What Happened to Gardens2you.co.uk?

What Happened to Gardens2you.co.uk?

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Companies don’t always last a lifetime. Some businesses get off to a wonderful start, with an outstanding company plan and an incredible selection of goods. Still, they end up struggling to find the capital they need to stay ahead of the competition. Some companies fail over a long period of time, losing consumers one by one to rival businesses.

Gardens2you.co.uk was one of many UK eCommerce sites which lost their way over the years, even though gardening is one of the most significant sectors in the UK marketplace.

In fact, ornamental horticultural and landscaping contributed around £28.2 billion to the national GDP in 2019. What’s more, UK customers are predicted to spend around £940 million on garden products annually.

So, if gardening is such a thriving space, why did Gardens2.you.co.uk ultimately flop?

What Was Gardens2You?

Even in an excellent niche, some companies just fail to stand out from the crowd, so figuring out what happened to Gardens2You.co.uk might start with looking at what the company was all about before it shut down. Located in the Northlands, this company was a comprehensive gardening company committed to selling a wide range of planters, accessories, and ornaments.

Interestingly, the company didn’t actually sell any plants or seeds. Still, it did offer a range of other products designed to make your garden look incredible, from garden accessories to ornaments, unique lighting options, and even garden bird care.

According to the company’s website, Gardens2You was all about delivering the “finishing touches” to any outdoor space. With various products on sale, the organisation could offer a host of beautiful garden products for all kinds of outdoor environments, from small yards to giant gardens and lawns.

Notably, the company regularly updated its selection of products with new accessories and ornaments. You could even keep up to date with the latest products on the “new products” section of the website. However, some of the most common items on offer included:

·         Gardener gifts

·         Garden bird car

·         Garden accessories (like sundials)

·         Wind spinners

·         Garden storage

·         Garden wall art

·         Cast iron ornaments

·         Resin ornaments

·         Garden windmills

·         Garden lighting

·         Garden spheres

·         Garden ornaments

What Could You Find at Gardens2You.co.uk?

The Gardens2you.co.uk company certainly had no trouble offering a wide variety of products to customers. The site had a number of categories for customers to browse through, each with its individual subcategories. For instance, if you were interested in garden accessories, you could explore a range of versatile products like garden signs, storage, thermometers, and watering accessories.

Garden Products

The majority of the products offered by Gardens2You.co.uk were intended to bring an extra layer of personality and aesthetic appeal to your garden. Though there were a handful of practical items on sale, like outdoor clocks, watering accessories, thermometers, storage, and wasp traps, most products were artistic and decorative in style.

The garden ornaments section of the store was perhaps the most diverse of all, offering a wide range of products made in different materials, from resin and cast iron to terracotta and stainless steel. Gardens2You.co.uk also offered a variety of “themed” decorative options to explore, like garden fairy ornaments or gnomes.

Special Offers

The company offered a range of special offers on some of its most popular items at various times during the year. The “Special Offers” page on the website was a great way to check up on the most affordable new accessories for your garden.

Notably, you could also get free standard delivery on all orders with Gardens2You.co.uk, which helped make many of the products more affordable.

Newsletter and Blog

The Gardens2You.co.uk website also had a newsletter and a dedicated blog page to help capture the attention of garden enthusiasts. The newsletter offered the opportunity to win up to £100 to spend on the website whenever you signed up.

Aside from this offer, customers who signed up for the newsletter could also expect to access a wider selection of exclusive discounts and offers over email. The Gardens2You company promised to let clients on the newsletter list know about discounts before anyone else.

The blog offered a range of useful insights into the Gardens2You.co.uk business. You could check out information about some of the company’s most popular products here, get tips on how to arrange your garden, and even discover details about upcoming giveaways.

Social Media

Gardens2You also had its own social media pages designed to help the company keep up to date with its audience. You could follow the company on Facebook by clicking on the button provided on the website homepage or check out the “Gardens2You” Twitter page.

Of course, the Facebook page and Twitter feed shut down when the Gardens2You.co.uk company ceased operating. If you didn’t want to follow the company’s updates by joining the newsletter, you could always keep up-to-date on the latest deals and blog posts via social media instead.

Contact Page

Like many leading companies, Gardens2You.co.uk had a comprehensive customer service page, where you could find plenty of information about how to connect with the brand. The contact page included links to Facebook and Twitter and information on everything from Returns to Delivery details and payment options.

You could contact the Gardens2You.co.uk team between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday over the phone, and the company had its own professional email address too.

Why Did Gardens2You.co.uk Shut Down?

If you visit the Gardens2You.co.uk website now, all you’ll see is a default website theme without any defining information. The site has absolutely no information about the previous company which once operated there. However, a new blog on “useful links to try” was updated in 2021, perhaps indicating a decision by the Gardens2You.co.uk company to start selling again.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find official information provided by Gardens2You.co.uk about why the business eventually shut down. There’s still a Facebook page, but it has no posts connected to it, and the Twitter page is completely shut down. However, if you go to the Pinterest page for Gardens2You.co.uk, you’re redirected to “Ferncrest trading”, a company similar to the previous brand which sells a range of garden accessories. This new website and Pinterest page could be a sign that the Gardens2You brand changed its name and came back under the title “Ferncrest trading”.

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