Can Electric Carving Knives Cut Frozen Meat Properly?

can electric carving knives cut frozen meat

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Have you ever opened your freezer and pulled out a pack of frozen meat, only to realize that there is too much for the portions you want to make for your meal? This is incredibly annoying, and it can result in wasted food.

But is there a solution? Can electric carving knives cut frozen meat? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats to consider. In this article, we also discuss best practices and general tips for operating an electric knife on frozen meat.

Yes, They Can, but Care Should Be Taken

The motor and blades of electric knives can make short work of even the toughest frozen meat and frozen food where cutting with a manual knife simply wouldn’t work. Have you ever attempted to do this? It’s like sawing through concrete! Trying to do this manually is a surefire way to blunt your knife and cause arm aches, and it is a challenging process.

Instead, an electric carving knife can do the job. If you want to use it, we advise running the frozen meat under the water first – this adds a little lubrication and will make the cutting process easier.

Next, make sure that you place the meat on a flat surface to give you improved stability. Connect the knife to its power source and start cutting.

Don’t use too much pressure when cutting frozen meat with an electric knife, as you could burn the motor out. Instead, just apply a light downward force and let the blades do the work. It may take longer, but it is surely doable.

There Are Caveats to Consider

We can’t claim that you can cut completely frozen meat smoothly without any issues. There are some important caveats to consider.

  1. There could be potential safety cautions. You are working the electric knife much harder than when cutting defrosted meat. It is not out of the realm of possibility that you overheat the device or burn the motor out.
  2. You could affect the quality of your joint. When cutting frozen meat, you are not truly slicing it. The fibres will not part like they would when defrosted. Instead, you are essentially chewing it up. This can diminish the quality of the meat and mean you lose some of its overall mass too.
  3. You are cutting something tougher than the blades are used to. As a result, cutting meat with an electric knife when frozen will dull and blunt the blades much more quickly. Bear this in mind and only cut your frozen meat with these devices where necessary.
    It could be better to invest in something like a proper butcher’s knife. This is designed to cut frozen meat, and you can then keep your electric knife for its true purpose – slicing your delicious roast after it’s cooked.

You Could Also Defrost Your Frozen Meat

If you know that you want to use the entire portion of meat, allow it to defrost before cutting it!

Meat can be allowed to defrost naturally simply by placing it in a bowl of water on a flat surface. Alternatively, most microwaves have an incredibly effective defrost setting that defrosts the meat in no time. By defrosting it first, you should be able to cut it easily with a regular knife.

Frozen Meat Tips

To avoid any potential issues and having to cut frozen meat with an electric knife in the first place, always plan ahead. There are some simple things you can do to use your frozen meat effectively.

Pre-cut Immediately on Returning From the Supermarket

When bringing meat back from the supermarket, it’s a good idea to cut it up or split it into portions. This solution is particularly convenient if you live alone as it will help you avoid and reduce food waste. Regardless, it’s a simple technique that couples and families can use too.

For example, let’s say you just bought a packet of ground beef serving four people, and you are a couple. Simply cut it in half and store each section in a freezer bag. You then know you have mince for two meals – easy! By splitting your meat beforehand, you can avoid having to cut it up at all.

Never Allow to Defrost, Cut, Then Refreeze

getting the main ingredient from the freezer

It’s really tempting to simply get your meat out of the freezer, let it defrost a little, cut off or split what you need, and then place the rest back in the freezer.

Don’t do this! While defrosting, it can easily be exposed to a bacteria buildup. If you then refreeze it, you are effectively locking the bacteria in the meat until you use it the next time. This can lead to health risks and upset stomachs.

As a result, it’s preferable to either cut the meat immediately using an electric knife or to pre-split it before freezing.

Preserve the Blades of Your Electric Knife

So, to return to our initial question, can you cut frozen meat with your electric knife? Yes, it is definitely possible to do so. However, we can’t say that it is the best solution. You will get better results by cutting the meat beforehand as soon as you get it home from the supermarket. Alternatively, defrost it in the microwave – your electric knife will thank you!

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