Useful Tips on How to Look After an Inflatable Hot Tub

How to Look After an Inflatable Hot Tub

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Need tips on how to look after an inflatable hot tub? We’ve got you covered!

An inflatable spa can be a wonderfully affordable way to improve your garden and provide much-needed relaxation. However, just like any investment, if you want to keep your hot tub in great condition, you need to know how to look after it.

Maintaining an inflatable hot tub can be a lot easier than it seems. All you need to do is keep your hot tub clean, top it up with chlorine tablets at times, and keep an eye out for any damage. Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the crucial basics of hot tub care so that you can look after your tub correctly.

Caring for an Inflatable Hot Tub: Sanitation and pH

Take a Shower

A hot tub is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day or week. But no one wants to soak in dirty hot tub water or discover a hole in their tub after a few weeks of use. So before you use your hot tub, take a quick shower so you can remove any oils and lotions from your skin. These can cloud the water and make the hot tub dirtier over time. Some substances also stain the sides of your tub.

Use a Sanitiser

Next, to keep your hot tub in great condition, make sure you clean the full spa once a week. This means using a form of sanitiser in your spa water. Chlorine and bromine are the most common options. When you use these substances, you can kill off any bacteria in the water. If you’re using a floating dispenser with chlorine tablets, make sure you use the quick-dissolving kind.

You can also adjust the PH levels in your water flow with chlorine or bromine granules. These are extremely easy to use as you sprinkle them into the water and test the PH with your spa test strips.

Check the pH

Checking the pH balance of your spa is crucial to keep it free of bacteria. Proper testing also ensures that you’re using clean water that won’t lead to any unwanted infections. If the pH balance falls too low, you might end up with stinging eyes. On the other hand, if the pH is too high, the alkaline water can act like hard water, leaving chemicals and stains on your spa system.

Check the pH of your spa every time you use it.

Caring for an Inflatable Hot Tub: Filters and Durability Checks

Besides getting the pH right, another aspect of hot tub maintenance is changing the filters in your hot tubs regularly. To keep a hot tub clean, the manufacturer will usually include a special filter with your inflatable spa. The filtration system removes dirt and grime from the hot tub. Filter cartridges also stop debris from getting into the pump system of your spa and causing damage.

Checking and replacing the filters in your inflatable spa is crucial to removing dirt from your hot tub. Your pump and filters will be working all the time, so it’s important to remove them and give them a quick wash between uses to ensure they’re still in good condition. Then, every few weeks, you can look into replacing the filter with a new one. Your instructions will usually include information on how often a filter needs to be changed.

The more you use your hot tubs, the more the filters will need to be replaced. So having a few extra filters on hand is often a good idea. Remember, failing to wash the filter out regularly could also mean that they become clogged and restrain water flow, so your warm water doesn’t circulate as well around the tub.

A durable inflatable tub

If your water can’t circulate properly because of clogs in the pump, you can’t move chemicals around properly to improve the pH. You may also risk damaging your spa’s internal system.

Aside from checking the quality of your filter and whether you need to change it, it’s also worth examining the rest of the features of your spas when conducting regular maintenance. With your spa kit, you likely got a set of instructions that shows you how to keep your spa in great condition for longer. These instructions might include advice on how to change the water and what kind of ground you should be placing your inflatable spa on.

Check for any signs of damage when you clean your hot tubs, such as tears in the material, scrapes, or potential holes. You can search through your instructions for tips on how to fix these holes if you notice them. Alternatively, search for the contact number of your manufacturer for advice on what to do next. Although the vinyl of your spa is quite tough, it can break over time.

How Often Should You Change the Water in an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Knowing when to replace the water in your spas is one of the most important aspects of hot tub maintenance. Adding chemical substances to clean the water and remove bacteria weekly or every time you use your tub can only do so much. Eventually, you will need to drain the hot tub and replace the water.

Because a hot tub is generally a lot smaller than a pool, you may need to fill the tub again more often. You don’t want to change the water too frequently, as it will send your heating and water bills through the roof. However, you also shouldn’t leave water sitting in an inflatable hot tub for too long, as this can damage your skin and give bacteria a chance to grow.

Most experts recommend changing the water every three months or so, depending on how often you use your spas. If you notice signs that the water needs to be changed earlier, don’t leave it for the full three months. Hard and soft water can also affect the treatment in your spas differently.

Follow the information provided on how to sanitise hard and soft water correctly, and make sure you keep the cover on your tub between uses. This should keep dirt and debris out.

Signs You Need to Change the Water

Getting the balance right on how often to drain your spa can be complicated. If you drain your hot tub weekly, you could end up spending a fortune on your heater bills. The cost of your water and electric bills will increase every time you have to refill and heat the pool for several hours.

However, not changing the water often enough could lead to chemical build-up, dirt, and other problems. Even with regular treatment from your chemicals, you still need to add a refill to the schedule every so often. A chlorine dispenser in a spa is limited in what it can do. Look for the following signs that you need to refill your spa:

• Cloudy or discoloured water. If your water starts to look cloudy, this could be a sign that too many chemicals are building up. You’ll need to clean out the full tub, as simply adding more chemicals or chlorine tablets to the pump won’t make a difference.

• Foam: If your water looks foamy, this could be an indication that you need to replace the filter and add some anti-foam mixture to the water. If the foam returns after you use the anti-foam mixture, clean your tub and refill it.

• Odd smells: Your filter and chlorine tables should prevent any unusual smells from your hot tub. If you notice an odd scent, then you need to clean your spa fully. You’ll be able to notice any smells more significantly when you first remove the lid from your spa.

• Time: Inflatable hot tubs need regular maintenance. If a lot of weeks or months have passed since you’ve fully cleaned your inflatable hot tubs, now is probably the time to conduct some proper maintenance.

When you drain your hot tub to clean it fully, remember that you will need a hose to refill the tub and get it back up to temperature. A hose with a hot water connection can save you some electricity when you drain and refill your spa. Also, remember to test your clean water after you refill the tub with the hose to see how many chemicals you need to add.

After refilling your tub with the hose, follow the instructions on your chlorine kit, and add the granules as you would usually. Test the kit and the water weekly to avoid any bacteria build-up in your spa. You may also want to remove the filter in your spa kit every time you clean and refill the water.

Do You Leave Inflatable Hot Tubs on All the Time?

People often assume that looking after inflatable hot tubs also means knowing when to turn them on and off regularly. However, some people believe that turning your hot tubs off frequently actually makes them less efficient. If you use your tub more than three times a week, for instance, you’re going to lose the water temperature and have to reheat it all over again.

Keeping the water hot means that your heater doesn’t have to work as hard every time you want to use it. Keeping the water warm can be more economical overall.

You can find the best temperature to leave your hot tub on by experimenting with the spa every week. You’re free to reduce the water temperature between uses, particularly if you’re not using it very often.

A Good Hot Tub Keeps the Stress Away

So that’s how to look after an inflatable hot tub to ensure that you can enjoy it well in the future. With these simple tips, you shouldn’t have to worry about dirty water or too many chemicals any longer. Instead, keep your tub clean for lots of spa days and relaxation.

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