Are Hot Water Dispensers Better Than Kettles? Let’s Find Out

are hot water dispensers better than kettles

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For years, kettles have been a common staple of most home and office environments. They offer a convenient and effective way of boiling water rapidly for meals, coffee, and cleaning purposes. However, they’re not the only way to create hot water.

For people interested in saving energy, time, and money, a hot water dispenser could be a modern and stylish alternative to traditional electric kettles. These products are quickly gaining attention as a cost-effective, time-saving solution for those who want rapid access to hot water. In fact, not only do these intelligent tools deliver results faster than the average kettle, but they can also be wonderfully energy efficient.

But are hot water dispensers better than kettles? Read on and discover the differences between these two appliances and their benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Kettles?

While the electric kettle is hardly the most exciting new product in the kitchen landscape, it’s still one of the most popular. The standard kettle is a common choice for many homes and business environments because it’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Everyone knows how to use an electric kettle, and most of the time, these appliances don’t take up a lot of counter space.

A kettle can also be a great investment if you’re looking for a portable solution for hot water. It’s easy enough to pick up one of these products and transport it around the home, filling up cups of coffee or completing cleaning tasks.

Unfortunately, kettles come also with downsides. The average kettle isn’t the most efficient tool for hot water as it will usually only be able to boil enough hot water to fill a few cups at a time. This means people spend a lot of time waiting around for the boiling process to finish just so multiple individuals can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. The traditional kettle can also come with high energy costs.

At the same time, while kettles are portable, they’re also not as safe as an instant hot water dispenser. It’s easy to accidentally burn yourself on a kettle if the heating element raises the temperature of the full system. Plus, you may risk spilling water on yourself if you’re not careful.

How Are Hot Water Dispensers Better Than Kettles?

Instant hot water dispensers can be a little more expensive to buy than a standard kettle at first, but they have a lot of unique benefits to offer. For instance, while a kettle will boil and then lose heat rapidly, water dispensers can instantly produce endless amounts of hot water.

Instant hot water dispensers also use less energy which can be ideal for people who want to keep their energy costs low. Some of the biggest benefits of installing an instant hot water dispenser in a kitchen or office include the following:

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  • Instant hot water: These water dispensers produce hot water instantly, so people can spend less time waiting around for the water to boil. A water dispenser can save a lot of time in fast-paced commercial and kitchen environments.
  • Improved water quality: Many instant hot water dispensers come with built-in limescale reduction filters to provide users with a better quality of fresh water. This means you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning your system to preserve the taste of your tea or coffee.
  • Better safety: While most people know how to use a kettle without burning themselves, accidents still happen. Fortunately, hot water dispensers come with built-in safety features to reduce the risk of potential injuries. They can even lock themselves, so they’re less likely to start running automatically. Users can simply place a cup on the drip tray and press a button without having to lift and pour anything.
  • More options: Some hot water dispensers allow users to choose exactly the temperature they want for their instant coffee or tea. Rather than having to rely only on boiling water, you can create a drink at just the perfect temperature.
  • Stylish design: While kettles can come in a range of styles and designs, few compete aesthetically with the appearance of a hot water dispenser. These convenient tools are great for making an office kitchen or home space look more modern. They even come in different colours and sizes to suit different spaces.
  • Cost saving: The average instant hot water dispenser is designed with a commercial setting in mind, meaning it’s built to last. While a kettle will eventually degrade the more you use it for boiling water, a hot water dispenser can produce endless water without any problems.

Hot Water Dispensers vs Kettles: Which Is More Efficient?

A common question about hot water dispensers is if they are more energy efficient than kettles. Actually, yes, they are. Perhaps one of the best things about hot water dispensers is how good they are at saving energy. Although these larger water heaters might seem to need much more energy to run, they only use a very small amount of power at any given time.

Unlike a kettle, which you need to refill multiple times using endless energy, hot water dispensers can produce just enough water for your needs instantly at the touch of a button. Notably, the energy efficiency benefits of hot water dispensers are more significant for people who use a lot of hot water throughout the day. The more water you use, the more you will likely benefit from this product.

A hot water dispenser automatically refills itself and boils only enough water for each serving. A kettle can instead boil larger volumes of water which ends up going unused.

Hot water boilers are designed for more consistent regular use. They can cut down electricity bills drastically compared to kettles that use much more energy to produce the same volume of water. However, they may not be ideal for smaller households or someone who currently relies on one-cup kettles and only boils one or two cups of water at a time.

Is a Hot Water Dispenser a Better Option?

So, are hot water dispensers better than kettles? It all depends on how you plan on using the product. If you’re boiling larger volumes of water to serve an office building or a large family, a hot water dispenser could be a great way to reduce the cost of your electricity. These tools are also extremely efficient and easy to use, with simple tap pouring, automatic refilling capabilities, and safety features.

Some products even come with LCD screens, which allow you to choose the exact temperature for your water and how much you want to pour. However, if you’re only producing one or two cups of hot water a day, you might still find a kettle is the best solution for you.

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