How to Use a Steam Generator Iron for Neat, Wrinkle-Free Clothing

how to use a steam generator iron

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Want to iron clothes in less time? You’ll need a steam generator iron for that. But what’s the difference between a steam generator iron and your normal iron? And how can you get the best results? In this article, we’re sharing our top tips on how to use a steam generator iron safely and effectively.

Steam Generator vs Traditional Iron

A Steam Generating Iron

Not sure if a steam generator is the best choice for you compared to a traditional iron? Below are some tips and reasons why you should consider buying a steam iron instead.


Steam generator irons have a larger water tank capacity, which means that you don’t have to leave the room to fill the water tank continuously.

Enhanced Steam Production

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using a steam generator iron is the increased steam production that you’ll receive. This is primarily because a steam generator iron’s water chamber can hold a lot more water in one go, enabling the appliance to generate more steam and thus, remove wrinkles from suits, dresses, and more.

Additionally, a generator iron has a separate boiler unit that produces steam quicker than regular iron.

How to Use a Steam Generator Iron

A generator iron is designed with a steam button. It heats up quickly to a high temperature to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Check out our tips below on caring for your fabrics and keeping your iron in tip-top condition.

Have Enough Water

Most importantly, you should have ample water in the iron’s reservoir before starting. Otherwise, the steam trigger won’t operate well or at all since the steam output requires water.

Use an Appropriately Sized Ironing Board

For the best ironing results, it’s important to have a large enough surface area for ironing, which means that you need an ironing board that’s an appropriate size for your steam generator iron. In this case, we suggest purchasing your ironing board after you’ve bought the iron because then you know how much space you need. You should also bear in mind the size of the garments you iron.

In fact, steam generator irons come with a large base, so the board needs to withstand this size and weight. Otherwise, you could encounter an accident while ironing.

Don’t Iron Too Quickly

It can be tempting to power through your ironing pile. But, when using a steam generator iron, you don’t need to move the machine too quickly. This is because steam generator irons remove creases much more quickly (and efficiently) than traditional iron. Instead of moving the steam generator iron quickly to speed up your ironing time, iron slowly and carefully. The steam pressure will put in most of the work for you.

Descale Your Steam Iron

You can’t expect your steam generator iron to work to its best ability if it’s unclean and has a buildup of mineral deposits. To prevent hurting the iron’s performance, ensure that you’re regularly descaling the machine. You can descale your iron by adding vinegar to the reservoir and flushing it through the system. Just make sure that the iron is cool and not plugged in when doing so.

Only Iron Clean Clothes

This point might sound like an obvious one, but some people choose to iron clothing that is dirty or stained, so we suggest that you examine your clothes for stains and marks before you iron. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. Firstly, the mark can damage the iron, and secondly, the steam power could embed the stain into the fabric even deeper.

Choose the Appropriate Setting for Your Clothes

Before you iron clothing, check that you have the appropriate setting on the generator iron. Some of the best irons feature technology that automatically adjusts its temperature based on the fabric. This is useful if you tend to forget to switch the settings or are new to ironing. Plus, it helps protect delicate fabrics like nylon and silk, which can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures.

You may always want to test that the iron is in the right setting by moving it around an inconspicuous section of your garment to measure the results.

Pay Attention When Ironing

This can seem like an obvious one, but steam generators deliver a lot more steam than traditional irons, making you more likely to get burnt. Fortunately, you can avoid this by always paying attention when ironing. Keep your focus on the steam generator iron, and never touch the iron’s plate when it’s switched on.

Use Vertical Steaming

If you’ve ever tried hanging up your clothes to remove wrinkles quickly and effectively, we suggest using vertical steaming with your generator iron. Using the intense steam function setting can tackle stubborn creases much easier by allowing the steam to pass through the item lightly, helping creases to soften. Vertical steaming is also great for protecting delicate fabrics, and you can even use this setting on upholstery in your home, such as curtains.

Always Place the Steam Iron Back on the Base

When switching between clothes, ensure that your iron is stored on the base. This will keep it safely out of the way. Don’t place the iron onto the board, as this could cause potentially be a hazard.

Get Everything Ironed Out

It’s important to know how to use a steam generator iron to get the best results and keep your garments looking fresh and crisp. Follow our tips, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

If you have some useful guidance on safely penetrating through creases on your garments, share your tips in the comments.

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