators. This makes the device user-friendly so that anyone can work through it.

Furthermore, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer has two different modes for sealing, from which you can choose according to your preference. You can choose the dry indication for the dry good, and for other poached or steamed food, you can choose the moist indication. With the help of these modes, you can easily preserve your good for a very long duration of time without any fear of them rotting away.

Moreover, the device is manufactured and fully tested before coming into the market and is proven to preserve goods a lot longer than zip bags or containers. With these tests, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer increases food life effectively. To keep your products cool, check out our guide on cool boxes.

However, please note that the instructions with this model may be quite confusing and difficult to follow. So, it would help if you have someone who knows about vacuum sealers when using this for the first time.


  • It saves money and time
  • It keeps food preserved a lot longer
  • Digital touch with LED indicators
  • It comes with a full starter kit


  • The instructions and documentation may not be the best
  • It may not be clear how to get the two free vacuum sealer rolls


Keeping food fresh and eating healthy can be difficult. This is why an appliance like a vacuum sealer is a great thing to have in your kitchen. The best vacuum sealer UK stores offer you ensures you can keep your food fresh and better use things that quickly spoil, like meat. Also, it helps in food storage and keeping your fridge and freezer organised.

A vacuum sealer on the table

Although each of the sealers we have listed above would be a great option, our top pick for the best vacuum sealer in the UK is the CASO VC10 Vacuum Sealer. This product has a compact and lightweight design and a generous maximum roll width of 30cm. It has a simple control panel and easy operation and also offers versatility as it has separate vacuuming and sealing functions.

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