Best Toilet Brush Holders of 2023

best toilet brush holders

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Top 8 Best Toilet Brush Holders

  1. ASOBEAGE Deep Cleaner (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Joseph Joseph Flex Smart Hygienic (Luxury Choice)
  3. MEXERRIS Silicone Bowl Cleaner (Best Value)
  4. OXO Good Grips
  5. Domi-patrol Wall Silicone with Diatomite Mat
  6. Skroad with Clean Silicone Bristles
  7. MR.SIGA Soft Bristle
  8. Bingobang Deep Clean with Stainless Steel Handle

Having a clean toilet is a must not only to make your bathroom look nice but also for the safety of those living in your home. Pathogens like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter, and Yersinia bacteria and viruses like norovirus, hepatitis E and A can accumulate in your toilet if not washed. So, it’s really important to wash your toilet regularly to prevent the transmission of these germs and bacteria. 

Toilet brush in the bathroom

For this cleaning purpose, a toilet brush is essential. This is an item specially designed with bristles to maximise the cleanliness of your toilet. Plus, these brushes come with elegant holders that act as decorative items for your bathroom.

The best toilet brush holder in the UK sets range from £1 to £20. It is also available in various styles, sizes, and build qualities. We have listed eight top choices in our guide below, so you can make the right choice to keep your toilet clean and free from harmful bacteria easily.

How We Compared Toilet Brush Holders

To find the right toilet brush holders we considered multiple factors including:

  • Design
  • Reach of the Brush Head
  • Handle
  • Bristles
  • Ventilation Tray
  • Storage Type
  • Material
  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching toilet brush holders and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Toilet Brush Holder Reviews

ASOBEAGE Deep Cleaner (Editor’s Choice)

The ASOBEAGE Deep Cleaner is first on our list because it is a great toilet tool that makes cleaning easier and better. 

No more smelly and dirty toilet brushes, this ASOBEAGE toilet brush features a revolutionary flexible TRP silicone bristles design that offers strong cleanability with no dead ends. The soft silicone fibres clean deeply into corners and other hard-to-reach areas while soft on your bathroom’s ceramic tiles.

Plus, these soft yet dense and sturdy bristles never wear out or capture hair and toilet trash. Nothing sticks to the brush surface; everything easily slides off the surface when washed with water. It comes with a 16″ long ergonomic and non-slip handle designed to clean deep and keep your hands out of the mess. The brush head is also infused with silver compounds to help fight bacteria.

Users love its two-way usage most; you may keep it on the floor or wall-mount it on your toilet wall. This set also includes a quick-drying 4.5″ by 5.5″ brush holder with a breathable base. This ventilation design of the drainage box can help the excessive water to volatilise quickly and clean the brush head conveniently. Due to its features and quality, this is our pick for the best toilet brush holder in the UK.

On the other hand, you may find the silicone stiff at first. Also, some users are not fans of the flatter design of this brush.


  • Ventilation design
  • TRP silicone head
  • Strong cleanability
  • Wall mount & floor type


  • Some may not like the flatter design of the brush
  • You could find the silicone is initially stiff

Joseph Joseph Flex Smart Hygienic (Luxury Choice)

You can now say goodbye to your old dirty toilet brush because the bathroom flex set by Joseph Joseph offers a simple cleaning experience! 

The brush features a D-shaped flexible design that reaches anywhere, including under the toilet rim. Nothing will stick to the brush head as it is made from silicone bristles. All the dirt and stains will wipe away without the need for scrubbing or using bleach. There is no unclean water dripping with an anti-clog and anti-drip design.

Moreover, the brush is water-repellent and has a quick-drying feature that eliminates messy drip and splatters and remains debris-free for ultimate hygiene clean rather than stiff plastic bristles. The silicone bristles have a wide spacing that ensures the brush is easy to clean without leaving any contaminated residue. Also, the stainless handle with a plastic grip can withstand repeated use without bending, breaking, or rusting.

If you don’t want to ruin the bathroom’s beauty, this elegant-looking brush set will look lovely in your toilet. It comes with a beautiful white-styled slimline plastic holder that takes up minimum space — no tilting or falling anymore, as the holder has a stable base.

Unfortunately, its unique bristles may take longer to clean the toilet than the typical bristles.


  • Anti-drip and anti-clog
  • Reaches all areas
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durable silicone bristles


  • You may find this takes longer to clean than conventional bristles
  • Ventilation for any water residue may also be inadequate

MEXERRIS Silicone Bowl Cleaner (Best Value)

The MEXERRIS Silicone Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Holder is a great set with suitable features for easy cleaning in your bathroom. 

This toilet brush set has a sturdy holder design made from tough black plastic. It has plenty of ventilation and a drip tray to catch any water residue. We also like that the toilet brush bristles are made from TPR silicone. This improves the hygienic qualities of the toilet brush and helps reduce the build-up of bacteria.

So you can clear clogs and tangled hair, this holder set also has a handy hidden tweezer set.

Although this is an excellent toilet brush holder, it could have some issues. Firstly, some could find the toilet brush handle is too long, and as with many silicone brushes, it may struggle to tackle tougher stains.


  • Hollow holder with trip-tray to catch excess water
  • The brush bristles are made from TPR material
  • Should not scratch or damage tiles or toilet bowl
  • It also has a hidden tweezer set to remove hair and clogs
  • It has a stylish black design that fits in any bathroom


  • Some may find the brush handle too long
  • The silicone bristles may slip on tougher stains

OXO Good Grips

It’s handy to have your toilet brush stored near the toilet for easy, efficient cleaning, but some bathrooms are quite smaller or oddly shaped. The OXO Good grips compact brush with canister can be a perfect addition to any bathroom, no matter how small. 

What’s unique about it is the canister design that allows the toilet brush to be stored within easy reach. All you have to do is lift the brush while the canister door opens automatically via springs.

Plus, the plastic 15″ long handle has a shape that’s comfortable to hold, while the brush head features durable soft bristles with a tapered shape for deep cleaning. The sturdy bristles with stainless steel staples are carefully designed to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under-rim.

After cleaning, you need to place the brush in the canister again for neat, compact, and sanitary storage. A built-in drip tray at the canister’s base catches excessive water and allows it to evaporate quickly. This prevents water accumulation and dripping all over the toilet floor. 

On the other hand, the spring mechanism of this toilet brush holder tends to hold excess dirt, which results in extra time to clean it.


  • Quick-dry ventilation tray
  • Soft but sturdy bristles
  • Automatic open canister
  • Rust-proof
  • Compact storage


  • The spring mechanism could hold excess dirt
  • Some may find the reservoir for dirty water too small

Domi-patrol Wall Silicone with Diatomite Mat

The Domi-patrol Toilet Brush with Holder has a flexible design that can be wall-mounted or free-standing. It comes with all the necessary accessories to wall-mount, or you can stand it on your bathroom floor.

The toilet brush holder has a removable drip tray and offers great ventilation. It is also made from plastics and Diatom mud which has great absorption properties. This means that there should be no odours, and the mat will also easily absorb excess water.

The brush’s bristles are made from resistant TPR material that should never wear out. Also, the handle is made from stainless steel and has an ergonomic grip for comfortable use.

This is a great toilet brush holder, but it may not be perfect; for example, although the stainless steel handle is durable, you may find that it eventually rusts. Also, some could find the silicone bristles are a little short for reaching under deeper toilet bowl rims.


  • It comes with a large toilet brush holder for better ventilation
  • The toilet brush is made from resistant TPR material
  • The holder can be wall-mounted or free-standing
  • It also has a stainless steel brush handle for superior durability
  • Includes a tweezer set so you can easily remove hairs


  • You may find that the handle can eventually rust
  • Some may find that the silicone bristles are not long enough

Skroad with Clean Silicone Bristles

Those who use ordinary toilet brushes must understand the hassle of clogged bristles and dripping as they retain water. The advanced Skroad toilet brush holder is a good fit for your toilet to overcome this problem. 

With its patented soft silicone sturdy bristles, the 360 ̊brush head follows the contours of the toilet bowl and reaches under the rim with ease. Moreover, a silver-based additive kills germs both during and after cleaning. These dense, durable bristles offer super decontamination to give a clean toilet without scaring the toilet surface. Its bristles don’t get clogged up like ordinary stiff bristles and have a hydrophobic coating that sheds water and dries quickly.

Also, it helps cut down the use of bleach and other harmful chemicals, so you use regular water for cleaning. The ergonomic plastic 15″ handle makes cleaning faster with less effort for your comfort. There’s no need to scrub back and forth to get things clean; the Skroad toilet brush swipes the surface clean in a single pass.

After usage, the brush is easy to clean with water. The holder features a hollow suspension design for automatic quick ventilation drip at the bottom, so there’s no remaining water; breathable and odourless. This elegant brush set looks great in every bathroom.

However, it is important to note that you need to be extra careful as the brush handle might accidentally snap. Also, some users have claimed that the silicone bristles are not flexible enough.


  • Silicone soft bristles
  • Reaches every area
  • Ventilation design holder
  • Hallow suspension
  • No water accumulation or dripping


  • You may find that if not careful, the brush handle can snap
  • Some may feel that the silicone bristles are not flexible enough

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle

When it comes to budget-friendly and effective toilet cleaning brushes, one of the top-selling brushes is the  MR. SIGA brush set. 

Customers love it because of its soft bristles with an under-rim cleaning design made from thermoplastic rubber. This not only makes the cylindrical soft bristles durable but also offers hidden edge cleaning with an extension that pops up under the rim. So, you can clean each area of your toilet bowl and seat effectively with minimum effort.

Moreover, its compact molecular structure rinses out easily, keeping the brush head safe from germs, scum, and dirt which means no bacterial growth. Your hands also won’t get messy as it features a 15.1″ long brush that offers deep cleaning down the drain. 

Unlike other stiff bristles that scratch your bathroom, this brush with soft rubber bristles is gentle on the floor and toilet bowl. The handle and holder are made of plastic for durability. The holder also has a base that pops off, meaning you can clean easily clean it. Just hang the brush in the holder to dry!

If you want to clean your toilet with a clean toilet brush every time, we recommend this toilet brush holder because it works effectively, rinses out well, and is durable.

Unfortunately, some users have complained about the silicone bristles becoming loose over a while.


  • Under rim design
  • Soft bristles
  • No starches
  • Compact molecular structure


  • You may find that extra effort is required to clean effectively
  • Some may notice that the silicone bristles eventually come loose

Bingobang Deep Clean with Stainless Steel Handle

If you are tired of ordinary toilet brushes that ruin your bathroom’s elegant look, buying a Bingobang toilet brush with a holder is a great idea. It comes with an anti-bacterial brush as its bristles and head are made of TPR material. 

An ordinary toilet brush is exposed to bacteria due to its structure; hundreds of small bristles are connected with metal pins to the plastic brush head. When dirt comes in contact with the Bingobang brush, it spreads over the bristles until it’s washed with water, while dirt stays on the connection points of a regular brush. The Bingobang brush has bristles that are set apart and seamlessly connected to the head with a head-baffle design that protects from splashes.

Moreover, the TRP brush never wears out or changes, but regular brush bristles break and bend over a short time. Also, the plastic 2-piece handle is reinforced with stainless steel inside that offers a comfortable grip without slipping.

The holder is made from stainless steel and white plastic with a large round suspension base. This holder is very stable and doesn’t tilt or fall even when pushed. Plus, there is concealed ventilation inside the holder that avoids bacterial breeding. Check out our picks for bathroom mirror cabinets if you’re in the market.

Meanwhile, please note that while this could be the best toilet brush in the UK, you may need to exert more effort for the bristles to be effective.


  • Easy to clean
  • Suspension base round holder
  • TRP brush and head
  • No water accumulation


  • The silicone bristles may require greater cleaning effort
  • The ventilation could be better in the holder


If you want to keep your toilet clean and free from bacteria, you need a quality and reliable toilet brush holder set. A toilet brush holder set is the easiest way to clean your toilet. Having a brush and holder means you can quickly clean excess dirt and residue from your toilet and reach underneath the rim. It also reduces your reliance on bleach and other expensive cleaning products.


Any of the eight products listed above would make a great choice. However, our pick for the best toilet brush holder in the UK is the ASOBEAGE Deep Cleaner. This toilet brush holder has a great set of features that make it versatile and efficient for cleaning. The silicone brush head is long-lasting, and the holder is breathable and offers a stable base for the brush to stand in. We like the TPE bristles with non-stick properties and remaining free from residue.

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