How to Wash Trainers In a Washing Machine the Right Way

How to Wash Trainers In a Washing Machine

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Occasionally washing your trainers can help reduce any odours from developing and also help keep them fresh and clean looking. If you sweat a lot in your trainers or tend to get them quite dirty, washing your trainers can help keep them sanitised and remove stains.

You may be surprised to learn that many trainers can easily be thrown in the washing machine with your laundry, as long as you take a few precautions. This post discusses key points to keep your machine and shoes from getting harmed while showing you how to wash trainers in a washing machine.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Trainers In the Washing Machine

Step 1: Check with the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Trainers are made of different materials, and some are more suitable for machine washing than others. Check the box when it comes in or the care label on the shoe to determine whether you can machine wash the trainers you own.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start, we recommend gathering your supplies to make cleaning trainers as easy as possible. Thanks to some help from your washer, you won’t need much.

What You Will Need:

  • Soft brush for built-up dirt
  • Damp cloth
  • Powder or liquid detergent
  • Mesh bag or old pillowcase to put your shoes inside
  • Some fluffy laundry to accompany the shoes inside the machine

Step 3: Remove the Laces and Insoles

It is a good idea to start by removing the laces and insoles on each trainer. It will help them to get as clean as possible. You can still clean the laces and insoles in the washer with the shoes; just separate them.

Step 4: Scrub Off Any Caked Dirt

If your trainers have any excess mud or debris, use a soft brush and a damp cloth to wipe off as much of it as possible. Also, make sure there are no pebbles stuck in the soles from wearing, so you don’t make mud in your washing machine or scratch the interior during the washing process. That would create more cleaning tasks for you.

Step 5: Put Trainers in a Mesh Shoe Bag

Next, put your pair of trainers in a mesh shoe bag designed for washing your shoes in the machine. If you don’t have one, an old pillowcase will do the job. A shoe bag is better because of the large holes, but a pillowcase will suffice if you’re in a pinch, just so long as the shoes are not loose inside the machine.

Step 6: Add Detergent to Your Machine and Choose the Settings

Add liquid or powder laundry detergent to your machine and select the appropriate wash settings. You might prefer liquid detergent for washing trainers because the washer may clean them better this way.

When it comes to what setting to wash trainers on, choosing a delicate setting works best, the slow spin and tumble speed may help reduce the impact on the machine and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

For water temperature, warm water or cold water works best. Do not wash your trainers in hot water because it could shrink or bow your shoes, making them uncomfortable or even unwearable.

Step 7: Load Your Washing Machine and Press Start

Next, load your washing machine, close the door, and press start. Always make sure to add other bulkier, durable laundry items like towels and jeans along with your trainers in the machine. It will absorb impact and help your shoes dry out faster during the final spin cycle.

Step 8: Air Dry Your Trainers

Lastly, after the wash cycle completes, it is time to remove your trainers from the machine to let them dry. Set them in the sun, near a fan, or hang them to dry.

Do not put your trainers in a tumble dryer if you don’t want to shrink the fabric or bow the rubber sole with heat. Also, don’t wear your trainers again until they are completely dry to prevent chafing or developing more serious issues like trench foot.

FAQs When Cleaning Your Trainers in the Washer

Do Trainers Damage the Washing Machine?

Heavier trainers run the risk of damaging the paddles inside the machine’s drum, especially if it isn’t the best quality. It is why you must wash your trainers with other clothes items in the machine. You can use fluffier items like towels, jeans, and blankets because they will prevent your trainers from banging around with a lot of force. Using a slow tumble cycle also helps reduce the unwanted impact on the drum of the machine.

Does Washing Trainers Damage Them?

a pair of red trainers and a washing machine

Most shoe care labels will alert you whether or not using a washing machine is recommended by your specific trainers. In some cases, suede and leather shoes can sustain water damage, and the colour may change slightly. You can typically wash synthetic materials several times before you start to see a noticeable difference in the material.

Clean Your Trainers Today

By now, you should have a pretty firm grasp of how to wash trainers in a washing machine. Just remember to wash your trainers with other laundry pieces, remove the laces and insoles, and use a delicate cycle, and you should do fine.

How do you wash your trainers? Have you tried cleaning them in the washer? Do you have other tips and wash instructions? Let us know in the comments below.

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