Furniture Care Tips: How To Clean A Sofa Bed

how to clean a sofa bed

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A sofa bed is an amazing piece of furniture. There are many benefits to owning and using a sofa bed.

For instance, a sofa bed is a great piece of furniture to have if you live in a small house. This is true because a sofa bed can take up half the space of a traditional bed along with a sofa all in one. With modern advances in interior designs, sofa beds can look super stylish and fit into any home to be the perfect fashion statement. Along with this, despite a few misconceptions, sofa beds can be surprisingly comfortable due to the use of soft materials, making sure that you get a good night’s sleep every night.

But, just like a normal sofa, sofa beds can get dirty if you’re not careful. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to clean a sofa bed efficiently to keep your furniture looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Advantages of a Sofa Bed

First off, let’s talk about what a sofa bed is. In the easiest terms, a sofa bed is a sofa that can transform into a bed when needed. From a sofa to a bed, this transition should be easy if you purchase and use a sofa bed of high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Versatile Function

Different transformations can include removing the top cushions of the sofa and pulling out a foldable mattress. Another form can include pushing the back of the sofa out, which pulls the bottom panel of the sofa forward to lie flat as beds do. Finally, other forms of beds include pulling out the bottom panel of the sofa like a drawer on a chest.

Easy to Clean

The best thing about sofa beds is that they are extremely easy to clean. Yes, dirt, stains and dust will occur on your sofa bed like any other piece of furniture. However, as the fabric and material that is used on your sofa bed are durable, the process of regular cleaning your sofa bed is as easy as can be.

How to Clean Your Sofa Bed

There are many ways on how to clean your furniture. Here are a few easy cleaning tips and their corresponding instructions.

Tip 1: Look For Labels

The mattress used on a sofa bed will usually come with a removable cover that will have a care label attached to it. This label is often sewn onto the bottom side of one corner of the sofa bed cover. This label should describe some important details about the cover of the sofa bed.

Care Instructions

These details could include the material of the cover and how to store the cover when not in use. Most importantly, in this context, how to clean the cover. Look for this label to see what the manufacturer recommends is the best and safest way to clean this fabric. If there is no care label, you can check if you received an instruction pack with your sofa bed.

If your covers are easy to come off and put back on, it should be safe to put them all in the washing machine. The label should say if detergent is safe to use or if any other type of soap is. If you are unsure if your detergent is safe to use, then you can test it on your cloth by applying a small amount of that shampoo on an unseen area of your cloth. Once you have applied a small amount, let it sit and see if the cleaning products damage the surfaces you applied to.

Tip 2: Removing Dust

This is a great way to clean dust and dirt off your sofa bed before this type of mess can get soaked up by your couch and turn into a stain. If you want to remove dust and dirt quickly, then all that you need to use is a vacuum cleaner.

Using a vacuum to remove mess from your upholstery can be beneficial as wet cleaning solutions could potentially damage your upholstery and could take a long time to dry.

To clean a sofa with a vacuum cleaner, use a specialised brush attachment that usually comes with the vacuum when you purchase it. With your vacuum, gently glide the brush attachment over the surface of the cushions and mattress in even strokes, back and forth, until all visible dust and grime are removed.

This method of cleaning sofas is especially good if the material of the surface is leather. This is because leather can react to chemicals that are often used in the process of cleaning.

Tip 3: Removing Stains

If you see a stain on your sofa bed, further and deeper cleaning will have to be done. There are many ways to clean a stain off of a sofa bed.

Use a Cleaning Product

You can remove stains by using a cleaning product. This cleaning product could consist of a store-bought shampoo or soap that comes in a spray bottle. However, these cleaning products can be expensive and may ruin the cover if you don’t test them first.

Use Natural Ingredients

Baking soda and white vinegar make an amazing home cleaning solution. To create this cleaner, mix the ingredients at a ratio of 1 part baking soda to 2 parts vinegar. You might need to add warm water to this mixture if you see that it is too strong.

After this, locate the stain or stains on the upholstery of your mattress and apply a small amount of your homemade soap. Leave it for a small amount for it to mix into the cloth to soak up the stain.

When this is done, you can remove your homemade detergent from your mattress upholstery with a damp cloth that is wet with warm water. Allow the surfaces to air dry; do not apply heat or scrub unnecessarily.

Keep It Fresh and Clean

We’ve discussed just a few tips on how to clean a sofa bed that we hope you have found helpful. Don’t forget to always check the label and manual for any specific care instructions. Regularly vacuum your sofa bed to keep it dust-free. Lastly, immediately spot-treat stains with your chosen remover. It can be easy to remove stains and other messes from your sofa bed when you know how to.

Do you have a sofa bed? How do you clean it? Share your comments below.

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