What Is a Sofa Bed? Is It a Useful Furniture?

what is a sofa bed

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Make the most out of your living space with a sofa bed. This practical piece of furniture still looks good now and has several advantages for daily use.

What is a sofa bed? A sofa bed is a sofa that can be converted into a full bed in a few seconds. It features a metal frame that can hold a mattress and fold up for storage while under the seat.

Sofa Beds Compared to Futons

Despite having similar functions, a sofa bed and a futon are not the same. Futons feature extending frames that, when you release them, sit flat to present a bed.

Advantages of Using Sofa Beds


One great aspect of sofa beds is the versatility that they bring. You can place them in almost any space, including a guest room, living room, basement or even your campervan. Thanks to their compact design, sofa beds are easy to pick up and move anywhere in just a few minutes. Therefore, you can place your modern sofa bed in any room and switch up the location at any time.


Whether you want to impress your guests or have a comfortable alternative to the bedroom, sofa beds create a comfortable and quality sleeping space for everyone. Best of all, modern beds are designed with soft and cushioned materials for optimal comfort, similar to bedding. There are many types of sofa beds that cushion and cradle your back and spine, making them ideal for a sleeper with lower back discomfort.

Blends Into Your Home

a sofa bed in the living room

Gone are the days you need to purchase a sofa bed that doesn’t blend in with the aesthetics and design of your home. Now, you can own pieces of furniture that match your decor and style. Like a regular sofa, sofa beds come in various colours, fabrics, styles, designs and sizes. So whether you’re looking for a 3-seater or a corner sofa, there’s an option for every design taste, size, personal taste and need.

Great for Sleepovers

If you enjoy having friends over, a sofa bed is an excellent alternative to purchasing a guest bed. This piece of furniture can completely transform your living room while having a functional alternative to an additional mattress.

More Storage Space

Pull open a sofa bed, and it’ll present a storage solution for household clutter, bedding and more. It is great for placings with limited space where you don’t want to purchase a set of drawers.

Buying Guide for Sofa Beds

Type of Sofa Bed

There are various types of sofa beds, and your chosen one should suit your needs and living arrangements.


This type of sofa bed is best for small areas, such as petite apartments. They’re still comfortable to sleep on with excellent durability without requiring a lot of spare space in your home.


For slightly larger homes, you can expand on a larger sofa bed, such as a 3-seater. These sofas typically fold out into comfortable sleeping spaces for two guests. When they’re not converted into a bed, these sofas accommodate three people.


Make the most out of the space your home has to offer with a corner chair. They’re an ideal option if you’re looking for a permanent sofa for your living room that’s stylish while offering exceptional functionality.


Sofa Bed Mechanisms

In addition to the style, your chosen sofa bed should be convenient and pull out with minimal effort.

Clic-Clac Frames

These sofa beds require you to drop the back down to create a recliner position or a full, comfortable bed. If you place the bed against the wall, you’ll have to move it away to require space for turning it into a bed. Therefore, it’s not an ideal choice for smaller areas as you’ll have to move it around your living room constantly.


An A-frame sofa bed is one of the easiest types of mechanisms for turning your couch into a bed. Simply put the front, and it’ll fold out to reveal a bed with a built-in mattress.

Pull Out and Lift Out

It is another of the most popular styles. Simply pull out the bed from the front to lift the bedding from the base. Contrary to an A-frame sofa bed, this type of mechanism doesn’t move out at the back. Therefore, you can keep the sofa bed against the wall at all times.

3-Fold and Roll Out

The last option for a folding mechanism is 3-fold and roll out. This type of mechanism for a sofa bed folds out underneath the cushions in a fluid movement. As a result, your friends will receive plenty of comfort at night with minimal effort required on your part when it’s time to convert the sofa into a bed.

Smooth Edges

Sofa beds should have smooth edges with an inner mechanism that doesn’t snag or rip once the bed is folded or unfolded. When looking for sofa beds, it’s a great idea to remove the sheets and blankets before closing the unit.

High-Quality Mattress

The most important aspect of a sofa bed is that it offers a comfortable sleeping experience. But that can only happen with a high-quality mattress. Look for a mattress that comforts your hips, shoulders and lower back. For the best option, choose a thicker option. Alternatively, a thinner model won’t offer as much support and may even result in more discomfort.

Choose the Right Size

It’s essential that your sofa bed comfortably fits your friends or you. If it’s too small or big, it won’t frame your body in the same way that a properly sized sofa bed will. Always check the size of the mattress rather than judging the sofa bed by its appearance because the mattress might not be as equal as the frame appears.

At the same time, you need to bear in mind the excess space you have in your spare rooms. While you might want a couch that folds out to accommodate two guests, you might not have the extra floor space once it’s folded upright.

Make your measurements by calculating the length, width and height of the space the sofa bed will be in. Ensure that you consider window heights and measurements of doors for the sofa bed to get through. In addition, look at other aspects of the room, such as furniture and accessories. Plus, you’ll want to be able to easily move around the room once the sofa bed is in use. The last thing you want is for the bed to take over the living room completely.

Bed Filling

For optimal comfort, the sofa bed’s filling is a critical element to consider. Foam provides a firmer seat and bed, whereas fibre offers softness and support. Alternatively, choose plump feathers for a softer sofa bed. However, keep in mind that a sofa bed is naturally harder than a traditional couch, so it’ll never be as soft as a bedroom bed.

Should You Buy a Couch or a Sofa Bed?

If you’re looking for ways to modernise and transform your living space, furniture is a great start. Not sure if you should purchase a new couch or a sofa bed? Here are some reasons to lean towards sofa beds.

They’re Equally as Comfortable As a Couch

Sofa beds are designed for sleeping, so they feature a high-quality mattress that cradles your back while you sleep. During the day, that mattress remains underneath, so it cushions your body while you’re sitting, too.

They Boast Space-Saving Qualities

Sofa beds aren’t just for friends to sleep on; they also have a storage feature so you can keep cushions, blankets, and robes inside when not in use. It is excellent for keeping belongings out of sight while still being close by.

Great for a Budget and Small Spaces

If you’re on a budget but require a new bed and a new sofa, purchase a sofa bed so you only have to make one purchase. It is great if you’re on a budget, but a sofa bed also reduces the need for buying multiple pieces of furniture.

Additionally, it is great for adding comfort and a place to sleep in a small living area. So if you only have one corner of a living room free, you can still accommodate friends staying over.

Useful For Sick Nights

If you live with a partner, one of you might get ill at some point you’re together. Instead of sleeping in the same bed, a sofa bed allows for an alternative place for the sick party to sleep temporarily. It’s also great for times when you want to stay up late watching TV without having to come to bed and disturb your partner.

Do You Own a Sofa Bed?

What is a sofa bed? It is a useful piece of furniture that’s a great addition to any home. There are many different types of sofa beds to choose from, and we hope this guide was able to help you figure out what you want.

Do you prefer a compact and versatile living space? Do you have other space-saving home ideas? Share your tips in the comments.

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