How to Change the Battery in Wireless Doorbells Properly

how to change the battery in wireless doorbells

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Although most wireless doorbells don’t require much maintenance, they need new batteries installed from time to time. That’s why knowing how to change the battery in wireless doorbells is important to ensure your system continues to work as intended.

How frequently you need to replace the old batteries in your wireless doorbell will depend on a number of factors. When you notice your device isn’t working as normal or takes multiple presses to submit a chime, this is usually a sign you need to replace the power source.

How to Change Your Wireless Doorbell Batteries

The good news for homeowners is that replacing the batteries in wireless doorbells is usually relatively straightforward. You should be able to find step-by-step instructions included in your unit’s user manual. However, most of the time, the process simply involves removing the system from your door frame and taking off the cover.

The wireless doorbell may have screws in the cover attaching the protective components together, or you may be able to simply press down on a small clasp to access the inside. Here’s how you can replace the batteries in a couple of minutes:

  • Open the chime case by pushing on the catch at the bottom of the cover or unscrewing the screws in the case. Set the cover aside in a safe place.
  • Remove the old batteries by pulling them out with your fingers.
  • Replace the batteries with the new power source, ensuring you install them the right way up. You should be able to see a battery diagram embossed into the case to help you.
  • Push the cover back into position, and replace any screws if necessary
  • Re-install your doorbell onto your door and make sure it is mounted safely.

Replacing the Batteries in Your Button Transmitter

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Notably, both your button transmitter or control and the chime case may need to have their batteries replaced regularly. You can usually replace the batteries within the remote button transmitter using similar steps to those mentioned above. Start by removing the cover with either a flat-blade screwdriver or your fingers.

Set the cover aside, and remove the batteries with your fingers. Depending on your unit type, you may need to add one or two batteries. Ensure your batteries are in the right position before you replace the cover. Press the transmitter cover back into place when done until it clicks.

Changing the Batteries in Your Doorbell

Replacing the battery in wireless doorbells is a relatively straightforward process. Just keep in mind that it’s important to use the right batteries. Note also that the chime case for the bell on your door and the remote button transmitter may use different batteries. You may want to take some old batteries with you to the store when you’re selecting a new power source to ensure you make the right purchase.

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