5 Steps on How to Use a Coffee Pod Machine

How to Use a Coffee Pod Machine

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Coffee pods and their machines have become widely used in the last decade or so largely due to convenience and speed. These single-serve coffee machines use coffee pods or coffee capsules to make a range of coffee and teas. They make single-serving drinks such as espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, tea, and of course, regular black coffee in a matter of moments.

Sounds great, right? We think so too. That’s why we compiled this article to help you how to use a coffee pod machine like a pro. We also answer some frequently asked questions surrounding coffee pod machines and explore the benefits and perceived disadvantages of making coffee in this manner.

Getting Started

First, let us go through the basics of coffee pod machines to understand better how to use them.

How Do Coffee Pod Machines Work?

How does a coffee machine that uses pods work? Let’s find out!

The coffee machine starts by heating the water from in the tank. When the water reaches the right temperature, which happens pretty quickly, the machine then pumps the heated water at high pressure into the coffee pod inside. The water then drains from the pod, releasing the flavour and your drink of choice.

While there are many different coffee capsules or pods on the market, they all work essentially the same way. However, you have to use cups or capsules that are compatible with the brand of your coffee machine, or else the pods will not fit into the machine.

Some of the most common brands of coffee pods are Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, and Keurig K cups, but not all of these brands work interchangeably. If you are unsure about which pods are compatible with your machine, refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Do You Take the Lid off Coffee Pods?

You do not need to take the lid off of a coffee pod. Some capsules may come in a wrapper that needs to be removed but leave the lid in place. Otherwise, you could create a mess of hot water and coffee grounds, you might wind up with grounds in your cup, or your coffee may fail to brew entirely.

When this happens, it will be additional work for you. So, always remember to keep the lid intact when using your coffee pod machine.

Using a Coffee Pod Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we understand the basics of a coffee pod machine, it’s time to learn how to use it.

Step 1: Fill the Tank on Your Coffee Maker

Start by filling the tank on your coffee machine. Use a measuring cup with a spout or the mug you will be drinking from, and add cold water or milk to the tank, depending on what kind of coffee drink or tea you are making. Take care not to exceed the max fill line or negatively affect the brewing process and lead to spills or overflow.

Step 2: Place a Coffee Cup Beneath the Spout

Position a mug directly underneath the spout where the hot water and coffee mixture comes out. Align the mug with the spout to pour into the cup when the coffee starts coming. If not aligned properly, you will have to shift the mug quickly when it starts brewing, or else you will waste it.

Step 3: Put a Compatible Pod in Your Coffee Maker

Next, open the capsule holder located on the top of your coffee machine. Most coffee machines require you to push a button, and then the compartment opens or pops up.

Place a compatible pod inside with the foil or lid side facing up. The pod should easily fit inside, and you should not have to force it when done correctly.

Once the capsule is in place, close the lid. There will most likely be a small amount of resistance, so you may have to press firmly. This is because the machine needs to puncture the top of the capsule so water can reach the ground coffee within.

Step 4: Brew Your Coffee

Now it is time to brew your coffee. When the capsule lid is closed, choose the coffee setting of your choice. Some coffee machines automatically start brewing with the touch of a single button. With other machines, you may need to select the coffee size the strength and then push the start button.

Within moments coffee will start to pour out into the mug situated below. In just about a minute, you should have a fresh cup of coffee.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

When your coffee machine is done brewing, all that is left is to enjoy your coffee drink and do a small amount of cleanup.

After the capsule cools down a bit, maybe after you are done enjoying your coffee, throw it in the bin. If needed, you can also wipe down the exterior of your coffee machine around the spout and anywhere that there could be splatter.

What Are the Benefits of Using Pod Coffee Makers?

Coffee pod machine and a cup of joe

There are quite a few benefits associated with using a coffee pod machine to make hot drinks. While we have touched on a few of the benefits throughout this guide, there are a few more you may not have considered just yet.

Less Clean-Up

This method of brewing coffee has considerably less cleanup than a traditional coffee machine. Instead of removing the coffee filter and dumping the grounds, which can be quite messy, all you have to do is pop open the pod holder, take out the pod, and toss it in the bin, and you are done.

Easy to Use

This method is also highly convenient. You don’t need to measure any grinds or purchase separate filters. Instead, you have to buy the pods. You can also start many pod machines with the touch of a single button.

Faster to Use

Compared to regular coffee machines, coffee pod machines make coffee much quicker. It only takes about a minute for most pod machines to make a cup of coffee, whereas, with a regular coffee machine, it could take as long as ten minutes.

Better Taste

Coffee capsules have the same great taste as regular coffee. Pods also contain their flavour better, so you can easily switch between making coffees and teas without having to do an extensive cleanup.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Pod Coffee Machine?

Even if these machines are awesome, they still come with some disadvantages, just like any other product. While there are a few cons associated with using coffee pods, the pros will still outweigh the cons for the most part.

More Waste

Due to the single-sized serving cups, coffee pods create more waste than traditional coffee does. Many pods are made out of single-use plastic, which makes using them less environmentally friendly. This can be a serious downside as many people today are becoming more environmentally conscious.

The good news is, compostable and recyclable options are available. If you are concerned with using single-use plastics, you can always go for those cups that are recyclable.


Lastly, buying pods is more costly than regular coffee, especially if you buy grounds in bulk.

Start Your Day With Better Coffee

After reading through this article, you should have a firm grasp of how to use a coffee pod machine. You probably know a lot more than is necessary. Still, hopefully, all of the information we discussed will help you use your coffee maker to the best of its ability and help you make the most delicious-tasting coffee.

Just remember, don’t overfill the water tank, and don’t force the pod into your coffee maker. If it does not fit in easily, the pod you are attempting to use is most likely not compatible with your specific machine. Also, take care to align your coffee cup properly, and you will be drinking fresh coffee in virtually no time at all.

Do you have a coffee machine that uses capsules or pods? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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