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  1. Salter EK2902 Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker (Editor’s Choice)
  2. KuKoo Popcorn Maker (Luxury Choice)
  3. FUSION ® Red Electric Mini Carnival Popcorn Maker (Best Value)

We all like tasty, delightful popcorn. When you munch a delicious mouthful of it, you get this sort of joyful feeling. You don’t want that feeling to end, and you continue to lick your lips long after you have finished eating. However, the process of turning ordinary corn into appetising is a laborious one. As a result, not many people are willing to go through the rigours of popping corn.

However, never has popcorn-making been easier. With new technologies and innovations, the difficulty encountered in the process of making popcorn has been completely eradicated. It is now possible to make high-quality, sumptuous popcorn without much hassle. Popcorn makers of different shapes, sizes and types now abound, which ensures that producing popcorn is not only easy but it is also a thrilling and fun-filled activity.

Although you are certainly familiar with popcorn machines, it might be challenging to sort through the selection of models that are now on the market. We are here to save you the stress. In this post, we compile the best popcorn makers on the market. These include ones that are suited for personal use as well as larger-sized ones that will be useful for commercial or large-scale purposes. Therefore, if you need a popcorn maker, this is the right place for you to start.

How we Compared Popcorn Makers

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To find the right popcorn makers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Capacity

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching popcorn makers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Best Popcorn Maker Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Aicok Hot Air Popcorn Maker

If you are looking for just the small popcorn maker that will be adequate for your personal use, then the Aicok Hot Air Popcorn Maker is the best bet. This petite popcorn maker will work perfectly for small quantities of popcorn. It is swift and convenient and will get the job done in less than five minutes.

Besides, the Aicok Hot Air Popcorn Maker features a non-stick coating and as a result, it can be cleaned easily. It has a power rating of 1200W and a voltage range between 220 and 240V. In addition, it comes with a 31-inch long power cord.

It also comes with a measuring cup as an add-on and for more great unique kitchen products, see our guides on electric smokers and soup makers.

Key Features:

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

Global Gourmet Popcorn Maker

The Global Gourmet popcorn maker oozes quality and assurance of a perfect product. It has safety features such as anti-slip feet built-in for added safety and protection. Also, the simple on/off switch will always come in handy if you are concerned about safety.

The popcorn-making machine makes use of a 1200W heating element for the effective delivery of sumptuous and flavoured popcorn. The whole process takes place in less than 3 minutes.

Also, there is no hassle at all with cleaning the product. Since oil is not required to make the popcorn, elaborate washing won’t be needed either. All that is required is for you to wipe it mildly with a clean towel after use. 

If you’re from back in the day, you might also be interested in the classic retro style, which brings back memories of the 1960s and 1970s. Enjoy your popcorn with a lovely beverage from your coffee machine.

Key Features:

  • Stylish look
  • Efficient performance
  • Non-slip feet and an on/off switch to make it easy to use

Global Gizmos 50300 Fun Party Popcorn Maker

The Global Gizmos 50300 fun party popcorn maker is a quick, easy-to-use popcorn maker. Making use of hot air circulation to turn the kernel into popcorn, this product is one that should be a constant feature in your kitchen. 

Designed for personal use, it has an on/off switch and all you have to do is to put your corn inside and wait for about three minutes before turning the switch off and your tasty popcorn is ready for consumption.

Even though it has a rather small capacity, it can still be used at parties and in large gatherings. Once a popping round is complete, you can continue to pop again. This can go on for as long as possible without the Global Gizmos 50300 fun party popcorn maker getting affected.

Key Features:

  • Includes a cool touch casing
  • Non-slip feet are attached to the base
  • Very easy to clean

Salter EK2902 Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

This fantastic product is one of the most convenient popcorn makers on the market today. There is very little assembly required, and this can be done with relative ease. It has a spout that enables the popcorn produced to be released into the bowl placed below it. This can then be easily retrieved. Also, this popcorn maker is easy to clean. Its excellent performance can be linked to its 1200W wattage. In essence, you can have your popcorn done in as little as three minutes!

The Salter EK2902 electric hot air popcorn maker is quite spacious and will allow you to make a substantial amount of popcorn at once. Nevertheless, the size is just big enough to allow it to sit comfortably on a medium-sized table.

To prevent it from slipping, the base of the Salter EK2902 electric hot air popcorn maker is fitted with non-slip rubber feet. This attaches it firmly to any surface, including wet and slippery ones. Additional features that come with this product include a measuring cup that you can use to gauge the amount of kernel you put inside.

It is hard to think of a flaw to this wonderful product and you will very much enjoy using it. It simply provides a good value for the money spent to acquire it. For more great kitchen products, see our top picks for halogen ovens.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip feet at the base hold it firm to all types of surfaces
  • Relatively spacious
  • Cleaning is straightforward.

Geepas 1200W Electric Popcorn Maker

Geepas 1200W electric popcorn maker is a bright red-coloured, exquisite popcorn-making machine that guarantees you great results. However, if you are not moved by the attractive design, there are several other reasons to buy this popcorn maker.

Geepas 1200W electric popcorn maker has a very efficient power air circulation cooking feature. More so, its 1200W heating element rating means that very few other popcorn makers can compete with it in terms of swiftness and efficiency.

It has a very large capacity and you can make a large quantity of popcorn in no time at all. Besides, it is easy to use. There is a switch to control the operation and all you have to do is to turn this switch at the beginning and the end of the operation.

At the end of the whole process, the popcorn collects in a bowl designed for that purpose. This way, it will be very easy to retrieve the popcorn without spilling it all over the place. A spoon is included to further reduce your troubles.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity
  • Fast and efficient
  • Lightweight and portable

Excelvan Air Popcorn Maker

The Excelvan air popcorn maker is another great product that makes it into this list of the best popcorn maker. This popcorn maker, just like any other popcorn maker, makes use of hot air circulation to turn the kernel into popcorn. You don’t need to add oil or even butter to create something delicious.

One of the talking points of this product is its efficiency when it comes to churning out large amounts of popcorn. This it does by heating up in no time at all. It is very easy to clean and in the same vein, storage will not be difficult as the size of the Excelvan air popcorn maker (15.4 x 20.1 x31.8) cm means that little space is required to store it when not in use. There is a spout that enables you to turn the popcorn into the bowl placed below the popping chamber. The bowl can then be retrieved easily and you can enjoy your popcorn without any further ado.

In addition, its non-slip feet enable it to be used on all types of surfaces. A butter spoon is included with the product as an extra. Check out our guide on air fryers for more awesome kitchen appliances.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Convenient to use
  • Fast and efficient

FUSION ® Red Electric Mini Carnival Popcorn Maker

FUSION ® mini carnival popcorn maker will make it to a lot of best popcorn maker reviews. This highly functional piece of equipment is an electric device that makes use of hot air circulation to produce delicious popcorn. This eliminates the use of oil, therefore saving you not only money for health but also keeping you fat-free.

But this is not the only thing that the FUSION ® mini carnival popcorn maker has to offer. Its 1200w engine ensures that you will finish making the perfect popcorn for yourself, family and friends without taking much time.

Furthermore, it is stylish and can be used at public gatherings. It will serve you greatly if you buy it.

Key Features:

  • Stylish red and gold paint
  • Fairly spacious
  • Easy to clean

Cooks Professional Popcorn Maker

Cooks professional popcorn maker features a classic 1950s design which makes it unique in any kind of setting. In Cooks professional Popcorn maker, you have a powerful machine that enables you to make popcorn without much stress. It has a rating of 310W and a voltage ranging between 220 and 240V. This makes it a powerful tool that will not only make your popcorn making a smooth adventure but will also hasten the entire process. You can have your popcorn done in less than 10 minutes.

The product is user-friendly in every sense of the word. It has a crank that allows you to turn your popcorn out of the container easily. This container is made of durable stainless steel and is detachable. All these make it easy to clean. 

The base of the Cooks professional popcorn maker is fitted with rubber feet, making it resistant to slipping and therefore providing additional protection. It has a versatile usage as it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors for parties, picnics and get-togethers.

To cap off the great features of this quality product is the two-year warranty that comes with it. Check out our top picks for coffee pod machines if you’re looking for more great appliances.

Key Features:

  • Relatively lightweight at just 4kg
  • Very easy to use
  • Spacious enough for a small crowd

Holaroses Popcorn Maker

Holaroses popcorn maker is an electrical popcorn-making machine. It is designed for the commercial-scale production of popcorn. As a result, it has a fairly large and makes use of a hot air cooking technique, with a 1400W engine serving efficiently in this regard. It features three acrylic side panels to enhance your safety.

It uses a stainless steel popping chamber; hence it is very easy to clean. The glass door uses a magnetic lock to further enhance ease of use. In addition, the Holaroses popcorn maker has a thermal insulation system to control the heat from it.

Key Features:

  • Thermal insulation system to control heat
  • Glassdoor with magnetic lock
  • Removable popcorn tray

KuKoo Popcorn Maker

The KuKoo popcorn maker is an electric, commercial popcorn maker that allows popcorn to be produced on a relatively large scale. This popcorn maker with a heating element rating of 1370W and 220V is specifically designed to ease any problem you might be facing as far as making popcorn is concerned.

It is made of transparent glass and has a stainless steel container that is covered so that popcorn will not spill out before getting done. There is a drawer where the popcorn drops at the end of the whole process. And you won’t have any problem removing your popcorn from the KuKoo popcorn maker.

In addition, this KuKoo popcorn maker can be cleaned easily. Check out our guide on kettles for hard water if you live in a hard water area.

Key Features:

  • Made of easy-to-clean glass and stainless materials
  • A capacity of 11.5L makes it spacious
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty

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