Best Palm Routers of 2023

Best Palm Routers

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Top 8 Best Palm Routers

  1. Ryobi R18TR-O ONE+ Cordless (Editor’s Choice)
  2. DEWALT DCW600B Cordless (Luxury Choice)
  3. KATSU Tools Electric Wood Hand Trimmer (Best Value)
  4. Makita RT0700CX4/2 240V
  5. VonHaus Compact Deluxe Hand Saw
  6. CtopoGo Compact Wood Trimmer
  7. Bosch 06016B0072 GFK
  8. Merry Tools Electric hand Trimmer

Palm routers are a valuable tool for woodworking. Due to their adaptability and capacity for various cuts, they can prove to be quite useful. A palm router can be used to square wood edges, create edge profiles and much more.

You can ‘decorate’ or design a piece of wood as you like with palm routers. They are also safe to use and easy to operate. You can create patterns and cut fancy edges and grooves. Routers are most often used for decorating cabinets and decorative mouldings. If you are into woodworking or looking to design a door or cabinet, etc., then the best palm router is something you must own!

Before purchasing a palm router, you have to be careful: there are a wide variety of options available, and there are many various features to think about. So, to make the task somewhat easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best eight palm routers for you to choose from.

How We Compared Palm Routers

To find the right palm routers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Palm and Hand Grip
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Base Types
  • Accessories
  • Design

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching palm routers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Palm Router Reviews – Top 8 Picks

Ryobi R18TR-O ONE+ Cordless (Editor’s Choice)

The Ryobi R18TR-0 One+ is a high-quality cordless palm router. This model from Ryobi features an 18V battery-powered operation and can achieve a maximum no-load speed of 29,000 RPM. As a result, it is great for light cutting and trimming work. The 18V motor also means that it is much lighter than most other palm routers.

This palm router is also built to last and should serve you well for many years. It has a durable aluminium base that can withstand consistent use. Also, for usability, it has a quick-release lever. This allows you to quickly adjust the cutting/trimming depth when working on highly detailed woodworking projects.

This palm router is also supplied with a 6/6.35mm collect, a 6.35mm straight cutter, a wrench, and a side fence: these features allow you to tackle different woodworking tasks.

Although this is the best palm router, it could still have a few flaws. Firstly, it may have limited use for tougher cutting tasks. Also, you could find that the cutter can stop working if placed under too much load pressure.


  • 18V power with 29,000 RPM for quick cutting
  • Cordless operation for greater flexibility
  • It has a quick-release lever to adjust the cutting depth
  • It also has a durable aluminium base
  • The palm grip and handgrip are easy to hold


  • It may not be suitable for tougher cutting tasks
  • You may find the cutter eventually stops spinning under the load

DEWALT DCW600B Cordless (Luxury Choice)

If you want a high-quality cordless palm router from a respectable tool manufacturer, the DEWALT DCW600B Cordless Palm Router is a fine choice. This cordless router still has great power output due to the 20V motor and has a 16,000 to 25,000 RPM variable no-load speed.

It also has a range of usability features for those with less woodworking experience. For example, it has dual LED lights that clearly illuminate your working surface. It also has both variable speed control and depth control.

For beginners, the soft-start motor is also a great feature. This allows you to easily position the cutter and make grooves without potentially damaging the wood you are working on.

This is a great palm router, but some people could find that it is heavy to handle and lift. Also, some customers have reported the chassis is scratched on delivery. Lastly, it also has an electronic brake that shuts the motor offering quicker after use.


  • It has a dual-LED light to help illuminate your work surface
  • Simple depth adjustment ring for quick height adjustments
  • Has variable speeds of 16,000 to 25,000 RPM
  • Can adjust the speed using the simple variable speed dial
  • It also has a soft-start motor for safe use


  • Some people may find this palm router heavy to handle
  • You could find the base has scratches on delivery

KATSU Tools Electric Wood Hand Trimmer (Best Value)

This palm router has a solid aluminium body to keep it strong and make it durable. This product also offers great flexibility and is the ideal machine for trimming, slot cutting, edge forming, and decorative work. Its input power is 710W. The rated voltage it needs to function is 220V to 240V.

The maximum depth it can carve to is 20 mm. It also has variable speed. So, you can choose to work at whatever speed that best suits you. The product also has a dust extraction facility, so you do not have to worry about the dust getting stuck somewhere in the machine. The product comes with numerous other accessories. 

The router weighs 2.5 kg, which isn’t much. You can beautifully carve your cabinets with the palm router. It will get the job done with minimal to no effort. With its dust extraction facility, you don’t have to worry about the debris getting stuck in the machine either.

It is long-lasting, so it will work just like it did the first day after numerous uses. It is the perfect fit. If you need to drill holes in your finely cut wood, check out our guide on pillar drills.


  • The maximum depth is 20mm
  • Input power is 710 watt
  • Weight is 2.5 kg


  • You may find the rubber grip eventually peels away
  • The router accessories may have to be bought separately

Makita RT0700CX4/2 240V

This powerful machine has a variable speed control dial. It also has depth adjustment, so you can add as much depth as you want to the piece of wood you are working on. It also has a flat top for stability when changing bits.

The machine’s weight is comparatively quite less, which gives it an edge over the other products. Due to its weight, it becomes a lot easier to handle. If this is the first time you are doing woodwork, this product should be a great choice. This is because it will give you an enhanced grip and control.

For versatility, it has four different base assembles. The quick cam lock offers depth. It also has externally accessible brushes for serviceability. The round base of this machine offers smooth and fast cutting with easy handling. It also comes with a range of tools and accessories. The assembly is quite easy; you can easily fix whatever base you want to work with.

It is made from a strong material, so this will last you for a long time. Its design also offers you a firm grip on the machine. The machine has constant speed control. It is also double-insulated. This product offers a soft start. Grab yourself an LED torch for more great tools.


  • Double insulation
  • Trimmer Base Assembly
  • Collet capacity is 6mm and 8mm
  • Motor power is 710 watt


  • You may find that the carry bag is missing on delivery
  • You could also find that some of the stated accessories are missing

VonHaus Compact Deluxe Hand Saw

The VonHaus Compact Deluxe Palm Router is in a league of its own. The powerful machine has a 710W variable speed control. You can set it at whatever speed you can best work with. Other than that, this product comes with two bases, a plunge and a trimmer. You can use whichever one you need to work with.

It is compatible with ¼” or a 3/8” shank. If you are a passionate woodworker, then you will enjoy this product. This is the best pick if you want to make a hole or groove, finished edges, cut-outs, curved contours, etc.

It works neatly to give you a beautiful design and carve. The best thing about the palm router is that it works without any blockage or hindrance. It is a good pick for a wide range of DIYs and crafts. Its assembly is quite easy. However, if you still have any queries, then you can turn to the instruction manual, where everything has been discussed and mentioned clearly.

You can easily fit any base you want with the router, and it is really easy. It also comes with a bag in which you can put all the accessories that come with it.


  • Can work with ¼” or 3/8” shank
  • Variable speed control of 710W
  • It comes with two bases: a trimmer and a plunge
  • No-load speed is 10,000 to 32,000 revs per min


  • Some may find that this palm router lacks accessories
  • You could find that the key is missing, which is vital for the operation

CtopoGo Compact Wood Trimmer

The CtopoGo Compact Wood Plam Router/Trimmer is a versatile tool that comes with one of the largest accessory kits we have seen. You can easily tackle different woodworking tasks due to the large number of accessories. This includes a straight guide, trimming guide, wrenches, dust board, and a range of cutting bits.

In terms of use, this palm router can be used for woodwork but also for materials like plastic sheets and wood veneer. We also like the durable construction of the stainless steel gear transmission and the convenient position of the blade bit. This means you can quickly change it.

For outdoor use, this palm router is also both rust-proof and water-proof. As a result, you can comfortably use it outdoors for garden woodwork, for example.

We like this compact wood trimmer, but it may still have a few issues. For example, the depth gauge is marked, but it may not be clear enough. Also, some customers have found that the 3-pin plug is damaged on delivery.


  • Made from durable aluminium and plastic
  • Has a transparent guard to prevent excess sawdust mess
  • Includes a range of accessories and cutting guides
  • The blade bit is easy and safe to change
  • The casing and parts are both rust-proof and water-proof


  • Some may find that the depth gauge is not marked clearly enough
  • You could find that the plug is broken on delivery

Bosch 06016B0072 GFK

The Bosch 06016B0072 GFK Brushless Router features one of the most ergonomic designs. It has an angled handle and palm grip that is slightly different to most other designs. As a result, this router is comfortable to hold and should not put too much strain on your hands. The angle also means that it offers a great cutting balance.

In terms of power, this palm router has a lighter 12V motor that is suitable for lighter cutting jobs. It also has a brushless EC motor which gives the router up to a 100% longer lifespan. We also like that this is one of the lightest palm routers available, with a total weight (including battery) of just 1.1kg.

Lastly, this palm router also has a bit holder that can accommodate collets of 6mm to 8mm.

This Bosch palm router is a good option, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, it may not come with a battery and charger. Also, you could find that the adjustment locking thumb may come loose.


  • It has an ergonomic-shaped handle and grip for comfortable use
  • Cordless design with a 12v Lithium-ion battery
  • It has a brushless EC motor which offers up to 100% more use
  • The design of the body provides great cutting balance
  • Can easily adjust the cutting depth


  • You may find that the battery and charger must be bought separately
  • The adjustment locking thumb may sometimes come loose

Merry Tools Electric hand Trimmer

The Merry Tools Electric Hand Trimmer is a great option that is suitable for cutting materials with a thickness of between 3-5mm. For power output, this router operates between 220-240V and has a no-load speed of 28,000 RPM.

For adjustments, the quick-release cam lock system means you can change the cutting depth easily. The ergonomic design of the body also means comfortable handling and excellent control. It is slimline and, as a result, is also lightweight.

The basic kit of this palm router includes 2 collets – ¼” and 6mm, wrenches and various cutting guides. This is a corded palm router, and it has an ample 2m power cable and a frequency of 50/60Hz. The input power is also 530W.

This is a decent palm router, but some people could find the plastic safety guard a little flimsy. Also, this palm router only has a one-speed setting and no variable controls.


  • Suitable for cutting wood with a thickness of 3-5mm
  • It has a no-load speed of 28,000 RPM
  • It also has a grooving capacity of up to 15mm
  • The quick-release cam lock allows for quick adjustments
  • The slimline body is easy to handle and control


  • You may find that the plastic guard is a little flimsy
  • There is no speed adjustment for this palm router


For intricate woodworking and craftwork, the best palm router is a great tool to have. These small devices allow you to cut various shapes and detail into the wood and are brilliant for DIY experts or woodworkers. Any of the eight tools we have picked would make a suitable choice. However, our top pick is the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE Cordless Trim Router.


Ryobi has a great track record for producing high-quality tools, and their palm router is no exception. This tool has a powerful 29,000 RPM motor and an 18V battery. It is a cordless saw and convenient to use in various garages, gardens, or workspace locations.

For quick adjustments and working on different wood depths, the quick-release lever is a great addition. This allows for lightning-fast depth adjustments for detail work. The durable aluminium base also makes this palm router built to last.  

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