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Top 9 Best Integrated Dishwashers

  1. Indesit DSIE 2B10 Fully Built-In 10 Place Settings (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Indesit DIF04B1 A plus Energy Rating (Luxury Choice)
  3. Candy CDI1LS38S-80 (Best Value)
  4. Indesit Slimline
  5. Indesit DIE2B19UK
  6. Whirlpool WIE2B19UK 13 Place Full-Size (Quietest)
  7. Candy CDI1LS38B-80 13 Place
  8. Blomberg LDV42244 Super Efficient 14 Place
  9. Hoover HDI1LO38S-80

Dishwashers offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy being in the kitchen, cooking, hosting and socialising, without the pile of unwashed dishes following a meal spoiling your enjoyment! Instead, you can simply put them straight into the dishwasher and out of view!

An integrated dishwasher is one of the several types of dishwasher available. Its key selling point is that it is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, blending perfectly with your kitchen unit design so that a visitor would think that it is one of your cupboards. A dishwasher is typically fitted below the countertop with the controls at the top, hidden from view. It is also possible to choose a handle that matches the others in your kitchen.

Integrated dishwashers are a great way of saving space in the kitchen, and you can get slimline models where available space is limited.

Our buyer’s guide and top ten reviews discuss the dishwashers you can install in your kitchen and help you find the best integrated dishwasher in the UK.

How We Compared Integrated Dishwashers

To find the right integrated dishwashers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Size
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Anti-Flood Protection
  • Spray Heads
  • Noise Level
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Wash Programmes
  • Racks
  • Timer

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching integrated dishwashers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Integrated Dishwasher Reviews

Indesit DSIE 2B10 Fully Built-In 10 Place Settings (Editor’s Choice)

The Indesit is our best choice for the integrated dishwasher in the UK for various reasons. 

First, it is compact, being only 45 cm wide, but still holds ten place settings before you have to put it on a washing cycle, perfect for a small family or if you have restricted space available in your kitchen! It is also a good buy for your energy bills as it has an energy efficiency rating of F, uses 0.834 kWh of energy, and only 11.5 l of water per wash cycle.

This integrated dishwasher has six different wash programmes, including eco, normal, intensive, quick and a 30 minute 50° C wash. Its dimensions are 55.5 cm by 45 cm by 82 cm, it weighs 27.2 kg, comes in a clean white finish and has a noise level of 51 decibels.

However, this dishwasher may be a bit too loud for you. Also, it might not have any digital displays, so you may need to consider that.


  • Integrated dishwasher
  • Ten place settings
  • Six wash programmes
  • Compact at only 45 cm wide
  • Energy efficient


  • There might be no digital display on the dishwasher
  • There might be no delay timer setting
  • There may be quieter dishwashers available

Indesit DIF04B1 A plus Energy Rating (Luxury Choice)

The Indesit DIF04B1 fully integrated dishwasher can hold up to 13 place settings and is one of the quieter dishwashers in our top ten reviews at only 49 decibels.

This integrated model is 57 cm by 60 cm by 82 cm and weighs 35.5 kg. Additionally, it has four wash cycles, including normal and intensive, so it is handy after making something like a roast dinner or when you have hard to clean dishes. The eco cycle also allows you to select to use less energy and water.

The cutlery tray is removable and can be placed wherever you choose or taken out altogether if the space is required, and the top shelf is height adjustable. Also, this integrated dishwasher uses 1.04 kWh of energy and 11 litres of water per cycle.

Meanwhile, one thing to be aware of when buying this dishwasher is that it may not have a quick wash cycle. Also, it might take up to two hours to perform a wash.


  • Holds 13 place settings
  • Quiet when in use
  • Normal and intense wash cycles
  • Eco cycle
  • Has the energy rating of F


  • It may not have a short cycle of under 2 hours
  • The material may feel flimsy
  • It may be difficult to fit large dinner plates in

Candy CDI1LS38S-80 (Best Value)

The Candy CDI1LS38S-80 fully integrated dishwasher has many wash programmes and temperature settings to choose from. 

There are four temperature options to select from, and the wash programmes include a standard 60 °C wash, an intensive 70 °C wash, eco cycle, quick wash, pre-wash and a smart touch setting. Additionally, there is also a delay timer, so you can dishwasher start by three, six or nine hours!

This integrated model can hold 13 place settings and uses 11 litres of water on average per wash. Its dimensions are 55 cm by 60 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 33.8 kg. It also has an energy rating of F.

You could improve upon this machine because it is not the quietest at 53 decibels, but it does provide a lot of functionality for your money.


  • Six wash cycles
  • Four temperature options
  • Holds 13 place settings
  • Delay timer with three options
  • Has an energy rating of F


  • The cutlery basket is placed at the back of the lower shelf, so it may not be adjustable
  • It might make loud beeps when finished
  • 53-decibel noise rating may be at the higher end of dishwashers in our review

Indesit Slimline

This slimline integrated dishwasher by Indesit is 45 cm wide and perfect for when you haven’t much available space in an existing kitchen or a small household that doesn’t require a larger model. Being slimline doesn’t mean that you will lose out on capacity, though, as it can still hold up to ten settings before it needs to go on.

The full dimensions of the dishwasher are 55.5 cm by 45 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 27.2 kg. Additionally, it has an energy rating of F and uses 11 litres of water on average per wash cycle. It has four programmes, including an eco and intensive wash and a choice of three temperatures. The quick wash time is 40 minutes, meaning you can be done quickly if you want a wash to complete before you go out or if you need the contents again in a hurry.

However, users have complained about this dishwasher making some noise. It may also be difficult to fit large dishes on the bottom shelf.


  • Four programmes, including eco and intensive wash
  • Three temperatures
  • Quick wash
  • Slimline design
  • Capacity for ten place settings


  • The integrated dishwasher may make loud beeping noises
  • It may be difficult to fit large dishes on the bottom shelf
  • The lower tray may be difficult to slide back in

Indesit ‎DIE2B19UK

The Indesit ‎DIE2B19UK integrated dishwasher is considered the best integrated dishwasher in the UK for several reasons.

It has a quick wash cycle of under half an hour, so your pots are washed and ready to go in just 28 minutes! It also includes an energy-saving cycle that only uses 12 litres of water. There is also a push and go option that does as it says on the tin.

The dimensions of this fully integrated dishwasher are 60 cm by 55.5 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 32.1 kgs. Additionally, it has an energy rating of F, not negatively impacting your energy bills or the environment.

It has a capacity for 13 place settings and an adjustable upper basket. A further positive to this dishwasher is that it operates at 49 decibels, which puts it right in the middle of the best choice for integrated dishwashers in this review.

This dishwasher may not be ideal if you have large dishes, however. There is a chance that these dishes might hit the rotor arm, affecting the dishwasher’s performance.


  • A rapid wash of under half an hour
  • Quiet
  • 13 place setting capacity
  • An energy rating of F
  • Eco and intensive programmes


  • Larger dinner plates may hit the rotor arm
  • Loading space may not be large enough to accommodate curved plates
  • The cutlery basket could be larger

Whirlpool WIE2B19UK 13 Place Full-Size (Quietest)

The Whirlpool WIE2B19UK fully integrated dishwasher is at the upper end of the price range in this review. Still, it has a raft of features and a great noise rating of 49 decibels, making it our quietest integrated dishwasher in this review.

There are six programmes to select from, including economy, intensive, delicate and a half load option which is great for when you don’t have a full load but need the dishwasher to go on before going away, for instance, or if you are a single or couple household.

As we move towards open plan living, having a quiet dishwasher and washing machine becomes more important, and this integrated dishwasher will not let you down. Its dimensions are 57 cm by 60 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 35 kg. It can hold 13 place settings and comes with a 1-year warranty.

On the other hand, a downside of this dishwasher is that it makes loud beeps at the end of the washing cycle.


  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Six programmes
  • Half load option
  • Energy rating F


  • Loading trays may be difficult
  • It makes a loud beep at the end of a cycle
  • There might be no quick wash option

Candy CDI1LS38B-80 13 Place

Next up on our list for the best choice for integrated dishwashers in the UK is The Candy CDI1LS38B-80 fully integrated dishwasher. 

It features the perfect size for the average-sized household, holding 13 place settings. Usefully, it has a 29-minute quick wash programme for times when you are in a hurry.

Another stand-out feature that this best dishwasher has is that you can control it from an Android smartphone app, allowing you to monitor the progress of a wash cycle or troubleshoot any issues. Additionally, it has a memory function to recall your most used programmes and select them quickly.

Its dimensions are 55 cm by 60 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 29 kg. Despite its smart credentials, this dishwasher has a louder noise rating than others in this review, so it may be better suited to utility rooms or non-open-plan kitchens.

A downside of this dishwasher is that it is too noisy for other users. Also, the cutlery basket is at the back, which makes it difficult to access.


  • Quick wash setting of 29 minutes
  • It can be operated through an Android smartphone app
  • 13 place setting capacity
  • Memory function for most used programmes
  • Energy rating F


  • 53-decibel noise level
  • The cutlery basket is at the back of the dishwasher and might be difficult to reach
  • Emits three loud beeps when a cycle finishes

Blomberg LDV42244 Super Efficient 14 Place

This Bloomberg has its place amongst our best-integrated dishwashers for several reasons. 

First, it has an impressive capacity of 14 place settings before it needs to be put on a wash cycle! It also boasts eight programme options, but it can also automatically calculate the optimum temperature and duration for your load if you want to take decision making out of the equation!

Additionally, it has a glass care programme to place your favourite wine or fizz glasses in to wash with confidence, and its main selling point is that it has a noise rating of just 43 decibels!

An led light will project onto the floor in your kitchen when the dishwasher is in use and automatically turn off when the wash cycle is completed. This best-integrated dishwasher also has an E energy rating making it one of the most efficient dishwashers in our review.

The instruction manual may be quite hard to follow. However, if you are not new to dishwashers, this is not a problem.


  • 14 place settings
  • Eight programmes
  • Quick wash option
  • LED spotlight to indicate when the dishwasher is in use
  • Very quiet at 43 decibels


  • There may be an issue reported where condensation affects the wiring
  • Instructions may be a little light on detail

Hoover HDI1LO38S-80

The Hoover HDI1LO38S-80 makes it into our top ten best-integrated dishwashers as it offers an impressive 13 wash programmes and four temperature options ranging from 45-75 °C. There is a quick wash option of 29 minutes and intensive and economy wash too.

The Hoover dishwasher also has a capacity for 13 place settings, so it is the perfect size for a family. Additionally, it has an energy consumption rating of F, putting it in the same range as the other best dishwashers in this review and uses 11 litres of water on average per wash.

This fully integrated dishwasher also comes with 10-year parts and a 1-year labour guarantee if registered within the first 28 days of purchase.

One thing to note is that this is not one of the quietest dishwashers, at 53 decibels. So it may be that this dishwasher would be suitable for use in a utility room, alongside your washing machine, and out of hearing.


  • Has four operating temperatures to suit different washing requirements
  • Delay timings
  • 13 washing programmes
  • Energy rating F
  • 13 place settings


  • The cutlery basket is at the back of the machine and may be difficult to access
  • May not offer a half load option

Buyers Guide for Integrated Dishwasher

Thanks to the array of freestanding and integrated dishwashers available in the market, we can successfully wash our pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery without standing at a washing up bowl for hours on end. In addition, dishwashers help take away so much of the workload of preparing and clearing up daily meals.

Integrated dishwashers are a great addition to the kitchen. They are easily concealed and fit seamlessly into your kitchen design. For this reason, the majority of integrated models are sold without a solid front panel so that you can fit your door, which matches with the kitchen units, onto the supplied fixings.

However, they are an expensive initial outlay, so it is important to read up on all the pros and cons for each model, understand the options and features available, and decide what is important.

While reviewing products, always think of the future, and check for warranties and guarantees offered by the manufacturer. Having these in order will help you get the after-sales care that your machine deserves. Many dishwashers also have special detergents or a rinse aid recommended for daily use and will help increase the longevity of your appliance.


What Are the Differences Between Integrated and Freestanding Dishwashers?


Integrated or built-in dishwashers are fitted permanently behind your kitchen cupboard door. The downside is that integrated models are less moveable and may have to be left behind if you move house. Freestanding models can be moved around and reinstalled quite quickly. Having that flexibility is important for people who are renting. The ease of packing and reinstalling large appliances saves the cost of buying new ones each time.


Integrated dishwashers tend to be wider than freestanding ones. The best built-in dishwashers can hold up to fourteen standard piece settings per wash, whereas freestanding dishwashers can hold up to eight-piece settings. Built-in dishwashers are excellent for families with more than three people, whereas freestanding dishwashers are suitable for families up to a maximum of four people.


Integrated machines cost more than freestanding variants since they offer permanent features, additional settings, and more modes than freestanding ones. An integrated dishwasher may also require installation by a professional and is not considered a plug and play appliance. The location and planning for an integrated dishwasher need to be agreed upon with a plumber and builder or kitchen fitter if you have a new kitchen installed, as it will need electricity and water feed to come in through the cupboard.

What Are the Types of Integrated Dishwashers?

There are two main classifications of integrated dishwashers – semi-integrated and fully integrated. 

Fully Integrated Dishwashers

A fully integrated dishwasher hidden in the kitchen cabinet

These variants are wholly hidden behind kitchen panels or cabinet doors. Fully integrated machines are fantastic for people who do not like their appliances to be visible in their kitchens. The control panel of these dishwashers is usually found at the top of the door. The buttons are along the edge, adding to a streamlined look. Some models have visible indicators, and some have lights or sound alerts. These models are popular and readily available.

Semi-Integrated Dishwashers

These models can be likened to freestanding ones, except they are permanent and do not have a covered door. Nearly all parts of the door are covered by kitchen panels, except the top. The control panel is situated on the face of the door instead of the edge. This means that you can view the timers, buttons, and the entire control panel, even if the machine is shut. Some semi-integrated models have a front panel and a large drawer built onto the machine, while some require a customised door panel and frame. A semi-integrated dishwasher does not tend to be as readily available on the market as a fully integrated one.


Integrated dishwashers have excellent features to look out for when you are making a purchase.

Sensor Wash

As the name suggests, sensor wash does precisely that – it senses the dish load and pre-sets the wash. The temperature, duration, and water needed to vary according to the washing cycle. The sensor wash helps gauge the needs of the washer and adjusts the settings to avoid wastage of detergent, salt, and water. 

Child Safety Lock

A child safety lock prevents misuse and accidents by exploring little fingers!

Anti-Flood Protection

This protection feature is one of the best parts of having an integrated dishwasher. This option protects the machine from flooding should anything go amiss. In addition, most integrated dishwashers come with float switches. These switches prevent excess water from filling up and are located at the base of the machine.

Delay Start Timer

If you know you have a busy day coming up and want the dishes to have been done by the time you are home, you can programme the dishwasher hours before the wash and leave it to start automatically. This feature is also a bonus if you have a cheaper night-time electricity tariff. It is also great for people who like to fill the dishwasher throughout the day, run it overnight, and have warm mugs or cups ready for the morning coffee or tea. 

Large Spray Heads

Large spray heads are excellent for bigger crockery, such as baking and roasting trays and mixing bowls. These items can have large build-ups of cooking grease, sauce or mixture and large spray heads use pressured water to clean the surface without causing damage to your baking and cooking equipment. It is also possible to remove a small spray head and attach a larger one if you want. 

Slide-out Cutlery Trays

Most freestanding cheaper models have cutlery baskets instead of trays. Some of the best dishwashers offer a top-attached slide-out tray. This feature may be slower to load than a removable cutlery basket, but it saves a significant amount of space from the lower racks of the dishwasher. You need to position each fork, knife, and spoon correctly for optimal water coverage. The space efficiency and cleaning features that slide-out cutlery trays provide are impressive and worth looking out for. Another advantage is that these trays also prevent rust from building up if two or more metal items come into contact with each other. 

Noise Levels

Integrated machines make a lot less noise than freestanding ones and can be used in the middle of the night. Top-end integrated dishwashers can make as low as 36 decibels sound when switched on. You can even opt for one with quiet wash cycles. 

Fold-Down Prongs

Fold-down prongs are available for both the upper and lower racks in integrated machines. Before making a purchase, check the comfort level of the racking system. Fold-down prongs are helpful when loading large crockery into the dishwasher. You can create extra space and quickly store more pots and pans.

Adjustable Upper Rack

Height adjustable upper racks are ideal for washing additional trays, large pots, and pans. Adjusting the top frame helps free up extra space. Height-adjustable racks usually come with release clips on either side that you can remove quickly. If the upper rack is full of bowls, glasses, and dishes, you can quickly rack heavier and larger items on the lower shelf. Roller systems also help in adjustment but need to be adjusted before adding crockery.

Energy Efficiency

While purchasing an integrated dishwasher is a high initial outlay, you can offset some of that spending by reducing what you spend on electricity bills. The energy ratings on integrated dishwashers are better than those on freestanding ones. Most good qualities integrated dishwashers are rated E and F on the new energy rating scale. This means that the dishwasher saves energy with the help of intelligent technology to ensure there is no wastage of electricity or water. The annual running costs of integrated machines are lower than a freestanding dishwasher. 

Wash Programmes

The best fully integrated dishwasher should offer several wash programmes that help you select the right one depending on the crockery and cutlery being washed. If you have had a get-together and have a lot of glassware, you could select a gentle cycle instead of an intensive cycle used for greasy pots and pans. Integrated machines help you differentiate between daily cycles and special ones. Some sequences also use less detergent than others. Depending on your need, you can easily make a selection at a press of a button. You can also select a quick wash setting for things that you need to be washed immediately. Most quick washes are approximately 25 to 35 minutes. 


We hope you’ll have been able to find the best integrated dishwasher in the UK that meets all of your needs. However, if you’re still undecided on which integrated dishwasher best suits your needs, you can try our Editor’s Choice – the Indesit DSIE 2B10 Fully Built-In 10 Place Settings

The Indesit DSIE 2B10 has our accolade as the best-integrated dishwasher for a few reasons. First, it is a slimline model, being only 45 cm wide, meaning that it will fit in almost any kitchen but still holds ten place settings before you have to put it on. It has an energy efficiency rating of F, so it will not impact your energy bills or negatively affect the environment. It uses just 0.834 kWh of energy and only 11.5 l of water per wash cycle.

This best built-in dishwasher has six different wash programmes, including a quick wash of only 30 minutes, which is handy and eco, normal, and intensive. Its dimensions are 55.5 cm by 45 cm by 82 cm, and it weighs 27.2 kg. It is also mid-way in our review for sound level, so it won’t be too noisy to run in your kitchen.

In conclusion, we think this is a great purchase at a price that won’t break your bank balance, and with all the features that will make you happy, you decided to purchase this appliance and install it into your home.

Enjoy clean, clear kitchens from now on!

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