What Is a Range Cooker? Do You Need One at Home?

What Is a Range Cooker

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Do you love cooking? Are you often busy in your kitchen preparing different kinds of meals for your family? With so much going on in the kitchen, you may probably be thinking about getting a range cooker.

So what is a range cooker? It is a kitchen appliance that serves many functions. From defrosting food to grilling meat, you can do it in a range cooker!

Are you interested to learn more? Then keep reading!

What Is an Oven?

An oven is a common kitchen appliance that can be found in homes worldwide. It is a large, metallic appliance used for cooking and baking a wide variety of foods.

A traditional oven looks like a large cube with a draw that opens outwards, with at least one grill inside it. These grills are set up inside the cavity of the oven. Ovens can go by many names depending on what they are used for and where you are in the world. Another name for an oven is a cooker.

What Is a Hob?

A hob is a lesser-known but still useful kitchen appliance when compared to ovens. A hob is a type of shelf, rack, bench, or small table attached to the side of appliances that generate heat, such as ovens and fireplaces.

However, in more modern times, a hob refers to the top burners on top of ovens. Thus, there can be one burner, or multiple burners, usually up to four.

Hobs can go by many names depending on what they are used for and where you are in the world. For example, some hobs are freestanding and can be connected to a piece of furniture or a wall. Another name for a hob is a range.

What Is a Range Cooker?

Considering what an oven is and a stovetop is, it can be said that a range cooker is a combination of them both. A range cooker combines a hob and an oven into one convenient, space-saving appliance.

Benefits of Using a Range Cooker

There are many benefits to using a range cooker. This is especially true if you compare using a range cooker to using a separate oven and a separate range.

Takes up Less Space

The first benefit of using a range cooker is that it saves space in your kitchen. This is because the range and the cooker are connected, and the hob is conveniently placed on top of the cooker. This means that you will not need to take away valuable kitchen space to put both items in separately.


A range cooker will save you money. By having and using a range cooker in your kitchen, you will save money in two ways.

First, buying and using a range cooker means you don’t need to buy a freestanding range and a standalone cooker separately.

Second, a range cooker can help you save money on electricity costs. As range cookers become more and more popular than using a separate range and a separate cooker, more companies that make, distribute and sell range cookers are coming up with more energy-efficient models.

As well, you will only need to use one plugin for your electric socket to make your range cooker work. This contrasts with using a standalone range and a freestanding cooker, requiring you to use two plugs in your electric socket.

Styles of Range Cookers

As mentioned above, range cookers are increasing in popularity. Due to this, many different companies worldwide have invented new and other styles of range cookers.

Dual Fuel

Dual fuel range cookers are a fantastic style of range cookers that exist. Dual fuel range cookers have ovens that are electric and gas-powered.

The benefit of a gas range is that it’s faster in heating when you use the controls. With electricity run ovens, the power is more evenly distributed in terms of heating. This creates a hot atmosphere that reaches every corner inside. Dual fuel models are used for cooking many different types of food.


Range cookers come in many different styles, including ones that use induction. In addition, range cookers can have induction hobs. There are many benefits to cooking with an induction hob.

For example, they are excellent at cooking in saucepans and frying pans as they distribute power evenly. Also, because they get hot quickly, you can easily toss some food in a pan quickly if you have dishes that need warming up.


Range cookers can also include models that have conventional ovens. Conventional ovens are great for cooking many dishes as they can easily be set to different temperatures quickly and efficiently.

In addition, conventional ovens are great for roasting food. This is because roasting food can take a long time to cook, and conventional ovens are used for cooking meals for an extended period.



Gas hobs and gas ovens are a traditional model of kitchen appliances. However, this classic combination for some manufacturers concerning their range cookers can carry out multiple functions.

One of the many features that gas has is that it is preferred in traditionally made meals on a grill. The quality of meals made on a grill would keep their quality if they were cooking on this machine as they will retain their delicious smoky taste.

A gas hob also features many things. As said above, this type of stovetop is supreme in terms of mimicking a grill. Use the grill to add some colour to your cooking, make toast, or even crisp up the cheese on your pasta bake.

Let’s Get Cooking

What is a range cooker? It is the perfect appliance for every kitchen, especially for those who need to prepare different meals. Since it is multi-functional, it is also ideal for kitchens that have less space. Furthermore, a range cooker consumes less electricity, helping you save on your electricity bills.

As you can see above, there is more than one style of range cookers that exists today. So, are you ready to start your search to find the perfect one? If so, you can always ask for advice from a local store, warehouse or even the manufacturer of a model that you are considering. Once you find the perfect range cooker for you, you will be cooking fantastic food in no time!

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