Best Hot Water Dispensers of 2023

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Top 9 Best Hot Water Dispensers

  1. Breville Brita Integrated Water Filter (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Morphy Richards 131004 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Breville VKJ142 Gloss Black (Best Value)
  4. Breville VKJ318 (Best with Filter)
  5. Breville VKT124 (Best for Countertop)
  6. CASO HW660
  7. Addis 516521 (Best Large)
  8. Cooks Professional
  9. Bargains Galore 2.5L

Having the best hot water dispenser in your kitchen is a whole lot easier than you think. This particular machine can prove significantly more useful than most people realise. If you love to make your cup of coffee in the morning and don’t want to use a pod machine, then this is the perfect way to get piping hot water in an instant.

But then, we need to help you identify the best dispenser suitable for your own needs. After all, there are so many on the market to choose from.

So, not only will we give you some hot water dispenser reviews, but we will also offer some guidance as to how you can choose the best instant hot water dispenser for you. By the end, we can assure you that you will be better placed than ever before to decide on the dispenser you want in your home.

It’s time to get on with our list of the best hot water dispenser in the UK, together with some helpful reviews.

How we Compared Hot Water Dispensers

hot water dispensers collage

To find the right hot water dispensers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Water filter
  • Tank capacity
  • Variable temperature
  • Design
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Energy consumption

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching hot water dispensers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

Breville Brita Integrated Water Filter (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this hot water dispenser by Breville, and it’s an awesome machine for all the right reasons. 

Not only will this dispense hot water, but it also has a filter built into the machine, so you get that pure hot water without worrying about anything.

This machine has a 1.8L capacity, and that’s quite impressive, as it translates into holding up to 9 cups of water. It can also boil water in next to no time, with a cup only taking some 50 seconds. However, some people report that it can take a fraction of that time if you only add enough water for a couple of cups.

When it comes to the dispensing part, you have nine different options, all connected to cup sizes. It means the hot water dispenser will change how much hot water comes out depending on the cup size, so there is no need to worry about that water overflowing into the integrated drip tray.

There is a manual stop button for some added safety if you feel it’s getting a bit too close to the top of the cup. This is a nice additional feature, as it does mean you can stop things if you feel it’s getting too close to the top of your cup.

Overall, the machine looks futuristic, and it illuminates blue when in boil mode. It should look quite impressive in almost any kitchen.

However, it is important to note that this cannot make you a pot of tea as it only dispenses one cup at a time. Also, you have to be extra careful that you are using the right size of your cup when dispensing water.


  • 1.8L capacity
  • It takes just seconds to boil a cup
  • It looks cool and stylish in most kitchens
  • It has a built-in filter for limescale
  • It has nine different cup size options included


  • You might not be able to make a pot of tea as it only dispenses one cup at a time
  • You may have to be extra careful and make sure you have the right cup size before dispensing

Morphy Richards 131004 (Luxury Choice)

Next up, we have this beautiful hot water dispenser by Morphy Richards, and this is yet another impressive machine. This is an intelligent hot water dispenser in that you can choose the temperature of your water before it’s dispensed. This temperature control feature is really impressive, and you will wonder how you survived before.

It also comes with a massive 3L capacity with its water tank, and you can select exactly how much water you want to be dispensed at any given time. That means this dispenser is energy efficient, as it will only boil the water you need at any point.

The actual dispensing capacity is also amazing. You can choose from as little as 150ml up to a maximum of 1.5L at a time. It all depends on what you plan to use; the hot water for this hot water dispenser can make just a cup of tea or boil enough water for cooking pasta!

Overall, it is straightforward to use and has more functions than you would think hot water dispensers would be capable of having.

However, users have one common issue with this water dispenser: it has a metallic taste after trying it for the first time.


  • It has temperature control included
  • It has a large water tank
  • You can control how much water is dispensed
  • It has a removable drip tray
  • It can dispense up to 1.5L at a time


  • You may have to rinse the dispenser thoroughly before using
  • It might have a metallic taste when you first use the machine

Breville VKJ142 Gloss Black (Best Value)

This Breville hot water dispenser is very similar to the one we have included as our editor’s choice, but with a couple of small differences.

First, this version has a 1.5L capacity, slightly smaller than the 1.8L water tank in the other model. That may not sound like much, but it does make a difference as you lose another cup of tea.

This model also doesn’t come with the filter included, but that’s not always a problem for everyone. Aside from that, it boils water in seconds, is easy to use, and looks just as attractive in the kitchen as the other Breville model.

Also, filling this model is exceptionally easy. It has a push-button top that flips up, and you simply fill it like a normal kettle.

Overall, this may be a basic model, but it is still energy efficient and will deliver that hot water without any problem.

On the other hand, this water dispenser may not have a filter, which might be of concern to you. Also, many users say it has a smaller tank compared to other dispensers.


  • It is relatively compact
  • It boils water in seconds
  • It is very easy to fill
  • It looks impressive in the kitchen
  • It has an easy remove the drip tray


  • It may not contain a filter, which may be an issue for some people
  • It may have a smaller water tank than most

Breville VKJ318 (Best with Filter)

We consider this instant hot water dispenser by Breville as the best hot water dispenser in the UK because of the filter incorporated into the actual machine.

This dispenser comes with a 2L water tank, and while that’s not the biggest of the different hot water dispensers, it still translates into 10 cups of water. Dispensing the water can be done in 9 different ways, and selecting the different sizes is easy. However, it will only dispense one cup at a time.

This Breville model has a permanent limescale filter, making life easier if you live in an area where limescale is an issue. It means you will have nice clean water for your hot drink every time.

As with the other Breville machines we have already looked at, this is one of the best hot water dispensers for design. It looks plush and illuminates when in use, and that’s just a cool little touch.

Meanwhile, the water tank might be small for your preference. Also, it can only dispense one cup at a time.


  • The filter is excellent in this model
  • It boils water in seconds
  • It looks very cool
  • It can dispense different sizes of cups of water
  • It is very easy to use


  • At 2L, the water tank may be small for some people
  • It may only dispense one cup at a time

Breville VKT124 (Best for Countertop)

Next, we have another model from Breville: the HotCup is complete with a 1.7L water tank. For us, this is one of the best hot water dispensers for sitting on your countertop with its slick design and the fact it doesn’t even take up too much space either.

It has an adjustable cup height included, and it dispenses one cup at the touch of a button. That does mean it is energy efficient, with its ability only to be boiling water for what you need, rather than what tends to happen with a kettle.

It works by pressing a single button, which means this hot water dispenser is ideal for people who cannot lift a kettle. It’s entirely safe for use, and you will have some hot water in just seconds.

Furthermore, it comes complete with a removable drip tray, so there’s going to be no mess on your countertop, and it just adds to the safety aspect of this model.

On the other hand, you may find that this water dispenser is smaller than other models. Also, it can only dispense one cup at a time.


  • It makes boiling water a lot safer
  • It has a removable drip tray included
  • It doesn’t waste energy
  • It eliminates mess on your countertop
  • It has an adjustable dispensing height


  • Having 1.7L capacity, it might be smaller than others on the market
  • It may not be suitable for making a pot of tea as it can only dispense one cup at a time


Created by CASO, this hot water dispenser comes with a 2.7L water tank, surprising as the machine appears far more streamlined in its design. This version also comes with temperature control, so it’s easy to judge how hot or cold you want your water to be.

It uses a universal filter, but if you live in an area where limescale is an issue, then you may have to change these filters on quite a regular basis. However, doing so is very easy and won’t take long, so it shouldn’t be a real problem.

As is the norm, it has a drip tray, which is easy to remove when draining. The only other point to mention is that it does dispense boiling water at force, so watch out for spits of hot water.

It’s worth noting, though, that some users have complained about this water dispenser spitting out water. So, make sure to be careful if you opt to get this equipment.


  • It has a temperature control screen included
  • It has a large water tank capacity
  • It does have filters included
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is easy to clean


  • The filters may work a bit too well and need regular changing
  • It may spit out water, so be careful

Addis 516521 (Best Large)

If you are in the market for a large hot water dispenser, then this could very well be the instant hot water dispenser for you: it comes with a massive 3.5L water tank, but you can also find another version with a huge 5L tank.

This 3.5L tank equates to it containing 24 cups of water, and you can then choose from five different temperatures when it comes to what it dispenses. For safety, it also comes with an auto switch-off mode and cutting out to prevent it from boiling dry. That will preserve the lifespan of the hot water dispenser, and it means you needn’t worry about anything.

This model will save you both time and money. It is amazingly fast at boiling water, yet the cost of a normal kettle is almost half. It can be operated via a single button, and it comes with a carry handle, meaning this is completely portable.

Overall, this is a large and impressive hot water dispenser, and if you are prone to making a hot drink regularly, this must be one of the best hot water dispensers on the market.

On the other hand, it is quite large, so you may have to think about whether or not you have enough space for this water dispenser in your kitchen. Also, it is extra important to maintain it properly to lengthen its durability.


  • The water tank capacity is impressive
  • Having a carry handle makes it more portable
  • It is very easy to operate via a single button
  • It boils water in next to no time
  • It is both cost and energy-efficient


  • Having a large water tank may mean it would take up more space
  • You may have to maintain it properly, or durability may become an issue

Cooks Professional

With this hot water dispenser from Cooks Professional, you have a dispenser that comes complete with a 2.5L tank, and that means it does hold more than enough water for multiple cups of tea or coffee.

This model comes with a powerful 2500w heating element. That means you will have hot water in a matter of seconds, which is what you would expect from the best hot water dispensers on the market.

It does also offer a no-mess approach, and the drip tray is easy to remove, allowing you to deal with any spills that may have happened. This helps make this hot water dispenser entirely safe for use, which is important when dealing with boiling water.

Overall, this dispenser is not elaborate regarding functions as it does not come with an auto-off feature, but it does perform exceptionally well.


  • It has a large tank capacity
  • It has a powerful heating element for quicker boiling
  • It has a no-mess approach
  • It can produce multiple cups of hot water
  • It looks stylish in a kitchen


  • It may not come with an auto-off, so keep an eye on things
  • It may splash sometimes

Bargains Galore 2.5L

Finally, we have this model by Bargains Galore and don’t allow yourself to be put off by the idea of grabbing a bargain with instant hot water dispensers.

This model has a 2.5L tank capacity, which is pretty standard for hot water dispensers. However, the biggest advantage of this hot water dispenser is its safety feature. This is because it comes with a double on/off switch. You can also manage to stop the water from being dispensed via a single press of a button, so you have a whole lot of control over the hot water.

When it comes to filling it, the tank is easy to remove, and then you can fill the tank on its own. The actual machine itself can stay in the same position, and you can do all of this in seconds.

This machine does have the ability to produce boiling water in seconds. It will then dispense one cup of hot water, and the hot water dispenser can hold up to 10 cups at a time.

Overall, this machine is basic in what it does, but it still produces hot water, and it comes with that removable drip tray that is standard.

However, please note that this water dispenser may not have a temperature control option or a filter.


  • The tank is very easy to remove to fill it
  • The capacity is large enough for most people
  • It is powerful enough to produce hot water in seconds
  • It has a removable drip tray
  • It is easy to maintain


  • It might not have a temperature control option
  • It might not contain a filter

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Dispensers

All of the different hot water dispensers listed above are impressive in their own right, but how do you know which one is best for your needs?

Well, that is where we are going to help. There are several key areas to focus on when choosing a hot water dispenser, and we will make things as easy as possible.

Do You Need a Water Filter?

One of the first things to consider is whether or not you need water filters included in your hot water dispenser. Several options in our list incorporate filters in their dispenser. We aren’t just talking about a Brita filter, even though many of the models we have included contain a Brita filter.

However, if you live in an area where limescale is not an issue, this becomes less important.

Do check to see if there is a permanent limescale filter included in the machine you are interested in owning. A permanent limescale filter does help make a difference to the result, and it should last longer than incorporating a Brita filter or any other brand you care to mention.

What Size of Water Tanks Do You Need?

When it comes to water tanks, then they come in different sizes. In this respect, it’s the same as kettles, which means you can produce a varied amount of boiled water at a time for all those hot beverages.

home work station

If you plan on merely using this for your morning coffee, then these one-cup kettles with even just a 1.5L tank will be sufficient.

However, if you use this for more than just a hot cuppa now and then, it means you should be looking at around 2.5L tanks as a minimum.

Is Variable Temperature Important?

Now there’s the question of a variable temperature. Having variable temperature settings will allow you to control the result better. This variable temperature is often controlled via a digital display, and the best hot water dispenser with this option will allow you to control it down to a single degree.

Controlling the water temperature, which means the boiling point it reaches, can be very important with a water dispenser. That’s because it means you can change the boiling point depending on whether you are making hot chocolate, herbal teas, or your morning cup.

This variable temperature is key, as each of these drinks has a different temperature to get the most out of it. Having a variable temperature control just makes life a lot easier.

Is Different Cup Sizes Important?

Hot water dispenser and a cup

Some of the models we have included come with nine different cup sizes, and determining if this is important with water dispensers may be important for some people. This is not available with each instant kettle, and it’s certainly something you cannot do with a conventional kettle.

The water dispensers that include this as an option means you have more control than you do with a traditional kettle. The water dispenser will dispense an exact amount when it comes to the water dispensed. That means you can make a cup of green tea or a mug of coffee, and all from one machine.

What About Safety Features?

When it comes to safety features, then it does vary between different hot water dispensers. The main issue is often if the dispenser can stop the water flow on its own. A number can regulate the water flow, and there will often be a manual stop button if too much water is being dispensed.

But that’s not the only feature to be aware of.

Some water dispensers come with boil-dry protection, and that’s important when it comes to protecting the heating element.

This feature means you will not burn out the heating element by the water dispenser working when there’s no water present.

The Removable Drip Tray

Each dispenser will come with a drip tray, and a number will have an adjustable drip tray. That means you can remove it to empty the tray, and it does make life easier.

A detachable drip tray is commonplace with water dispensers, but double-check if it’s included in the model you are looking at. Removing the drip tray for easy cleaning makes sense, as it stops you from having to move the entire dispenser.

The Design

As with a normal kettle, there are various designs and finishes available when it comes to your typical countertop hot water dispenser.

A stainless steel finish is undoubtedly the most popular, but that stainless steel casing is not the only option out there. A number of the models will have clear aspects to the casing that will allow you to see the water boiling, and then you have those that light up while they are working.

These hot water dispensers do tend to look rather modern in their design. Hot water dispensers do not generally come with traditional or retro designs simply because they are relatively new to the market.

In saying that, even those with a stainless steel body will look amazing in any kitchen, but do check out the different designs available to see which one stands out for you.

Positives of Owning Hot Water Dispensers

But let’s quickly run over the main positives of owning a water dispenser if you are still contemplating whether or not you should own one.

First, they are energy efficient. When it comes to that heating element heating cold water for a hot cup of tea, you are looking at it being about half the cost compared to a normal kettle. That is because it uses less energy to get the same result.

Also, having that variable temperature control via a digital display is another positive. It means you know you can achieve the perfect temperature depending on what you are making to drink. Gone are the days of boiling too hot water for that herbal tea, ruining the experience.

Then there’s the safety aspect.

Kettles can be heavy to lift. If you struggle, it becomes a safety issue when pouring the water into your cup.

That is not an issue with a water dispenser. You only have to lift the hot cup of water since it dispenses it straight into your cup. Nothing could be easier, and it means you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, chocolate, or whatever you want once again.

What to Avoid with a Hot Water Dispenser

Finally, there are several things to avoid, perhaps, when making your decision regarding your hot water dispenser.

The first thing to avoid is getting one that is either too big or too small. You should also pay attention to how you fill the dispenser.

Many will come with the option of removing the water tank to allow you to fill it at your sink. Others will require you to lift the lid and pour water in.

Think about which option is easiest for you. If you struggle with filling it, consider a hot water dispenser without moving or go for a larger tank capacity. It means you have to fill it less often and can still enjoy several drinks.

Another thing to avoid, and it’s something mentioned earlier, is connected to the filter. If you need one due to limescale, then make sure it has a filter included. It will just make the entire experience significantly better.

Aside from that, it all comes down to your personal preference. It depends on whether you want that temperature control or not. It depends on whether you use the same size cup all of the time or if you vary.

But with so many options out there, it should be easy to find the perfect hot water dispenser for you.

Overall Conclusion

The best hot water dispenser in the UK can be the most amazing item to have in your kitchen. It is significantly safer for people that struggle to lift a kettle, and then you have the fact it’s cheaper, uses less energy, and it heats water in seconds.

With so many advantages linked to a hot water dispenser, we opted for the Breville Brita Integrated Water Filter as our editor’s choice, as it’s not only the best hot water dispenser with filter functions included, but it does everything you want in a dispenser. We are talking about a cup size selector and variable dispense settings, and you get that filtered water at the end.

But any of the hot water dispensers included in our list will be fantastic. Do note that not all will have a water filter included, but not everyone has to worry about water filters at home anyway.

Buying the best instant boiling water dispenser is easy, and you will wish you had bought one earlier as soon as you see how wonderful an item it is for your home.

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